City Centre Ajman – The hottest shopping destination in Ajman

City Centre Ajman – The hottest shopping destination in Ajman


City Centre Ajman Mall, owned by Majid Al Futtaim, is the Emirate of Ajman's largest and most tourist friendly shopping destination. The mall includes a vast retail space of 34,000 m2. It’s a renowned mall that attracts a multitude of visitors, both local and international. 

The mall is situated in the district of Al Jurf. Ajman City centre Mall enjoys a prime location on Al Ittihad Street (E11). It is conveniently close to the neighborhoods of Al Nuaimiya and Al Rashideya.

Every year, Ajman City centre entices about 10.5 million visitors, making it a highly popular and frequented mall in the United Arab Emirates. The mall offers an array of amenities and attractions, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all. Visitors can explore the expansive Carrefour hypermarket. As well, they can also indulge in familiar fast-food options,at various restaurants. There’s also a large entertainment centre designed specifically for children.

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How To Reach City Centre Ajman Mall?

To reach Ajman City centre, follow these directions based on your starting point:

From within Ajman

One of the easiest modes of transportation is by taxi. You can hail a taxi and give the driver the destination address. City Centre Ajman, on Al Ittihad Street off Sheikh Khalifa Interchange in the Al Jurf district. The fare for a taxi ride within Ajman ranges depending on your boarding point. Additionally, if you prefer public transportation.

There is a bus stop called City Centre Bus Stop, situated off Al Ittihad Street, providing another option to reach the mall.

From Sharjah

If you are starting from Sharjah, you can reach Ajman City centre by going after Wahda Road until you reach Etihad Road. From there, you can continue on Etihad Road until you arrive at the mall.

From Umm Al Quwain

To reach Ajman City Centre from Umm Al Quwain, you can take Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. Simply follow this road until you reach your destination, City Centre Ajman.

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What makes the City Centre Ajman Mall Convenient?

Ajman City Centre offers a high level of convenience, particularly for tourists visiting the mall. One notable aspect is its layout. It features a single expansive floor and a central gallery. This design makes sure that visitors can easily navigate the mall without the risk of getting lost. Finding the stores or destinations within the mall is a quick and direct process.

To enhance convenience further, Ajman City Centre provides a user-friendly website. The website includes an updated list of stores and an interactive map. So it enables visitors to plan their shopping experience before. 

However, the website offers information in English and Arabic. It's a minimalistic and 

Operation Hours of Centre Ajman

  • Monday through Thursday: 10 am to 10 pm (10:00 to 22:00)
  •  Friday and Saturday: 10 am to midnight (10:00 to 00:00)
  •  Sunday: Closed

For Carrefour Supermarket:

  • Open daily from 9 am to midnight (09:00 to 00:00)

For VOX Cinemas and Magic Planet centre

  • Open daily from 10 am to midnight (10:00 to 00:00)

Shopping at Ajman City Centre

It’s fascinating to know that the largest mall in Ajman, Ajman City Center, allows consumers to meet all their shopping needs. Here are some of the Ajman city center shops:

Shopping at Ajman City Centre 

Experience the ultimate shopping destination at City Centre Ajman, the largest mall in the city. This mall is designed to cater to all your shopping needs, offering a wide range of brands and stores. Here's a glimpse of what you can find:


Men and women’s fashion:

  • Annabelle
  • Giordano
  • Max Fashion
  • US Polo
  • Pierre Cardin
  • H&M
  • Kashkha
  • Anotah
  • Eran
  • Nayomi


  • Axiom
  • Mobicom
  • Mobile Outfitters
  • Samsung

Accessories and footwear:

  • Aldo
  • Antonio Trading
  • Skechers
  • Shopexpress
  • Charles & Keith

Watches and jewellery stores:

  • G-Shock
  • Dolce Mondo
  • Malabar Gold and Diamonds
  • Damas Jewellery

Sunglasses and eyewear:

  • Grand Sunglasses
  • Dubai Optical
  • Yateem Optician
  • Police

Health and beauty products:

  • Dr Nutrition
  • Flormar
  • Lush
  • MAC
  • Mikyajy
  • Arabian Oud
  • Inglot

Other specialty stores:

  • Emirates Driving Institute
  • Thrifty Car Rental
  • City Sports
  • Sun & Sand Sports

Maternity and baby care:

  • Mothercare
  • Carter’s
  • Babyshop

And don't forget to visit Carrefour, located within the mall, for all your grocery and household needs.

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Entertainment options at City Centre Ajman

Ajman City Centre Mall offers amazing entertainment options. These options are Magic Planet and Vox Cinema.

