Best Budget Restaurants In Dubai

Best Budget Restaurants In Dubai

The best casual dining in Dubai can be found on a shoestring budget, which will please you.

  • Zaroob
  • Al Ustad Special Kebab
  • Bu Qatar
  • Calicut Paragon
  • Café Isan
  • Kappa Kadai
  • Din Tai Fung
  • Ravi Restaurant
  • Al Reef Lebanese Bakery


If you’re craving wholesome Arabic flavors, you’ll want to seek out Palestinian eatery Zaroob. You may select a sizzling falafel, savor a monkish, and consume a forayer, among other Arabic classics, at the restaurant since it serves delectable street food. This is a very great restaurant. You may order a wrap to go and visit the modern art galleries at the neighboring Dubai International Financial Centre while dining at the restaurant’s location on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Al Ustad Special Kebab

One of Dubai’s oldest restaurants, this little gem serves authentic Iranian food. It is the ideal location to visit while exploring the city’s old town because it is close to the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood. The decor is quirky with a touch of vintage charm, and the service is always prompt. If you’re not sure what to order, the kebabs are perfect and melt in your mouth, and the rice with saffron and meat marinated in yogurt is a treat to share.


Bu Qatar

Right on the atmospheric Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbor, this well-known café serves up deliciously fresh seafood in an ultra-casual setting. The unassuming counter’s signature items include fried fish of the day, BBQ shrimp, and a fiery fish curry if you’re not sure what to order. After you place your order, the staff brings the food to your table in piping-hot condition. After that, go to Sunset Beach to take a picture of the Burj Al Arab.

Calicut Paragon

This Indian restaurant attracts a hungry crowd every evening at various locations throughout the city thanks to its mouthwatering curries and reasonable prices. Fried pakoras and cheese-stuffed mushrooms are common side dishes, but the seafood usually takes center stage in great Dubai. The whole pomfret marinated in a secret spice rub, fiery crab masala, or tangy mango fish curries are all excellent options. The perfect way to end your meal will be with a fragrant cup of zafrani (saffron) tea.

Café Isan

Visit Café Isan in Dubai if you’re looking for authentic, home-cooked Thai food. In addition to offering delectable dishes, this Jumeirah Lakes Towers establishment is also one of the city’s most affordable eateries. You won’t go hungry at café a well-known restaurant, which serves delicious stir fries as well as tangy curries, hearty soups, and a variety of other delicious dishes.

Kappa Kadai

Kappa Kadai has built a solid reputation in the city as a cheap restaurant that serves consistently good food over the years. The restaurant serves a variety of Indian dishes, including the ever-popular Chettinad and Hyderabad dishes, and there are plenty of options for vegetarians and meat eaters. This basic chain has a few locations scattered throughout the city; however, the majority of visitors typically head to its cheap restaurant Marina location combines a flavor-packed meal with sightseeing.

Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung’s location in Mall of the Emirates, which hails from Taiwan, has long delighted avid dumpling lovers. Their hearty versions of noodles, mouth-watering Xiao long boa, and tasty vegetable dishes have earned them high praise from locals and make them ideal for filling up before heading to Ski great Dubai. You can eat there for less than AED50. Take note: Despite the long lines and the possibility of having to sign up for a waitlist before being seated, the wait is well worth it.

Ravi Restaurant

A foundation by its own doing, this Pakistani restaurant in the social blend neighborhood of Fatwa is well known to voyagers from varying backgrounds. The spicy mutton chops and the chicken Magalia, creamy curry with shaved egg on top, are two dishes that should be tried at Ravi Restaurant. For a truly authentic street food experience at an unbeatable price, cover it all up with stuffed paratha bread.

Al Reef Lebanese Bakery

Al Reef Lebanese Bakery has a winning formula that has won hearts and appetites since 1986, despite its simple, no-frills approach, humble interiors, and snack-heavy menu. Many great Dubai residents look to this long-standing establishment for freshly baked Arabic flatbreads and bite-sized desserts that are affordable. Al Reef is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has locations in the Karamu neighborhood and the Expo 2020 Dubai site in addition to its popular Jumeirah venue.


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