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Al Furjan (Furjan) is a busy Dubai neighborhood run by Nakheel Properties. Furjan lies Between Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311). Building communal housing is its purpose. Area residents share sidewalks and other features. Al Furjan, Discovery Gardens, and Garden View Villas (Jebel Ali) have 40 km of bike paths. Houses, hotels, offices, and almost 4,000 flats are present.

Properties in Al Furjan

There are different kinds of homes in Al Furjan that fit different tastes and budgets. Here are some of the most important kinds of homes you can buy in Al Furjan


Properties in Al Furjan


Al Furjan features detached and semi-detached villas, offering spacious and luxurious living spaces. These villas often come with multiple bedrooms, modern amenities, and private gardens. They are suitable for families seeking larger living spaces and a sense of privacy.


Townhouses offer space and convenience; therefore, many Al Furjan residents select them. These multi-story residences usually include multiple bedrooms, attractive decor, and communal services. These are suitable for families who seek a pleasant environment with shared services.


Al Furjan also has different-sized and different-shaped apartment buildings. These apartments are a smaller way to live, but they still have modern features and common spaces. People who live alone, with a partner, or with a smaller family tend to like them.


Al Furjan Rental Trends

Al Furjan's attractions and public transit draw renters and buyers. Furjan is one of the best spots to rent a Dubai metro apartment. Yasmina Residence, Orchid by Azizi, and Masakin Al Furjan are within 10 miles of the metro stop.


Apartment Type

Average Rental Price in AED









Apartment For Rent in Al Furjan


Villa Type

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Schools in Al Furjan

Yes, here are some schools close to AlFurjan in Dubai, UAE


Schools in Al Furjan

The Arbor School

This school is in Al Furjan and uses a sustainable and whole-person method of education. It tries to teach kids about the environment and give them a well-rounded education.

Jebel Ali School

Jebel Ali School is in the nearby Al Furjan Jebel Ali area and is a British school. It helps kids from preschool through high school do well in school and grow as people

Discovery Gardens Nursery 

The Discovery Gardens Nursery is not in Al Furjan, but it is in the nearby Discovery Gardens area. It is a place where young children can learn and be cared for.

Gems United School - Al Barsha

This school is in the Al Barsha area, which is close to the Al Furjan Area . It offers a full education from kindergarten to grade 12 that is based on world standards.

Gems Winchester School - Dubai

GEMS Winchester School is another GEMS school in the area. From kindergarten to grade 12, it focuses on studies and personal growth.

Remember, school hours fluctuate. Call or visit the institutions' websites for program, admission, building, and other updates.

Restaurants in Al Furjan

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, there are many restaurants and places to eat in and around the Al Furjan area. Here are some restaurants you might consider exploring:


Restaurants in Al Furjan

Urban Seafood

This restaurant in Al Furjan Dubai  serves fresh seafood and tasty recipes.

  • Average Cost for two Persons: AED 210
  • Timing: 10 am–11 pm
  • Contact Number: +971 800 7527

Fika Swedish Café and Bistro

This charming café serves Swedish-inspired food, pastries, and coffee nearby.

  • Average Cost for two Persons: AED 185
  • Timing: 8 am–11 pm
  • Contact Number: +971 800 323232

Shakespeare and Co

Explore the beautiful atmosphere of this café, which serves breakfast, lunch, sandwiches, and pastries.

  • Average Cost for two Persons: AED 180 
  • Timing: 7 am–12 am
  • Contact Number:  +971 4 3311757

Sumo Sushi & Bento

A prominent Japanese restaurant serving sushi, bento boxes, and other dishes.

  • Average Cost for two Persons: AED 190 
  • Timing: 11 am–11 pm
  • Contact Number: +971 800 7866


This American-style restaurant in Discovery Gardens serves Tex-Mex and classic American meals.

  • Average Cost for two Persons: AED 260 
  • Timing: 10 am–11 pm
  • Contact Number: +971 600 561112.


Situated nearby, Nando's offers flame-grilled peri-peri chicken and a selection of sides.

  • Average Cost for two persons: AED 205 
  • Timing: 8 am–12 am
  • Contact Number:  +971 600 542525

Operation Falafel

This Middle Eastern street food eatery serves falafel, shawarma, and mezze.

  • Average Cost for two Persons: AED 110 
  • Timing: Open 24 hours
  • Contact Number:  +971 4 424 3098

The Cheesecake Factory

This Ibn Battuta Mall restaurant serves a wide selection of cuisines and cheesecakes.

