5 Reasons For Taking A Trip To The UAE

5 Reasons For Taking A Trip To The UAE

Out of the Arabian Desert sprang Dubai, a modern metropolis with a lot of ambition. There are enormous malls, some of the highest skyscrapers, and the largest man-made islands in the world in the United Arab Emirates, which is a fantastic travel destination. The greatest time to visit Dubai, given its extreme heat in the summer, is between November and January when you can count on clear skies and picture-perfect beach weather. Here are some reasons why you should visit Dubai if you haven’t before if you haven’t been there.

Dubai has the very impressive skyline in the world:

Whether you’re in Downtown Dubai next to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure in the world, or down at the marina where four of the five tallest residential buildings in the world are situated, you’re never too far from a stunning panorama. Based on the average height of its top 10 tallest skyscrapers, Dubai’s skyline is the highest in the world. This is the best place to visit Dubai.


While we’re talking about heights, Dubai has more buildings than you can count, yet just one of them is known worldwide. The Burj Khalifa skyscraper, which is the highest of the supertall, is well known for its super constructions. The world’s highest free-standing edifice, at 2,722 feet (828 meters), is almost twice as tall as New York’s Empire State building. You know the view from the observation decks will be worth the admission charge since there are 163 levels to explore. This is the reason why to visit Dubai.


One of the numerous unique retail malls you may visit is the Dubai Mall, which is the second-largest mall in the world by land mass. To engage in retail therapy and see the attractions housed within the different shopping centers, people travel from near and far to Dubai. Dubai even has a one-month-long shopping extravaganza in January that includes concerts and contests where visitors may win prizes like cars and gold.

Dubai Has A Thriving Foodie Scene:

With such a broad and cosmopolitan population, the city offers a fantastic variety of gastronomic types. There is something for everyone and every craving with hundreds of Arab, Persian, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, French, Japanese, Chinese, British, and American restaurants, both modest and high-end. When you consider the numerous food events that take place all year long and the constant influx of pop-up restaurants, it makes sense why ex-pats complain about newcomers gaining weight or the “Dubai stone.”

Dubai Has 1,000km Of Beaches To Enjoy:

Dubai’s magnificent beaches, which lie on the water and enjoy great weather all year round, could be its most enticing feature. In Dubai, where there are more than 300 days of sunlight a year and more than 1,000 miles of shoreline to explore, tanning is never far away. Who wouldn’t want to bring a little Christmas color home?

Dubai Is The Middle East’s Capital Of Modern Art And Design:

Dubai has a distinctive and varied art culture, with everything from the gritty Alserkal Avenue art district that has recently emerged in the industrial Al Quoz region to the swanky art galleries dispersed across the Financial Centre. There is always something going on for the artistically inclined, whether you opt to wander through the Dubai Design District or visit Dubai for one of its numerous art and design events (such as Art Dubai and Design Week).

Dubai Is A Magical, Multicultural Melting Pot:

With around 200 different nationalities calling Dubai, United Arab Emirates, home, and a whopping 90% of its residents being foreigners, Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most multicultural cities in the world. It is the reason to visit Dubai. In contrast to cities like New York or London where the population has been there for hundreds of years, the majority of ex-pats in Dubai are first-generation immigrants who bring with them a broad diversity of cultural customs, cuisines, and experiences. The city offers an unrivaled degree of variety.


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