A Guide to Healthcare in and Around Victory Heights

A Guide to Healthcare in and Around Victory Heights


Victory Heights is the perfect location for sports fans. However, there is much more to this place than just athletic events, first-rate athletic facilities, and academics.

The neighborhood has over one thousand homes surrounding a Montgomery golf course, which is ideal for low-income households and families seeking a lush green community outside the city.

You can find a wide range of activities, schools, & amenities if you’re considering relocating here with your kids. And there are a plethora of choices when it concerns health in and around. Our agents have provided us with some recommended healthcare facilities to assist you. Here is all the information you require about why health is important.

A Health Clinic for You:

This clinic serves a variety of crucial healthcare examples, and requirements and is the nearest to Victory Heights. Your Health Clinics has focused on outreach and education in addition to their divisions of family medicine, podiatry, sports medicine, & obstetrics & gynecology. That is consistent with their mission to remain committed to the welfare of their patients and community. The clinic’s philosophy can be centered on improving care and assistance.

  • Address: Sports City, Europe Building, and Canal Promenade
  • Phone Number: 971 4 557 9224.

Pharmacies Motorcity:

Medicentre is a thriving, forward-thinking facility that offers top-notch medical is a type of healthcare with empathy and morality.

32 licensed doctors with 20,000 patient encounters make up Medicentre Motorcity. The business has over 100 pleasant personnel who will see to your needs.

They offer a wide range of services, including telematics, pediatrics, family medicine, women’s healthcare system, ENT, dermatological, and much more, in addition to having an excellent reputation. Additionally, there are top-notch x-ray machines and well-equipped laboratories.

Additionally, they are offering women the chance to have a checkup with Doctor, an Italian Board Certified Obstetrician, and Gynecologist, during this #breastcancerawarenessmonth. Visit their website for additional details.

  • Address: Foxhill 6, Up Town Motor City, Dubai
  • Phone Number: 04 429 8888.

Medical Center HMC:

The HMC Medical Center takes pride in being one of Dubai’s most reasonably priced medical facilities. Their main goal is to establish themselves as an accessible, knowledgeable, and reliable community center in Motor City.

Endocrinology, gynecology, family medicine, dental, and laser hair removal are among HMC’s areas of expertise. However, they are available during the holidays! Even without an appointment, they can treat patients. They even provide same-day appointments. The acclaimed medical group consists of an obstetrician, a gynecologist, a family doctor, a dentist, and an endocrinologist.

The best thing, though? Every type of health and around insurance is accepted here.

  • Address: G03 at Detroit House in Dubai’s Motor City
  • Phone Number: 04 566 8336

Medical Center at Medhills:

A group of worldwide medical experts founded Medhills Health Care in 2020 to establish a protected journey for both basic and advanced health care that is entirely customized and pays close attention to their client’s needs throughout and explain what is health care.

They have a doctor team with extensive knowledge on hand to provide consumers with a customized experience. The clinic delivers dental, general, pediatric, aesthetic, and laser services.

Address: The Fairway Mall at Jumeirah Golf Estates, Medhills Medical Center.

Phone Number: 04 770 3111

Me’aisem Medical Clinic:

A multifunctional clinic called Mediclinic Me’aisem is situated next to Jumeirah Golfing Estates at City Center Me’aisem. The clinic, which has a 2,500 square meter footprint, provides locals and families with specialties, such as family medicine and pediatrics.

Mediclinic Me’aisem has more than 7 hospitals, 19 clinics, & over 5000 staff members. It also offers cutting-edge technology, laboratories, and specially chosen personnel to help you with your medical needs.

You also download the My Mediclinic 24-7 app and word according to the healthcare definition of government, which allows you to manage all of your appointment reservations with the touch of a button. You plan in and video therapy sessions with your chosen Mediclinic doctors. A few unique features are the ability to schedule appointments virtually, browse doctor profiles and look them up by specialty, and submit the required identification and insurance paperwork. They’re introducing an internet payment site this year.

  • Address: City Centre Me’aisem in Dubai Production City
  • Phone Number: 800 1999

Sports Science and Wellness by Eupepsia:

The one was for sports enthusiasts & thrill seekers. With revolutionary wellness therapies that help you become your best self and upper-echelon training and recovery programs, the prize Eupepsia Sports Science & Wellness Clinic provides a comprehensive approach to help you in realizing your fullest potential.

Eupepsia Sports Science uses top-notch methods and cutting-edge technology to improve elite ability and healthcare service meaning, lengthy injury prevention & therapy, and daily recovery for all adult and young athletes. You’ll be in good hands here and prepared to take on your next competitive event with our sports conditioning and injury prevention programs, youth athlete development, and physiotherapy.

The Ayurveda herbal therapies used in Eupepsia had based on the most recent food, nutrition, and wellness studies. Award-winning programs, regimens, treatments, & therapies for sleep, rejuvenation, digestion, weight loss, & other conditions are available from Eupepsia.

  • Address: Sports Village building C at Dubai Sports City, ISD Football Center.
  • Phone number: 050 3788 208

Motor City’s Apex Medical and Dental:

The hand-selected team at Apex’s polyclinics works hard to make each patient feel welcome and supported, easing the stress of health problems in any way. Apex’s polyclinics-based belief in providing the highest benchmark of medical care to the community members in the best possible way.

Their service menu is diverse and includes standard options like IV drip therapy, physiotherapy, allergy testing, food intolerance treatment, and ear piercing. On the dental side, veneers, teeth whitening, and tooth extractions coexist with crowns and bridges.

The clinic’s medical director, Dr. Arvind charge of guiding it toward its mission of “offering customized care and attention” that each patient deserves.

Medical Center Right Health:

The Right Health Organization just acquired this clinic, and it is now a part of their network and clinics spread around Dubai. It is open every day from 8 am to 10 pm, and for the convenience of patients, a pharmacy is right next door.

One of the most well-known affordable healthcare providers in UAE is Right Health Group, whose mission is to “ensure that healthcare is available to all, without prejudice.” They are dedicated to the UAE’s 2021 objective to be a world leader in health care and have a clear patient-first focus.


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