  • Average Cost for Two Persons: AED 275
  • Timing: 10 am–11 pm
  • Contact Number: +971 4 419 0497

Dubai has a wide variety of eateries for all tastes. These are only some of the Al Furjan dining alternatives. To ensure a good lunch, check restaurant hours, reviews, and menus before visiting.

Hospitals Near Al Furjan

Here are some hospitals near Al Furjan:


Hospitals Near Al Furjan

Mediclinic Ibn Battuta

The famous Mediclinic Ibn Battuta offers emergency, inpatient, and specialist healthcare near Al Furjan.

NMC Royal Hospital, DIP

Dubai Investment Park (DIP) NMC Royal Hospital offers emergency care, surgery, and medical specialties near Al Furjan.

Emirates Hospital Clinic, Discovery Gardens

This clinic in Discovery Gardens provides outpatient medical services, consultations, and minor treatments.

Aster Clinic, Discovery Gardens

This Discovery Gardens clinic gives adults and children a variety of medical treatments.

Al Quoz Mall Medical Center

This medical center in Al Quoz provides general healthcare, consultations, diagnostics, and pharmacy services.

Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha

Al Zahra Hospital in Al Barsha is a prominent multi-specialty hospital.

Hospital availability and information may change.

Hospital websites and phone numbers provide the newest service, facility, and contact information. Call your local emergency services in a medical emergency.

Nearby Areas

Many nearby neighborhoods and activities are available in Al Furjan, Dubai, UAE. Here are some notable nearby areas:


Nearby Areas


  • Jebel Ali: Jebel Ali, next to Al Furjan, has port facilities, free zones, and business parks. Significant trade and logistical area.


  • Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT): In the mixed-use JLT, luxury skyscrapers surround artificial lakes. Offices, housing, and restaurants are available.


  • Dubai Marina: Riverfront luxury apartments, marina, dining, and entertainment are in Dubai Marina.


  • Green Community: Green Community has villas, townhouses, and apartments for peaceful living. It's manicured and family-friendly.


  • Jebel Ali Village: This region has residential and commercial properties with local amenities.

These nearby areas have distinct attractions, characteristics, and amenities. Explore these surrounding communities to find one that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Beaches Near Al Furjan

Residents and visitors to Dubai, UAE, may enjoy the sun, sand, and sea at many beaches around Al Furjan. Here are some beaches you can explore:


Beaches Near Al Furjan

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Al Furjan, Dubai. Long, white sandy shorelines, pristine waters, and spectacular Arabian Gulf views are available. The beach has facilities for relaxation, water sports, and various dining options.

Kite Beach

Kite Beach attracts water sports lovers with its lively atmosphere. Kite surfing, paddleboarding, beach volleyball, and more await visitors. Beachfront cafes and food trucks exist.

La Mer Beach

La Mer is a trendy beachfront destination with a relaxed vibe. It has beach access, water play areas, shopping, restaurants, and an artsy ambiance.

Nessnass Beach

The beach is quieter and more tranquil than others. It's ideal for a peaceful beach day.

JBR Beach (Jumeirah Beach Residence Beach)

The Walk at JBR Beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence offers leisure, dining, and shopping. It's a popular choice for families and visitors.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is famed for its beautiful sunset views. A calmer beach offers a more relaxed experience.

Dubai's shoreline has public and private beaches with different amenities. Dubai beaches feature showers, changing facilities, and chairs. Before visiting, check the facilities and any current regulations. Before visiting, verify official sources for the latest beach access, hours, and facilities.

Churches and Mosques in Al Furjan

Here is information on religious sites around Al Furjan, Dubai, UAE


Churches and Mosques in Al Furjan



Al Furjan Mosque

The Al Furjan Mosque is the local Muslim center. It hosts regular prayers and religious activities.


Masjid Jumeirah Village Triangle

This neighboring mosque serves the Jumeirah Village Triangle Al Furjan community and hosts Muslim prayers.



Emirates Baptist Church International

Although not in Al Furjan itself, this church is within a reasonable distance. It offers services and gatherings for the Christian community.


The United Christian Church of Dubai

Also situated nearby, this church provides a place of worship for Christians in the area.

Supermarkets in Al Furjan

Here are supermarkets around Al Furjan in Dubai, UAE.


Supermarkets in Al Furjan

Spinneys Al Furjan

This supermarket in Al Furjan sells groceries, fresh vegetables, household goods, and more.


West Zone Fresh Supermarket 

This store chain in Al Furjan sells fresh produce, meats, and daily necessities.

