Apartments for Rent Centrium Tower 1 Dubai Production City

Apartments for Rent Centrium Tower 1 Dubai Production City

Concerning Centrium Towers

Four towers make up the high-rise residential complex known as Centrium Towers. It is in Dubai Production City and was created by ETA Star (IMPZ). The complex’s residents have access to a variety of amenities, such as a playground for children, roomy balconies, private parking spaces, and a well-kept gym. This complex offers 1, 2, and 3-bedroom flats, but it also offers a luxurious way of life.

Eta Star Created Centrium Towers.

Dubai Production City, a development project created by TECOM Group, is home to some of Dubai’s most well-known structures and complexes. The elegance it provides at reasonable prices has made it appealing to homeowners. It is only 20 minutes away from Dubai’s well-known landmark, Palm Jumeirah. Sheikh Zayed Road is close by.

Project In A Nutshell By Eta Star

Includes four buildings

This complex consists of high-rise residential buildings with studio, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. This project was finished in 2010 and has a variety of amenities, such as a Jacuzzi and a barbecue area. Nearby sites include the Dubai Aerodrome and the Dubai International Stadium.

Information About The Building Centrium Towers Amenities


There is a designated basement parking area in Centrium Towers for parking.

The Centrium Towers contain a number of elevators.

Central Air Conditioning, Security, And Maintenance Services

CCTV cameras are used to continuously monitor every section of this complex. The complex is completely secure thanks to the security personnel on hand.

Event Room

There is a barbecue area in this complex for gatherings and small events.

Fitness And Gym Facilities

In Centrium Towers, there is a temperature-controlled swimming pool as well as a fully-stocked gym.

Life Style Comfort

Numerous lifestyle amenities are available to Centrium Tower’s inhabitants. It offers opulent flats in a prime area. This complex offers a variety of urban lifestyle amenities at affordable prices.

Services For Concierge And Guests

The Centrium Tower in Dubai offers 24-hour concierge services to all of its inhabitants.


IMPZ Centrium Towers is situated in a pet-friendly neighborhood.

Safety Options

The Centrium IMPZ was created in accordance with global safety standards.

Floor Plans For The Centrium Towers

Centrium Towers floor plans are available from Great Dubai in 2D and 3D versions. For additional information, go to the Great Dubai website.

Types Of Apartments In Centrium Towers

Apartments with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms and large living areas are available in Centrium Tower. These units’ specifics include:

Apartments With 1 Bedroom In The Centrium Towers

The floor space of one-bedroom flats in Centrium Towers ranges from 714 to 800 square feet. These apartments have a study room, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a balcony. Additionally, it has a private bathroom. The study area is connected to another bathroom.

Centrium Towers 2-Bedroom Apartments

Apartments in Centrium Towers with two bedrooms range in size from 959 square feet to 1,200 square feet. These flats have a kitchen, two balconies, a laundry room, and a maid’s quarters with a bathroom. A living room and two bathrooms with showers are also included in these flats.

Apartments In Centrium Towers With 3 Bedrooms

Three-bedroom apartments in Centrium Towers range in size from 1,361 square feet to 1,800 square feet and include a kitchen, two balconies, a living/dining space, two bathrooms, a maid’s room with a bathroom, and one en-suite bathroom.

The Most Popular Types Of Apartments In Census Towers

based on users’ Great Dubai searches during the previous 12 months

The most common kind of bed in Centrium Towers, according to Great Dubai, is a 2-bed apartment. Apartments with three bedrooms at Centrium Towers come in second place. Apartments with one bedroom come in third on the popularity list.

Centrium Towers’ Rental Trends

Apartments in Centrium Towers range in price from AED 35k to AED 76k, according to Great Dubai. These rental prices’ specifics are as follows:

In Centrium Towers, one-bedroom rental apartments cost between AED 35k and AED 53k.

In Centrium Towers, two-bedroom rental apartments cost between AED 46,500 and AED 65,500.

Price ranges from AED 65k to AED 76k for three-bedroom rental flats in Centrium Towers.

