How to check labour card online in the UAE

How to check labour card online in the UAE

Understanding the purpose and importance of a labour card in the UAE

A step-by-step guide on how to check your labour card online

Gather the required information and documents

Logging into your Account or creating a new one

Inputting your personal details and labour card information

Submitting the request and waiting for the results

Troubleshooting common issues or errors during the process


Understanding the purpose and importance of a labour card in the UAE

UAE companies and people need employment cards in several ways. Here's a better look at what it does and how important it is in the UAE:

Legal Employment Status

The main reason a foreign worker needs a labour card in the UAE is to find out what their legal employment status is. It guarantees lawful working conditions in the country.

Work Permission

 A labour card permits a person to work in the UAE. Unauthorized foreign workers may be punished or deported without this card.

Residence Permit

The work card and residence permit are closely related in the UAE. Foreigners who want to live and work freely in the country must have both documents. So, the work card is very important to getting and keeping residency status.

Employee Rights 

The labour card includes compensation, hours, commitments, and perks. This protects workers' rights and maintains fairness, per UAE labour card check laws.

Regulation of the Labor Market

The UAE government uses labor cards to keep the labor market in order. The government may track overseas workers and prevent them from obtaining local jobs.

Access to Services

UAE government healthcare, education, and social benefits require work cards. It is a very important paper for foreigners who want to join the country's society fully.


Taxation is another area where labour cards play a role. They track income and taxes to ensure taxpayers and employers pay UAE taxes.

Employer's Responsibility

Employers in the UAE must get work permits for international personnel. This shows how crucial fair and honest working procedures are for the nation.

Legal Protection

The law protects foreign workers if they have a valid labor card. Labour cards can prove legal employment in employer disputes and employment rights cases.

A step-by-step guide on how to check your labour card online

Check labour card online may be affected by country and internet policies. The following step-by-step guide may vary by area. Your country's official agency or authority has the most accurate and current information.

Step-by-Step Guide to Checking Your Labor Card Online

Prepare the required information.

Gather personal information like your labour card number and passport number before starting.


Access the Government Website

Use a PC or mobile browser to visit your employer's country's government website. This webpage should be linked to the labor department or ministry.


Navigate to the Labor Card Section

Look for a section or tab on the website related to labour or employment services. It may be labelled as labour Services, employee services, or something similar.


Login or Register

Log in with your Online Account. Get your personal and contact information registered. Follow the website's registration instructions.


Access Your Labor Card Information

Once logged in, navigate to the section on how to check labour card details. This section may be labelled Check Labor Card Status or similar.


Enter Required Information

Labor cards and passport numbers are frequently required. Make sure the information is accurate and matches the details on your labour card.


Submit the Query

After inputting the information, click Submit or Check to submit the query.


Review the Labor Card Details

The system will process your request and display the details of your labour card on the screen. This information may include your name, job title, labour card expiration date, etc.


Print or Save the Information

Print or download your labour card details as a PDF for reference or documentation.


Log out and Close the Browser

For security, log out and exit your browser after data collection.

Gather the required information and documents

Administrative or governmental processes must begin with gathering the required information and documents. Here's a breakdown of how to do this:

Identify the Purpose 

Before acquiring information and papers, know your goal. Knowing the prerequisites is essential for job applications, passport renewals, and other processes.

Make a Checklist

List all the information and papers you need by purpose. Keep organized, and make sure to catch everything using this. Items on the checklist may include:


  • Passport, ID card, driver's license
  • Proof of address (e.g., utility bills, rental agreement)
  • Educational certificates and transcripts
  • Employment documents (contracts, offer letters)
  • Finance documents (bank statements, tax returns)
  • Passport-sized photos.
  • Driver's license, work permit, etc.

Validity and Expiration Dates

Check your documents' expiration dates. Before expiring, passports and visas may need renewal.

Collect the Documents 

Start collecting the necessary documents based on your checklist. Make sure each document is in good condition and easily accessible. Digital copies or images of documents may be needed for online applications.

Verify Accuracy 

Make sure your documents are exact and current. Before applying, fix any mistakes.

Organize and Store

Organize the documents in a secure and orderly manner. Use folders, envelopes, or digital folders to keep everything neat and easy to access.

Create Copies

Make photocopies or digital scans of important documents. If you lose or need more application copies, duplicates help.

Prepare for Translation and Notarization (If Needed) 

Translated and notarized documentation in languages other than your application may be needed. Research the specific requirements for your situation.

Stay Informed

Stay up-to-date with work requirements and procedural changes. Government, embassy, and consulate websites and official channels provide useful information.

Accessing the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization's (MOHRE) website and app

UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) website and app access:

Accessing the MOHRE Website

  • Open a Web Browser: Computers and phones launch Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.
  • The MOHRE website: Your browser should open the MOHRE main webpage. Last verified in September 2021, the website's address is https :// URLs can change, so verify them online or from public sources to ensure you have the right one.
  • Please explore the Website: You can browse their services and places on the MOHRE website. Find links to job services, labour information, and other things you need.
  • Log In or Register (If Needed): The services you need may require you to log in or register on the MOHRE website. Follow the steps on the screen to finish logging in or signing up.
  • Access Services: MOHRE offers work permits, labour card checks, and more.

Accessing the MOHRE Mobile App (if available)

In September 2021, when I last checked, MOHRE had a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Follow these steps to get to the Mohre labour card status app on your phone:


  • Open Your Device's App Store:  Android users, open Google Play. Open the iOS App Store.
  • Search for MOHRE App: Search "MOHRE UAE" or "Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization UAE" in the app shop and press Enter.
  • Download and InstallClick the official MOHRE app in the search results to download and install. Computer software download or installation.
  • Launch App: Upon opening: After setup, tap its button to open it.
  • Log In or Sign Up (If Needed):  Like on the website, you may need to log in to your Account or create a new Account in the app.