Choithrams Al Furjan

Choithrams, another Al Furjan supermarket, sells groceries, snacks, drinks, and household goods.

Carrefour Market Discovery Gardens

This nearby Discovery Gardens Carrefour Market sells food, electronics, and household goods.

Géant Express, Ibn Battuta Mall

This Ibn Battuta Mall Géant Express supermarket serves food and home goods near Al Furjan.

Spar Supermarket

The global grocery chain SPAR has stores in Dubai, including adjacent villages.

These supermarkets simplify grocery shopping for Al Furjan residents and visitors. Shopping hours may change, so check websites or phones before going.

Getting Around

Al Furjan and Dubai, UAE, have many transportation choices for seamless city travel. Here are some ways to get around:


Getting Around

Private Vehicles

Private cars are a common mode of transportation in Dubai. Well-developed motorways and key roadways link Al Furjan to other city areas.


Taxis are readily available and can be hailed on the street, booked through apps, or found at taxi stands. They offer a convenient and relatively affordable way to travel around the city.

Ride-Sharing Services

Dubai offers Uber and Careem as cab alternatives. These services can be booked through mobile apps.

Dubai Metro

The Route 2020 expansion and Jebel Ali Metro Station connect Al Furjan to Dubai Metro. For longer commutes and city access, this is useful.


The Dubai bus network is vast and affordable. Several bus lines serve Al Furjan and adjacent localities.

Dubai Tram

The Dubai Tram System is another option for getting around. While not serving Al Furjan, it links to Dubai Marina, which Al Furjan may access.

Cycling and Walking

Dedicated routes and walkways are making Dubai more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly. Al Furjan is walkable, but weather and distance may make longer treks difficult.

Water Taxis and Ferries

A unique and scenic way to explore Dubai Creek and the Dubai Water Canal is by water taxi or ferry.

Car rentals

Car rental is available in the city for those who prefer their own vehicle.

For safe and seamless travel, follow Dubai's traffic rules. Before traveling, check with official sources or authorities for the latest information.

Nearby Parks

Al Furjan Parks offer green spaces and entertainment for Dubai residents and visitors.  Here are some nearby parks

Al Furjan Park

This park in Al Furjan has walking paths, play areas, sports courts, and landscaped places to relax.


Al Furjan Park

Ibn Battuta Gate Park

Near Al Furjan, this park has green spaces, walking trails, and play places. It's perfect for walking or outdoor activities.

Discovery Gardens, Pavilion Park

This park near Discovery Gardens has paths for walking, places to sit in the shade, and play items for kids.

Jumeirah Lakes Towers Park

 Not far from Al Furjan, this park offers green spaces, water features, and a play area. It's a serene escape amidst the urban environment.

Jumeirah Village Triangle Park

This adjacent park has walking trails, green spaces, and recreational facilities.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden has stunning flowers farther out. A seasonal garden is open during specific months.

These parks offer outdoor leisure, fitness, and socializing. Check the park's hours, facilities, and current guidelines before visiting. Enjoy these parks' green landscapes and activities!


In conclusion, Dubai's Al Furjan neighborhood offers convenience, modern living, and community amenities. Al Furjan has villas, townhouses, and flats with amenities. 

Good schools, stores, and hospitals, but Al Furjan's parks and activities are better.  Remember local conventions, rules, and etiquette when visiting Dubai's parks and outdoor activities. Dubai's transportation, gastronomy, and culture are essential for residents and visitors. Dubai's growth sustains Al Farjan.

In Al Furjan, embrace Dubai's past and modernism and learn and respect local customs. This will contribute to a rewarding and enriching time in this vibrant part of the world.


What is Al Furjan? 

Jebel Ali's Al Furjan is a residential neighborhood. Villas, townhouses, and apartments offer modern living, community services, and simple utility access.

Al Furjan has what kind of properties?

Townhouses, apartments, and detached villas in Al Furjan fit diverse tastes and budgets.

What amenities can I find in Al Furjan?

Al Furjan has parks, playgrounds, fitness centers, pools, retail shops, and more.

Are there schools in Al Furjan? 

Yes, Al Furjan is home to The Arbor School. There are also other schools nearby that cater to various educational needs.

What transportation options are available in Al Furjan? 

Private cars, taxis, ride-sharing, buses, and neighboring Dubai Metro stations are available.

Are there supermarkets in Al Furjan? 

Al Furjan has Spinneys, West Zone Fresh, and Choithrams for groceries.