For more possibilities, check out IMPZ apartments for rent.

Centrium Towers Sale Trends

Apartments in Centrium Towers sell for between AED 451k and AED 1.45M, according to research by Great Dubai on sales trends.

Prices for one-bedroom flats in Centrium Towers range from 380k to 540k.

Prices for Centrium Towers’ 2-bedroom apartments range from 500k to 800k.

Price ranges for Centrium Towers’ 3-bedroom apartments range from 650k to 1M.

The size of 1-bedroom apartments ranges from 714 square feet to 800 square feet. The sizes of 2-bedroom homes range from 959 square feet to 1,200 square feet. The floor area of 3-bedroom condos ranges from 1,361 to 1,800 square feet. For more choices, interested parties can browse the flats for sale in IMPZ, Dubai Production City.

Centrium Towers’ Rental Return

According to searches made by users on Great Dubai during the previous 12 months, 1-bedroom units have a 9.0% return on investment. Three-bedroom flats generate 10.0% ROI, compared to 8.8% for two bedrooms. These numbers are based on the Centrium Towers’ services fees as reported by the Dubai Land Department. The service charges index for Dubai comes in a variety of forms. If you’re thinking about buying a home in Dubai, you can learn more about the service fees in our Great Dubai article.

Subtle Amenities

Getting around Centrium Towers

Near Centrium Towers, there are a number of transportation options, including:

Centrium Towers Are Near Bus Stops

Bus Stop at Centrium Towers (2 minutes away)

Bus Stop in City Center Me’aisem (4 minutes away)

Building 1 Bus Stop at the Publishing Pavilion (4 minutes away)

Are you trying to find a means to get about Dubai Production City? Residents of this complex have access to a dedicated bus stop. Other possibilities include the Publishing Pavilion Building 1 Bus Stop and City Centre Me’aisem Bus Stop, both of which are 4 minutes away from these structures.

Restaurants close to Centrium Towers Restaurants close to Centrium Towers Pavilion (6 minutes walking distance) Leila Restaurant, which is well known for its authentic Lebanese cuisine and is just 7 minutes from this property, is close by. Most of its popularity can be attributed to the food and ambiance. They specialize in hummus and muhammara.

An Indian restaurant serving a range of cuisines, Gazebo opened its doors in 2000 and is about 6 minutes away from this building. For the past 20 years, it has effectively served its consumers in the city. To prepare Mughal food, it uses centuries-old recipes. If you’re looking for fast cuisine other than these two, Subway is only five more steps away.

Grocery stores close to Centrium Towers

The following supermarkets can be found close to Centrium Towers: (5 minutes away)

Spinning (9 minutes away)

Switzerland Mart (1 minute away)

Carrefour and Spinneys are two of the best and largest supermarkets where you can get anything you want, whether you want to buy eggs or a watch. A 5-minute drive will get you to a Carrefour. The Swiss Mart, a short distance away, is the most practical choice.

Subtle Buildings

Some of the significant structures close to Centrium Towers include:

The Crescent Towers

Towers at Lakeside

The distance between Lago Vista and Centrium Towers is only six minutes. Similar residential developments may be found 8 and 7 minutes distant from these structures, respectively, at Crescent Towers and Lakeside Towers. These apartment buildings provide budget-friendly residences in the heart of the city.

Major Landmarks

Near Centrium Towers are some notable monuments including the Dubai International Stadium (9 minutes away)

Dubai Motorway (12 minutes away)

Emirates Balloon Adventure (14 minutes away)

Centrium Towers is about 12 minutes from Dubai Aerodrome.

The distance between this property and Dubai International Stadium is only nine minutes. All of Dubai’s international cricket matches are played in this stadium. Additionally, it serves as a training ground for foreign cricket teams. Dubai Aerodrome is only a little farther away, around 12 minutes from the complex. It is an amusement park with a motorsports theme that draws enthusiasts of the genre from all over the world. The Balloon Adventure Emirates, which provides hot air balloon rides to its visitors, is only 14 minutes away from this building. This is the place to be if you’re looking for adventure.

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