Best spots to see stunning street art in Dubai

Best spots to see stunning street art in Dubai

Dubai is a place of beauty. It is a country with beauty it’s all around. Dubai is a very famous country with its charming views and fascinating beauty. Dubai has many spots in its country. Dubai has make its beautiful view by providing best of its services all around the country.

Dubai is possibly one of the most colorful emirates’ and surely as time passes, we will have more areas featuring the talents of graffiti artists from across the globe. We see that you are enjoying this feature of all the beautiful places in Dubai with street art. The some of the other places with the street art that you can see including JBR, Box Park and the Yard, all of which offer great photo spots. you know any of the other places in Sharjah that have street art?. If you are looking for some more places in Dubai to get some perfect shots.

There are some of the best spots in Dubai streets to see:


There is a place La Mer  that has make first one of the big of areas with street art in Dubai. from of its edgy vibe, beautiful look and a big array of famous restaurants, this on road spot which was developed by Meraas has become a most exciting for people who live here as it is one of the best places in Dubai to take pictures. The entire area of La Mer is dotted with colorful walls which adds to its trendy look, so whichever corner you turn to, you will find some of the best graffiti art in Dubai.


Next to see all the trendy places which have street art in Dubai is City Walk which is another one project developed by Meraas. This is the place adorned with the popular saying I love DXB graffiti art that you have ever seen on your social media. Now if a person wants to take a photoshoot with the popular place, just go on to City Walk. Here at this place you can also be able to search many more beautiful statement pieces, morals that has been manufactured by some of the big names as the street art world cannot make. City Walk is also famous for its line of trendy eating shops and dress fashion stores, so once you’re done snapping shots of your favorite street art piece, you can always come at these places for a chilled weekend in great Dubai.


As a side from the cheap apartments for rent in Karama, this area has something very good to offer this is the talent of a group of expert artists who changed this area into a colorful place. A move initiated by Wasl Property in 2017, saw a change of the Karama making it one of the most famous place to see graffiti art in great Dubai. You will get to enjoy 24 by hour a beautiful displays of art that are spreaded across the old famous buildings in Karama Souk, which acted as the good canvas for the ‘Remaking Karama’ project. The excellent colors on the old one buildings provide an amazing visual experience and great facilities to the cameraman to get some good shots.


Al Fahidi District is the best in list of the good places to view street paintings in Dubai. Known for hosting popular art festivals in Dubai such as the Sikka Art Fair, the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood has several permanent art pieces installed featuring some amazing public art in great Dubai with new add ups and coming artists from the whole world of Dubai.  This is also a good place to come to view it  and see about the rich history and heritage of the Dubai.


Now here is the popular Dubai design district of d3. It is an area which has design in its own name so that you come to know if you come this place you can find some art walls with beautiful designs. Home to the go through the Bayut’s office, this area is attractive with creative designs in the form of clear installations and street paintings. Check the interesting photo-ops you can get if you come D3.

Jumeirah Beach Road

It is one of the Dubai biggest beaches, the Jumeirah Beach is one of the top beauty place that attracts in the city with charming art around it. With hard works of street art by 35 artists, this road has been provided a new life to the people live in its area. A number of the residences are a celebration of city life, hide in sight in beautiful lanes away. Paintings showing youth enjoying the good sports from the past and Arabic dhows spreading over the sea may be watched just yards away from marvels like Ruben Sanchez’s Bicycle. Its Location includes: al mansha road near the jbr, Dubai Marina.

Dubai Metro

A best add up to the Dubai roadside view of cultural arts, the paintings that help the Dubai metro line have now been changed with bright, eye-popping paints and arts. Murals depicting an astronaut viewed by the series of planets on string area big view here as a add up for the metro buses that runs along the line have been illustrated with different colors and patterns, not to watch the illusory paintings and that can be found adorning of the metro station. Its Location is Dubai Metro Line.

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