Check Dubai Visa Status By Passport Number

Check Dubai Visa Status By Passport Number


Dubai visa search by passport number only

UAE Visa Status by Passport number Using Mobile Application

Visa Status by Passport Number Using Phone Call

Visa status confirmation to understand

Common Difficulties When Checking UAE Visa Status

How to Solve Visa Status problems in UAE

Tips for a Smooth UAE Visa Status Review

Essential Points to Consider

Can you check the status of your tourist visa?




If someone requests to use only their passport number to verify the Dubai visa, they can be an expat or a tourist working in the United Arab Emirates but there are two other groups that are interested in proving how their UAE visa is not available.

Firstly, there are individuals who have applied for a UAE visa and are eager to check its progress. The second group includes those who recover their passports with stamped visas through an intermediary and want to verify these visas

No matter which category these individuals belong to, they can find the solution to their query on how to confirm their UAE visa check by passport number.

In this blog, we have presented a detailed, step-by-step guide, to check visa status by passport number to ensure that you can easily verify.

Dubai visa search by passport number only

Checking your UAE visa status online using only your passport number is a simple process that requires minimal information. Many people like this method because of its simplicity and convenience. Regardless of your location, within or outside the UAE, you can use this service.

Dubai visa search by passport number only

Here is the step-by-step guide to check Dubai visa by passport number only:

Step 1: Open the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority website by clicking on Smart Services.

It may take several minutes to load the site due to heavy global traffic during peak hours. Be patient and stop closing windows.

Step 2: Check the language settings, if the page opens in Arabic, switch to English.

Step 3: There are two options under the ‘Select by’ section. Select ‘Passport Information’ as this is the way to check visa status online by passport number only.

Step 4: Now you need to specify the type, 'Visa' or 'Residency'. If you have a job in the UAE, select 'Residence'. Otherwise select 'Visa'.

Step 5: Scroll down the page and enter your passport number and expiry date in the designated fields. You will also need to select a country of origin from the drop-down menu.

Step 6: Check the ‘I am not a robot’ box to verify your human status, then click the ‘Search’ button.

Following these steps, you can easily check your UAE visa by passport number only.

This process simplifies the process and provides a great way to verify your UAE visa status, whether you are a foreigner, a tourist, an applicant for visa approval, or a claimant with a visa stamp in your passport is authentic.


UAE Visa Status by Passport number Using Mobile Application

  •  Download and get the GDRFA Dubai app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  •  Launch the application and select the "Visa Validity Check" section.
  • Enter your passport number and required information as requested.
  • Click on the "Submit" icon to start checking the current status of your UAE visa.
  • Once your UAE Visa Status check is  approved, you have the option to make a hard copy from the same interface.
  • If your visa has been issued by the Directorate General of Residence and Foreign Affairs in another Emirate, you may need to check its status by visiting their website or mobile applications
UAE Visa Status by Passport number

Visa Status by Passport Number Using Phone Call

If you want to UAE visa status check offline instead of online, there is an easier way to do it. Here’s how to inquire about Dubai visa status using your passport number by phone:

  • Call 600522222 for a general check on your visa through the ICP Helpline.
  • If your visa is linked to Dubai and you are currently inside the UAE, call the Amer service toll-free number: 800 5111.
  •  If your visa is linked to Dubai but you are outside the UAE, use the Amer Service Toll Number -toll-free number: +9714-313-9999.

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Visa Status by Passport Number Using Phone Call

Visa status confirmation to understand

When preparing for a trip to the UAE, it is important to remain aware of your visa status. You can use visa check by passport number to confirm that you are eligible to enter the country legally.

Here is a list of visa conditions you need to understand:

Visa status confirmation to understand


If your visa status is marked as "active", your visa will remain valid, allowing you to enter the UAE without any problems. It is best to verify your visa status through the UAE government website using your passport number or by contacting the relevant authorities. These steps are necessary before traveling to avoid hassle at the airport.


"Expired" visa status means that your visa has already expired, preventing you from entering the UAE. The visa must be renewed before arranging further travel to the UAE. Visa validity check can be done by contacting the relevant authorities or visiting the UAE government website.

Overcrowded situations

"Overstayed" visa status means you have exceeded the validity period of your visa and have stayed in the UAE for more than the allowed period.

This violates UAE immigration laws and could result in fines, deportation or possible re-entry ban. It is important to monitor your visa status regularly to avoid overstay and consequences.

Under the procedure

"Under processing" visa status means that your visa application is currently in the processing stage. It is advisable to wait for the visa application to be approved before traveling to the UAE.

You can check the visa application UAE through your passport number available on the UAE government website or by contacting the relevant authorities.

Common Difficulties When Checking UAE Visa Status

When you are trying to check the UAE visa status, you will always face many challenges which can lead to frustration.

Here are some of the issues you may encounter:

Common Difficulties When Checking UAE Visa Status

Incorrect Passport Number

Entering incorrect passport numbers is one of the major challenges while confirming your UAE visa status by passport number.