Logging in or making a new account

Online services and platforms demand registration. A step-by-step guide:

Logging into Your Account

Visit the Website: Go to the website or platform with an existing Account. Service webpages frequently do this.

Locate the Login Section

Find the login section on the homepage. The upper right corner or conspicuous display usually displays this. "Login," "Sign In," or similar labels may appear.

Enter Your Credentials: 


  • A username, email, and password are usually required for login.
  • The first form requires your login or email.
  • Type your password in the second field. Be precise and case-sensitive.
  • Type "Login" or "Sign In." Enter your login and password, then click "Login" or "Sign In".

Account Access

Enter the Account's homepage or basic portal with credentials to use the system.

Creating a New Account


  • Visit the Website: Visit the website or platform to register if you don't have one. Signup or registration is usually available.
  • Locate the Signup or Register Section: Click Sign Up, Register, Create Account, etc. 


Fill Out the Registration Form


  • Just select "Sign Up" or "Register" to join.
  • Name, email, phone, and maybe birthday or location.
  • Username or ID creation. Identifies you on the platform.
  • Choose a strong, unique password. Check the platform's password requirements (typically uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and special characters).
  • Complete Verification: Some platforms need email or phone number verification. Verification procedures are provided.
  • Review Terms and Conditions: Read and accept the privacy policy or terms.
  • Submit Your Registration: Enter your information under "Register" or "Create Account".
  • Confirmation: You may receive a confirmation email or message after registration. Follow any additional instructions in the confirmation message if necessary.
  • Login: Enter your username and password and click "Login" or "Sign In".

Inputting your personal details and labour card information

Information and labour card status checks online require personal and labour card information. Step-by-step instructions:

Steps to Enter Personal and Labor Card Information


See the Labor Card Checking Service

Start by accessing the competent authority's government website in your country of employment. Find the labor card number check or status service.

Login or Register (If Required)

The website may require registration. Complete this step by following on-screen instructions.

Find Data Input Fields

Find data entry fields on the service page. Typical data needs include:

Passport number

Your passport number is another kind of identification.

Personal details

Name, birthdate, nationality, and other personal information may be provided.

Enter Your Labor Card Information

Carefully input your labour card and passport numbers. Make sure your information matches your passport and labour card.

Check Accuracy 

Double-check your entries. Check for typos and inconsistencies.

Enter Your Labor Card Information 

To check your labour card, click "Check" or "Submit" after completing the form.

Review Results

The system will process your request and reveal your work card status. Include your name, work title, labour card expiration date, etc.

Submitting the request and waiting for the results

Online work card status checks and government services require a request and a wait. Step-by-step instructions:

Confirm Your Information

Compare your information to your labour card and other personal documents before submitting.

Click the "Submit" or "Check" Button

Find "Submit," "Check," or equivalent buttons on personal and labor card pages. Click on it to submit your request.

Wait for Processing

The system will process your request after submission. Depending on request complexity and website performance, this may take seconds to minutes.

Do Not Close the Browser 

Do not close the browser or leave the page while your request is processed. Premature browser closing may bother you.

Review the Results

After processing your request, the system will reveal the results. This typically includes information related to your labour card status. Review the results carefully to ensure accuracy.

Take the necessary actions

The results may require particular actions. For example:


  • Valid and up-to-date labour cards may not require further action.
  • Consider renewing your work card if it's expiring soon.
  • Report erroneous labour card information to authorities.

Log Out (If Applicable)

Log out of your online Account after checking your labour card status or using the service.

Troubleshooting common issues or errors during the process 

Correct common mistakes to improve online labour card status checks and government service. Some common problems and their solutions:

Incorrect Information

Issue: You need to enter the correct passport or labour card number.


Steps to fix


  • Double-check your entry to guarantee accuracy.
  • Enter your physical labour card and passport details exactly as shown.
  • Resubmit the request after correcting an error.

Website Errors

Issue: Your government website may need some help.


Steps to fix 


  • Refresh page: The F5 key or browser refresh button can fix temporary difficulties.
  • If it persists, use a different browser to view the website.
  • Clearing browser cache and cookies can fix website issues.
  • Visit off-peak hours: Less traffic on websites reduces server issues.

Forgot Password

You forgot your login password.


Steps to fix 


  • Log in using "Forgot Password" or "Reset Password".
  • Check your email for a password reset link if the website offers it.
  • Contact website customer care if you can't reset your Password online.

Account Lockout

Issue: Multiple failed logins may lock your Account.


Account Lockout


  • To unlock your account, contact the website's customer care or helpline.
  • Provide any required identity verification.

Slow Website Response

Issue: Slow webpage loading or response.


Steps to fix 


  • Internet connection checks: Maintain a quick, consistent internet connection.
  • Visit the website at a less busy time.
  • Clearing browser cache and cookies improves website performance.
  • Switch devices or networks if possible.

Uncompleted Information

Issue: The website's form submission may fail.


Steps to fix 


  • Check for empty form fields. Fill out the required fields.
  • Upload required papers as instructed.
  • Resubmit the form.

Website Downtime

Issue: Maintenance or technical faults may temporarily turn off the government website.


Steps to fix


  • Wait and try the webpage later.
  • Check the website's social media or announcements for maintenance updates.


Firewall/security software:


Issue: Your computer's firewall or security program may block certain websites.


Steps to fix 


  • Temporarily turn off security software to determine the cause.
  • Make sure your firewall or security settings don't block the website.


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