A guide to healthcare in and around jumeirah golf estate

A guide to healthcare in and around jumeirah golf estate

This pristine golfing community has received numerous awards over the years. It’s no surprise that Jumeirah Golf Estate is known as the “IT spot” when it comes to elevated high-end living, having won awards such as Best Residential Development Arabia (2018), Luxury Project of the Year (2017), and Best Residential & Leisure Destination (2017).

The community has many options for luxury housing and world-class amenities, but what about healthcare? Although the neighborhood does not require any clinics, there are healthcare facilities in and around the Jumeirah Golf Estate. Here’s everything you need to know:

GMC medical center

GMC Healthcare Medical Centre, founded in 1976, is one of the oldest healthcare facilities in Dubai, providing nothing but high-quality medical services to residents. It has over 200 employees and several branches throughout the region dedicated to providing efficient and professional support to individuals, families, local corporations, and multinational corporations.

The clinic, located in the Greens community, is only 15 minutes away from Jumeirah Golf Estates and offers the following services: Aviation medicine, cardiology, dermatology, dietetics, ENT, family medicine, gastroenterology, general practice, gynecology, internal medicine, obstetrics, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pediatrics, pathology, physiotherapy, radiology, dentistry, and emergency care With a family-friendly atmosphere and plenty of parking, the clinic is your one-stop shop for the majority of your medical needs.

Me’aisem Mediclinic

Mediclinic Me’aisem is a multispecialty healthcare center located in City Centre Me’aisem, just outside Jumeirah Golf Estates. The 2,500-square-foot clinic is dedicated to providing residents and families with a variety of specialties, including family medicine and pediatrics.

Mediclinic Me’aisem has state-of-the-art equipment, laboratories, and carefully selected specialized staff to assist you in all your medical needs, with over 7 healthcare city hospitals in the country, 19 clinics, and over 5000+ employees.

Motor City Medical Center

Residents of Medicentre Motor City have access to a warm and welcoming center. In clinical services, as well as dental and orthodontics, the clinic provides a personalized experience for both adults and children.

Medicentre employs over 32 doctors, and the team has served over 200,000 patients. They provide premium service, accurate diagnosis, and prompt treatment. They also have a dental clinic where they offer implants, veneers, Envisaging, x-rays, and other services. They are frequently active in the community as a community clinic, collaborating with schools and informing their residents and customers about local medical news and prescription restrictions.

Tazyen Gynac and Polyclinic Dr. Tazyen

Dr. Tazyeen is a UK-board-certified female gynecologist in Dubai with over 30 years of experience in Obstetrics and Gynecology. With her expertise, she leads Dr. Tazyen Gynac & Polyclinic, one of the city’s leading gynecology clinics.

The clinic provides comprehensive gynecological and obstetrical screening and medical care to women of all ages. Infertility treatment, laser treatment, hydra facials, dermatology, and even plastic surgery are all covered. The clinic strives to consistently provide the best gynecologist services and female health care by assembling a supportive and selective team of specialized female doctors and nurses. They even provide nutrition consultations, harmful habit counseling, and educational seminars on various topics affecting women’s health and fertility.

Veterinary Community of the Stars

Star Veterinary Clinic provides primary and specialty care to residents and their pets. The pet clinic has cutting-edge equipment for a wide range of services. Their mission is straightforward: to operate a clinic that meets the needs of customers and their pets, with a focus on client education, and medical, surgical, preventative, nutritional, and dental care.

Services such as consultation, daycare, emergency surgeries, vaccinations, grooming, and much more are available in Sports City, just a short drive from Jumeirah Golf Estates. They even have a lovely little shop stocked with all the most recent tools, treats, and toys for your little friends to enjoy!


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