A neighborhood guide to victory heights school

A neighborhood guide to victory heights school

Victory Heights School (VHS) is an independent school in the Dubai Sports City neighborhood. Since its inception in 2013, this British curriculum school has steadily increased its student population.

VHPS students follow the National Curriculum of England (NCE), which emphasizes application-based learning over rote learning, in which children are expected to remember more details. An application-based approach encourages students to comprehend and apply concepts. As of 2018, the school had 817 students aged 3 to 11 years old enrolled in grades ranging from Foundation 1 to Year 6.

According to the most recent KHDA report, there are more than 18 different nationalities represented at VHPS, but the majority of students are British passport holders. Students are typically transferred to other schools both locally and globally after graduating from Year 6.

Victory heights school is also a member of British Schools of the Middle East (BSME), COBIS (Council of British International Schools), and British Schools Overseas.

Communities in the vicinity of Victory Heights Primary School

Families in nearby neighborhoods, in addition to parents and guardians living in Dubai Sports City, can easily access VHPS.

The campus of Victory Heights School

Victory Heights’ campus is known for being technologically advanced and providing a healthy learning environment for students. The school’s cutting-edge facilities, including spacious classrooms, multi-functional sports halls, a library, an art room, a music room, and other amenities, add to the appeal of this British primary school for parents in Dubai.

Victory Heights Primary School (VHPS) is situated in Dubai Sports City. It is close to Zenith Tower A2 and the Butch Harmon School of the Gulf.

Why Victory Heights Primary School?

Victory Heights is regarded as one of the best British primary schools in Dubai for a variety of reasons. VPHS provides cutting-edge facilities that foster a nurturing and supportive environment for both students and parents. In addition, the school has received a number of awards in the short time since it began operations.

Ms. Sasha Crabb, the school’s principal, has been with the school since 2013 and is supported by a talented team of qualified teachers. Miss Crabb was named Principal of the Year at the Top School Awards 2019 in 2019, and the school was nominated for Best Primary School. Mr. Ben Rothwell, the newly appointed Assistant Head of Curriculum and Innovation, was also present.

The majority of Victory Heights Primary School’s teachers are British nationals. Victory Heights Primary School has a total of 56 teachers and 26 teaching assistants. The student-to-teacher ratio is 1:5. In comparison to the rest of the schools in Dubai, the teacher turnover rate is lower. Teachers are in charge of developing learning strategies and assessments that link seamlessly across subject areas, allowing students to easily form connections between related subjects and concepts.

The curriculum at Victory Heights Primary School

Victory heights school follows the British curriculum, which emphasizes age-appropriate achievement in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1 and 2. The benefits of this curriculum include encouraging independent critical thinking, encouraging creativity, and assisting young learners to thrive academically and personally within a flexible system. The focus of the core subjects, English, Math, and Science, is on how they are taught and how students’ development and academic progress can be effectively measured.

Academic calendar for Victory Heights School

The first term runs from the last week of August to the second week of December, followed by a three-week winter break.

The second term runs from the first week of January to the last week of March.

The final term runs from the second week of April to the first week of July. Students then take a two-month summer break.

Sports facilities

VHPS’s sports facilities include shaded play areas as well as high-quality playground equipment that are surrounded by safety surfaces. The school also has a 3G playing field, which allows students to participate in team sports such as rugby, football, and hockey. In addition, the school has a multi-purpose court for netball, basketball, and tennis. In 2016, a second building with an indoor swimming pool was added.

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