Best sports bars to watch the English premier league in Dubai

Best sports bars to watch the English premier league in Dubai

The English Premier League, one of the world’s most competitive football leagues, is back! While fans in the United Kingdom can go to the stadiums, it’s worth knowing where to watch the game in Dubai! Yes, football fans in the UAE can sports bars to watch the EPL in Dubai at some fantastic bars and pubs that show all of the live action.

The question of how to sports bars to watch the EPL in Dubai will become more common as the first ball is about to be kicked. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best Dubai sports bars that are live-streaming EPL games so you can join in on the action.

Where Can I See The Epl In Dubai?

The popularity of the EPL extends far beyond the borders of England. Indeed, many people believe it is the most popular league in the world, including Dubai. Traditional behemoths such as Manchester United, Arsenal, and Manchester City enjoy widespread support due to their obvious ties to the UAE. Chelsea and Tottenham aren’t far behind either.

So, even if you’re sitting thousands of miles away, gather a group of your football-crazed friends and head to one of the best places to watch the EPL in Dubai.

Bars and Stars

This gorgeous beachfront bar in La Mer is known for its incredible atmosphere, and football fans will no doubt flock to this bar to watch their favorite teams compete.

The large screens ensure that you have a clear view of the game for the entire 90 minutes. If you’re ideal night out with friends includes the return of the English football season, a chilled-out location, and some unique drinks, this is the best outdoor beach bar in Dubai.

The Trophy Room

The Trophy Room is well-known among sports fans in Dubai. In addition to live streaming the action on massive screens, the venue serves excellent food and classic beverages. If you live on Sheikh Zayed Road, this is the ideal location to rekindle your love affair with the English Premier League in 2022.

Many screens are installed in accordance with the seating configuration, and a master screen ensures that everyone has an unobstructed view of the thrilling game as it unfolds. This bar may be the answer to your question about how to watch Premier League in Dubai.

Bar Long’s

British bars are perhaps the most poetically appropriate places to watch the EPL when it returns to Dubai. With over a dozen and a half screens, the entire atmosphere at Long’s Bar is geared toward making it a fun and happening place on match days. To complement the viewing experience, traditional pub grub and reasonably priced drinks are available.

After 07:00 p.m., there is a smart casual dress code that prohibits the wearing of baseball caps, flip flops, sleeveless shirts, or sportswear.

The Spike Bar

More than a dozen screens are strategically placed throughout the Spike Bar. There are three massive three-meter screens for those who prefer the big screen. As a result, guests here have the best view in Dubai to watch an EPL match. The atmosphere is ideal for football-related shenanigans on big match days!

Many people like to play a round of golf before or after watching the EPL in Dubai because the bar is located in Emirates Golf Club.

Huddle Sports Bar & Grill

The management of Huddle Sports Bar and Grill goes above and beyond to recreate the buzzing match day stadium-like atmosphere. Huddle Sports Bar and Grill, rated as one of the best bars in Dubai, has arrangements for streaming cricket, rugby, tennis, and other sports in addition to football. You can also get juicy steaks, nachos, burgers, and other foods to make you’re gaming sessions more enjoyable.

Kickers Sports Bar & Grill

When the big teams clash in the EPL, things can get heated. Kickers Sports Bar is another great place to experience these euphoric moments because the energy at this bar is contagious. The effective screen placement and well-maintained sound system contribute to the exciting atmosphere of watching the EPL in Dubai! Did we mention the drinks and food at Kickers are fantastic?

If you’re looking for bars and restaurants in Dubai Sports City, this could be an excellent choice.

While the Women’s 2022 tournament has been entertaining and exciting, especially for English fans, nothing beats the thrill of following the fortunes of your favorite club. This will be an exciting season full of ups and downs. So, mark your calendars and make plans to watch the English Premier League 2022/23 in Dubai.Many sports bars in Abu Dhabi will also show the English Premier League.

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