Activities children will enjoy at expo 2020

Activities children will enjoy at expo 2020

 Expo 2020 Dubai is swiftly establishing itself as the city’s top destination for family entertainment.

Everybody can find something to keep them engaged, especially the little ones, with the hundreds of events that take place every week. In fact, there are so many family-friendly pavilions and kid-friendly activities to check out that you’ll want to come frequently.

Expo 2020 Activities for Kids

Kids may have a lot of fun at the Dubai Expo 2020, from playing on a playground that looks like Mars to discovering coral reefs. The international fair is jam-packed with educational and entertaining activities that will excite and educate in equal measure. Let’s examine the finest.


There are several playgrounds for children on the fairgrounds. At Latifa’s Adventures in Space City, kids can board a replica of the Hope Probe and experience “zero gravity.” They can jump into imaginary orbits and bounce off swings to learn more about the universe.

Children can have fun on the merry-go-round while they are at the Mobility District! An ocean-themed playground featuring whale slides, ocean liners, and spring-mounted sharks can be found in Jubilee Park’s Rashid’s Playground. Toddlers will adore exploring a 3D maze that is modeled after the imposing humpback whale.

Show at Al Wasl Plaza

The 360-degree projection dome will captivate both adults and children as it comes to life with a blast of vibrant displays. You can’t miss it because it is a very engaging experience for every visitor! At the Plaza, the feature is conveniently situated.

Rashid and Latifa’s battle against Mr. Scrap in the Mascot Immersive Show at Al Wasl Plaza serves as an entertaining way to teach life lessons. Visitors are able to design their own avatars to appear on Al Wasl’s canvas.

To see the dance and storytelling act in the Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre, you can also go to Mister Scrap’s Scrapyard Idol. Don’t forget to organize your visit by looking at our daily events at Al Wasl Plaza.

Sports Events

On the soccer pitch at Aussie Park, both kids and adults may watch Manchester City practices. The Italian football juggernaut AC Milan offers academy training sessions every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to kids aged 6 to 14. Anyone interested in cricket training can do so at the Rajasthan Royals Academy.

Saving the world by assisting in the growth of a massive flower at the Opportunity Pavilion, kids can get a foundational understanding of sustainable development, water, and energy conservation. This is one of the kid-friendly Expo 2020 activities that might help them develop positive habits.

The interactive exhibits at Terra, The Sustainability Pavilion, will appeal to children as well. Visitors are guided through the natural world’s beauties while being inspired to make sustainable decisions.

You have the option of choosing the forest experience at the Belarus Pavilion. For kids, studying via the interactive “Tree of Mind” installation can be fun.

The Famous Water Feature

What could be more enjoyable than cliff jumping? One might be found close to Al Wasl Plaza and Jubilee Park. Watch as the water splashes against the stone before dissipating. Visiting the water feature is one of the most popular Expo 2020 activities for both kids and adults. It is greatly enhanced in allure by music and illusions. The latter, which is turned on at night, creates the illusion that water is pouring upward.

A Desert Farm

the backdrop is ideal for educating children about the different desert plants and fish that are native to the Arabian Sea. Excursions to the farm, which is close to Latifa’s Adventure Playground, rank among the best things to do at Expo 2020 for youngsters.

Meet the Robots

To welcome visitors, more than 150 robots have been placed strategically throughout the website. They deliver food in addition to offering aid.

Children may meet Youyou, the robotic panda who displays his tai chi prowess, at the China pavilion. One of the most thrilling kid-friendly events at Expo 2020 Dubai is this one. Also visible in the Opportunity and Sustainability districts are Optic and Terra. Don’t forget to stop by and pose for photos with or greet the official mascots of the Dubai Expo.

Travel through Time

While Expo 2020 offers a variety of family-friendly activities that are future-focused, some of them transport us to the past. You may have experience at Alif, The Mobility Pavilion.

Children will like seeing Saruq Al Hadid in virtual form. This 4,500-year-old trading center is where archaeologists found the ancient ring that served as the model for Expo 2020’s emblem.

Children can also learn about the evolution of human movement through space exploration, smart cities, logistics, and aircraft. To make your vacation more memorable, find out more about the UAE’s space program.

The Drop Pavilion 

The Drop Pavilion is formed like a drop of water, as its name suggests. More significantly, it was constructed using 41,000 recyclable cans as a tribute to Expo 2020’s sustainability theme. Kids can engage in an interactive game here that educates them about irrigation technology, smart-water agriculture, and groundwater recharge.

Snap some splash selfies, don’t forget. The subjects appear to be underwater in the 3D-printed silhouettes. What fun that is.

Hammour House 

Abdullah the Fisherman and Abdullah the Merman, one of the stories from 1001 Nights, serve as the source of inspiration for the community art project The Hammour House. Toddlers may learn about the coral reefs that are home to the Hammour fish here as well as other marine species. This is one of the Expo 2020 kid-friendly activities that promote protecting Mother Earth.

Robotic Penguins

Can communicate with their robot equivalents. Meet and interact with the robotic birds at the Monaco Pavilion.

Overall, this is one of the most distinctive family-friendly activities at Expo 2020.

Science Experiments

The Forscherwelt Science Lab is open to children aged’s seven to eleven every Monday and Tuesday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm for experimentation. Visit the Great Dubai website to schedule an appointment. One of the most well-liked kid’s events at Dubai Expo 2020, especially for science enthusiasts, is this one. According to experts, Expo 2020 will have long-lasting advantages. The event’s launch was hailed as a huge success. There are undoubtedly a lot of kid-friendly activities at Expo 2020. Additionally, based on the diversity of exhibitions and activities, everyone will find something to like. The location is accessible.

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