Writing a digit incorrectly in your visa application or changing a passport number can cause this problem.

To avoid this issue, be sure to carefully verify your passport number before entering it into the visa check process. If your passport number has changed, schedule an update and check the status.

System Glitches

System glitches are another potential challenge in the UAE visa status check. These errors can be caused by system downtime or technical faults.

If the system error occurs, the visa status check must be retried later. If the problem persists, it is recommended to contact the UAE Embassy or Consulate for assistance.

Delays in the visa application process

Delays in the visa application process. If your visa application is still being processed, you can check the status once it has been approved. The same process goes for UAE Golden Visa.

If any issues arise with the progress of your UAE visa application, it is advisable to contact the UAE Embassy or Consulate for guidance.

Visa application rejection

Unfortunately, visa applications can face rejection due to various reasons. In cases where a visa application is rejected, it is not possible to check your visa status.

It is advisable to seek guidance from UAE Embassies or Consulates to assist in cases of visa application rejection. They can also provide insight into the process.

How to Solve Visa Status Problems in UAE

If you are having trouble validating the status of your UAE visa using passport number, there are some steps you can take to fix the problem:

How to Solve Visa Status problems in UAE

Verify Passport Number Accuracy

Verify that you have entered your passport number correctly. Recheck the number and try the visa status check Dubai again.

Switch devices or browsers

If you’re having trouble with one device or browser, try using a different one. Sometimes technical faults can be device specific.

Ask for technical support

If you still can’t access a website about visa status, consider seeking technical support from the experts on such websites.

Contact the UAE Embassy or Consulate

If you need further assistance, contact the UAE Embassy or Consulate in your country. They can provide information on your visa status and help you resolve any issues you may encounter.

Verify visa validity

Make sure your UAE visa status is still valid. If it has expired or been canceled, you will not be able to check its status. In such cases, another visa may have to be applied for.

Tips for a Smooth UAE Visa Status Review

If you are preparing for a trip to the UAE and participating in the visa screening process, the following tips can make the experience easier.

Tips for a Smooth UAE Visa Status Review

Check for Passport Expiry

Before traveling, confirm that your passport will remain valid in the UAE for at least six months after the date of arrival. Update if necessary to remove the denial of access.

Pre-apply for visa

Apply for a UAE visa online before your trip. The application process can take several days to a week. Be sure to provide accurate and complete information to avoid delays or rejections.

Get your passport number up and running

Get your passport up and running as soon as you arrive, as you will need to provide your passport number to apply for a visa.

Also, have other important travel information such as flight and accommodation information on hand.

Cooperate with the authorities

While conducting UAE visa checks, follow the instructions of the authorities and be patient. Following their instructions is critical for safety and security. Answer any questions honestly and respectfully.

Essential Points to Consider

  • If you are an applicant, the system will display the status of your application, indicating whether it has been approved, denied, or is currently being processed.
  •  If you have obtained a UAE visa through an agent and the system cannot confirm your application in the "UAE Visa Status" section, your visa is likely fake. The actual visa will show how it has been approved and received.
  • If you are currently in the UAE, you can use your entry number instead of your passport number to check visa status UAE. This applies once you enter the country.
  • You can securely check your UAE visa status online using passport numbers on various devices such as desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones.

Can you check the status of your tourist visa?

You may think that using your passport number to check UAE visa status only applies to UAE residency visas. But irrespective of the visa category you have, you have the option to take the UAE visa exam online.

This means that even if you have a tourist visa, you can use any of the aforementioned methods to verify your visa with your passport number. The same principle applies to all UAE visas.


Verifying UAE visa status through your passport number is a swift procedure that can save you time and inconvenience. By utilizing the online visa portal by the UAE government, you can easily ascertain your visa status by entering passport numbers.  This platform facilitates the tracking of visa application's status and the monitoring of processing advancement.


What are the necessary details to check my UAE Visa Status?

You will need to indicate your passport number, passport expiry date, and country of origin to determine your UAE visa status.

What are the different types of visas in the UAE? 

UAE offers various types of visas such as Dubai work visa, dubai golden visa, Dubai transit visa, freelance visa, Dubai tourist visa, investor visa, and many more.

What do general visa status rules matter?

When checking your visa status, you may encounter the following common visa status rules.

"ISSUED": This means that your visa has been approved, ready for acceptance or delivery.

"REJECTED": This means that your visa application has been rejected.

"CANCELED": This means your visa has been canceled.

"EXPIRED": This means your visa has expired and is no longer valid.

What steps should I take if my visa application is rejected?

In case your visa application is rejected, you can contact the ICP (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority) on +971 4 313 9999 through their customer service line.

How can I contact ICP for visa related issues?

If you have any questions about your visa, you can contact ICP by calling their Customer Care Center at +971 4 313 9999.