A Guide to Homeschooling in Dubai Executive Bay

A Guide to Homeschooling in Dubai Executive Bay

Homeschooling in Dubai is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world, including in the UAE. The competition for slots at “elite” colleges and the rising cost of education are two factors contributing to this.

Here, the COVID-19 epidemic also had an impact. Even when the educational institutions were reopened, many parents chose homeschooling because of the possibility of the virus spreading.

The personalities and educational backgrounds of all parties are also very important factors. Not every parent is a natural homeschooler, and not every child does well in this setting. Furthermore, even a parent with decent knowledge and excellent intentions is not necessarily an effective teacher.

Some Points to Take Into Account in Dubai When Homeschooling:

Homeschooling isn’t always straightforward and can be a sensitive topic. Aside from the negative effects on education and the law, it also heavily depends on the personality of the child, the parent, and anyone else involved.

Before choosing to homeschool in Dubai Executive Bay parents should consider the following factors.

The Social Relationship:

More parents are most worried about the social aspect of homeschooling whenever it comes to it. When a child is homeschooled, they frequently miss out on connections with their peers that they might have otherwise.

The majority of kids say that playing with their friends or going to recess with their friends is the best part of the school day, highlighting the importance of these connections.

Additionally, homeschooled students could miss out on the chance to take part in school plays or assemblies, which can help them develop important life skills like teamwork, confidence, and the ability to overcome stage fright.

Even while this is not replicated at home, enrolling in a performing arts school or attending a theatre class is a fantastic alternative.

Does a Simpler Curriculum Come with Homeschooling?

Homeschooling in UAE is more difficult than many people think it is, especially with the more intricate and varied curricula available. The basis of any effective education is the core topics.

Although they make a great starting point, many skills, including the capacity to analyze, estimate, work with others, come to a conclusion, and participate, are handed on.

Furthermore, because curricula vary over time, there may be a big difference between what parents learned and what their kids are learning. Because every nation has its unique set of laws, educational liberty may not be what homeschooling had hoped for.

Not a competition:

Parents can think their child is performing well in class, but there may not be many kids to compare them to. Some children are seated in the middle, just at the bottom, and also at the head of the class.

As opposed to traditional schooling, homeschooling makes it more challenging to evaluate a child’s progress in terms of their understanding of the subject, their approach to a subject they don’t understand, and other factors.

Freedom of Schedule:

Homeschoolers can set their schedules with no restrictions. Because they are no more compelled to attend school at rush hour, the day can begin more leisurely. Additionally, they do not have to wait around for transportation.

Children who have trouble rising from their beds in the mornings can start school late in the day. Even six days a week of instruction are possible, with partial or full days devoted to different subjects.

A customized timetable also makes planning activities like vacations and museum visits simpler and, generally speaking, less expensive.

Research is required:

Make sure you do a great deal of research before homeschooling in Dubai, whatever your motivations may be. Start a support group, talk to as many parents as you can, and research local legislation.

Make an effort to regularly get together with other homeschoolers in Dubai. Support one another, work together on projects, & share your assets, such as time and expertise.

A Huge Commitment:

Participate in sports, the arts, or family outings with your kids. You all gain from this in terms of socialization, as well as a listening ear and advisory service at trying times.

When you’re surrounded by kids, life can be challenging. Homeschooling is a significant commitment, though, because it puts your children’s education and development in your hands.

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