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Smart Home/ Home Automation/ Security/ Home theatre/Server Room/ Sound system

   03 Aug 23

AED 5,000








Interior Design Services


Attention all real estate enthusiasts! Looking to boost your property's value while saving money? Say hello to Telcovate - your partner in smart property upgrades!

For nearly a decade, we’ve proudly served Dubai’s smart technology needs, working with respected and well-known clients to create secure, efficient, and intelligent spaces.

These are some of the services we offer:

-Streamlined Connectivity: Our structured cabling ensures fast internet and smooth data, voice, and video transmissions - perfect for seamless communication and productivity!

-Enhanced Security: From cameras to access control, our advanced security systems keep your property safe and secure around the clock!

-Effortless Communication: Enjoy hassle-free communication with our intercom systems - a personalized concierge at your service!

-Smart Living Made Simple: Control lighting, temperature, curtains, windows and more with our smart home automation!

-Sound Systems: Elevate the ambiance with our Public Address (PA) systems - perfect for announcements, Adhan (Call for prayer) or setting the mood with music!

-Business Efficiency: Our IPBX phones ensure crystal-clear communication and productivity for enterprises - no more dropped calls!

-Security Systems/CCTV: Keep a watchful eye on your property with our security cameras - safeguarding what matters most!

-Data Centers/Server Rooms: Trust our reliable IT solutions, including data centers and Wi-Fi wonderland, to power your dreams with ease!

-Safety First: Early detection is key with our fire alarm and detection systems - ensuring your property stays safe and sound!

-Masterful Control: Take charge of your property with our Building Management Systems (BMS) - HVAC, lighting, and security at your fingertips!

-Entertainment systems: Elevate your property with a Home Theater system like no other

And the excitement doesn't stop there! We cater to all types of buildings - from restaurants and hotels to towers and palaces! Elevate your property with Telcovate today!

Unlock your property's full potential with expert upgrades and cost savings.

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