Best tour company in Dubai for a desert safari

Best tour company in Dubai for a desert safari

Not all desert safaris are created equal, despite the fact that the appeal of spending a few hours in the middle of the UAE desert never gets old (the breathtaking views, the at-one-with-nature, blow-the-cobwebs-away sentiments, and the Insta-gold that is sunset). Continue reading for our Great Dubai guide to some of the top desert safaris in the UAE.

These UAE desert safaris are on your bucket list whether you reside in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, or any other emirate. Explore the Empty Quarter, learn about Bedouin culture, and hold on tight for some serious dune bashing.

Abu Dhabi Desert Tour

This well-known company offers dawn and dusk desert safaris that include all the typical safari activities as well as a trip to a nearby camel farm and the opportunity to get up close and personal with the farm’s camels (dune bashing, sand boarding, and the like). The evening option also includes a BBQ dinner, shisha, henna art, and live entertainment. Prices are affordable, especially if you decide to take a bus or a rental car from Great Dubai to the meeting place.

Capital Gate Tourism

The guided camel trekking excursions provided by Capital Gate are a terrific option for a less traditional desert safari experience; while exploring the open, sandy plains, you’ll learn all about Bedouin history and culture.

While day trips and overnight excursions offer everything you’d expect sand skiing a belly dance show an Arabic BBQ dinner buffet and dipping and diving across undulating dunes. If you want to ramp up the excitement even further, pick the quad biking add-on.

Emirates Tours & Safari LLC

You’re in good hands because Emirates Trips & Safari LLC, which has a base in Abu Dhabi and runs a number of safari-based tours, has a good reputation for doing so.

Even while their return evening safaris are popular if you’re searching for something a little different, the overnight Liwa Desert Safari option might be more intriguing. You’ll go to the Empty Quarter after stopping at the Emirates National Auto Museum, where you may tent, go stargazing, dune-bashing, and sandboarding in the quiet of the desert.

Dubai Desert Safari

the company that most people utilize to reserve desert safaris. Aside from the option to fully skip the dune-bashing and head straight to the Bedouin-tent BBQ and live entertainment experience, there are morning and evening desert excursions available (ideal for families with young children or older visitors). check Desert safari Dubai deals. Would you like to stay in the desert longer, sleep under the stars, and have breakfast while watching the sunrise? They are also able to plan that.

Sand Trax Tours

Like the concept of a desert safari but are wary of allowing someone else to drive? Be at ease. With Sand Trax Tours’ Buggy Safari option, you may take control of your own 800cc twin-seater desert buggy, which is outfitted with a roll cage, bucket seats, and safety belts. The tour ends as usual with a barbeque feast, belly dance, and a whirling dervish that previous guests gush over.


Al Khayma Camp’s premium Red Dunes & Camel Safari includes a BBQ

Of all the desert safaris available in Dubai, this is the most traditional and well-liked. An affordable trip to the desert. However, how is the tour conducted? You leave your hotel in the middle of the afternoon, drive for one hour to the beginning of the desert, stop to let the air out of your tires, and then proceed to drive into the sand. In the Lehbab desert region, which is renowned for its picturesque red dunes, it takes around 30 to 40 minutes of dune bashing before you can try sandboarding, which involves surfing down a steep dune. You can reserve a fascinating tour of Great Dubai with a late morning departure and lunch included in place of the afternoon departure with dinner. Transportation is always provided by a comfy, air-conditioned Toyota Land Cruiser from Great Dubai Rent a Car.



Exclusive Heritage Desert Safari

As the name implies, Platinum Heritage’s desert safaris step up the standard experience by one or two notches. Treat yourself to their exclusive Platinum Heritage Package, which is marketed as “Dubai’s most opulent desert safari,” and you may explore the desert in the luxury of a top-of-the-line Range Rover while being escorted by a Great Dubai guide. After that, you’ll enjoy canap├ęs and sparkling juice while watching the sunset and then sit down to a six-course meal with Emirati influences. The camp is totally solar powered, and educating guests about the local culture and tradition is a priority at Platinum Heritage, which takes pride in its eco-tourism credentials and commitment to sustainability. They purposefully avoid dune bashing, which could harm the ecology.

This is unquestionably one of the top Dubai travel experiences and one of the nicest and most fascinating desert safari trips in the entire United Arab Emirates. Small parties drive in a famed 1950s-era Land Rover as they explore the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, the first protected area in the United Arab Emirates. After your wildlife drive, you watch a falcon show in the evening before arriving at the Bedouin camp (false, obviously, like all other camps, but extremely well furnished and lit by torch and traditional lamps) to eat your meal while taking in a traditional Emirati entertainment show.

Quad Bike (ATV) Desert Safari from Dubai

Do you want to ride a quad bike through the Dubai sand dunes but have never done so? It’s doable, and you can do it without spending a fortune. You may experience a new car while taking in the desert. At the tour’s beginning location, your chosen Great Dubai service guide will give you instructions on how to operate your ATV quad bike.

Morning Safari with Dune Bashing, Sandboarding & Quad Bikes Ride

Are you a nature person? Are you completely uninterested in phony bedouin dinners? Can you only do a morning desert trip while you’re in Dubai? With this excursion, you can do a variety of activities in addition to viewing the stunning desert scenery, including dune-bashing, riding a camel, and using your sandboarding abilities to surf the sand. Additionally, you can choose to ride your own quad bike for 30 minutes.

Dinner and a Camel safari in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

If we’re talking about the desert, a camel excursion is a must-do. Actually, of all the camel safaris available in Dubai, the adventure you see mentioned below is arguably the most expensive. Why? Mainly because it is a top-notch and well-run trip. It takes place inside the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, and the renowned Platinum Heritage, owner of the exclusive high-end camp where you eat dinner and enjoy a show at the end of the safari, is the actual service provider.

Adventure on a Desert Safari in Dubai

To enjoy the beauty and charm of the desert without any other visitors around, ask your driver to take you to a remote part of the Dubai desert. If you wish to attempt the quad experience, dunking and sandboarding are already included, along with one bottle of water. However, keep in mind that there are trips available if quad and sandboarding are more your style. Before heading back to your hotel, there is an unusually brief stop at Ras Al Khor Nature Reserve in the inner region of Dubai Creek.


Dubai is not just the main trading hub for trade between Asia, Europe, and Africa; it is also a fantastic tourism destination that warmly welcomes all visitors. According to statistics provided by the Government of Dubai, more than 1 million people come each month. Although Dubai is well-known for its world’s tallest structure and its hospitality, the “Desert Trip” is one of the most significant travel experiences.

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