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Buy b1 language TELC certificates b2 TELC b2 certificates IndiaWe Offer Valid b2 Goethe Certificate

   04 Nov 23

AED 1,300


TELC Deutsch tests are created with a focus on the list of pan-European competencies. After successfully passing the examiner receives a TELC Deutsch certificate. He confirms possession of German in the conventional 6-level system. 


According to some people, preparing for the TELC Deutsch certification exam and passing it is more difficult than tests from the Goethe Institute. But there are those who argue the opposite. It can be concluded that the level of complexity is optimal, everything else depends on individual preferences. According to experts, the TELC Deutsch test is similar in difficulty to other relevant tests. The systems are the same, and the test concerns the same knowledge and skills. The certificate is generally equal to others. It is generally accepted proof of proficiency in the German language. The TELC Deutsch examination includes four modules: accordingly, in the process of preparation and delivery, it is necessary to confirm the skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Variants of language competence test

There are quite a few variants of the TELC Deutsch tests. In addition to the general, there are narrowly focused, confirming certain professional skills of the examinee. Here are some examples:


1. Buy TELC Deutsch A1 German language Certificates. Buy NOW Without Exam preparation for children under 12 years.


2. Pass TELC Deutsch A2 Without Exam for middle and high school students.


3. Buy Certificate B1. TELC Berlin, EU.


4. TELC B2. WITHOUT EXAM in Germany. 


5. TELC B2 +, Medizin Zugangsprüfung WITHOUT EXAM for health workers 


6. Archive B2-C1 Medizin Certificates Online for doctors Without Exam in Europe.


7. BUY TELC C1 high-level certificate online Without Exam to work in Germany.


8. Buy German C2 – TELC Certificates Without Exam. 


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