Magic Planet at City Centre Ajman: A Haven of Arcade Games and Rides

Magic Planet at City Centre Ajman is a premier arcade and gaming venue/ it’s offering an exhilarating indoor family entertainment experience. Its expansive space and diverse attractions stands as one of the largest entertainment centres in the United Arab Emirates.

Arcade Games Galore

Step into the realm of excitement with an array of thrilling arcade games at Magic Planet. From classic favorites like air hockey to Mario Kart, there is something of all ages. With each game, visitors have the chance to accumulate points and win exciting prizes.

For those seeking a dose of adrenaline-fueled excitement, Magic Planet offers a larger-than-life bumper cars arena. This ride is open to participants above the age of 7. It allows the visitors to navigate their way through an electrifying arena. The arena is so engaging in exhilarating battles. Brace yourself for a heart-pounding experience that will leave you wanting more.

Unleash the Joy at the Soft Play Area

Magic Planet's soft play area is a haven of exploration and wonder for children. With towering slides, winding stairs, net walks, and a delightful ball pit, little ones can immerse themselves in a world of adventure. Let their imagination run wild as they climb, slide, and play in this engaging and safe environment.

VOX Cinema at City Centre Ajman: A Cinematic Marvel

Immerse yourself in the ultimate cinematic experience at VOX Cinema, the premier movie theater in Ajman. Ajman City Centre Cinema is a state-of-the-art theater that offers an unparalleled viewing experience for movie enthusiasts.

Variety of Screens and Experiences

VOX Cinema boasts nine screens. Each screen is designed to give an exceptional movie-watching journey. Among these screens are two Ajman city center VOX screens, offering larger-than-life cinematic visuals and immersive sound.

VOX Cinema Ajman City Centre 


VOX Cinema in Ajman is a special place to watch movies. It is the only movie theater in the area and offers a top-notch cinematic experience. Inside, you can find 9 different screens where movies are shown. Among them, there are 2 screens called VOX Max, which provide a bigger and more immersive display. There is also a special cinema called VOX Kids, designed specifically for young moviegoers.

One of the unique features of VOX Cinema is VOX 4DX, which offers an amazing 4D experience. This means that while watching a movie, you can feel effects like rain, fog, wind, and even scents that match what's happening on the screen. It makes you feel like you're really inside the movie!

You can find VOX Cinema on the ground floor of Ajman City Centre. They show movies in different languages, such as English, Hindi, Malayalam, and Tamil, catering to a diverse audience. In addition to popular movies, they also screen some independent films. The Ajman City Center cinema has enough seats for approximately 1,500 people, so you can enjoy the movie with your friends and family. Another interesting thing about VOX Cinema is that their shows can go on until 2:00 AM, allowing movie enthusiasts to catch late-night screenings. Overall, VOX Cinema in Ajman offers a great movie-watching experience with various options and exciting features to make your visit enjoyable.

VOX Kids cinema

Additionally, there is a dedicated VOX Kids cinema. It is tailored to the needs and preferences of younger audiences. For a truly extraordinary adventure, moviegoers can indulge in VOX 4DX. It’s a cutting-edge 4D experience featuring rain, fog, wind, and scents. All these synchronize with the on-screen action, enhancing the immersion.

Diverse Movie Chooseion

With a wide range of movies on offer, VOX Cinema caters to various language preferences and cinematic tastes. Audiences can enjoy blockbusters in languages. Their languages are English, Hindi, Malayalam, and Tamil. Moreover, VOX Cinema showcases chosen independent films, providing a platform for unique storytelling and artistic expression.

Seating Capacity and Extended Showtimes

VOX Cinema, owned by Majid Ali Futtaim Cinemas, can accommodate around 1,500 moviegoers. Whether you prefer daytime screenings or late-night shows, VOX Cinema ensures a schedule that suits different preferences. Movie enthusiasts can catch screenings that extend as late as 2:00 AM, allowing for an immersive cinematic experience at their convenience.

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Delightful Dining Experiences at City Centre Ajman


Craving a quick and satisfying meal? Look no further than Hardee's, where fast food reigns supreme. Indulge in their menu of classic favorites, crafted with quality ingredients and served with efficiency. Hardee's is the go-to spot for a flavorful and convenient dining experience.

Gelato Divino

At Gelato Divino, desserts take center stage, offering a tantalizing array of sweet treats. Indulge your taste buds in their heavenly creations, crafted with passion and finesse. Located in the Food Court of Ajman City center, Gelato Divino is the perfect destination for those seeking a delightful dessert experience. 


Step into a world of frozen delights at Pinkberry, where ice cream takes the spotlight. With a focus on creating irresistibly delicious frozen treats, Pinkberry offers a variety of flavors and toppings to satisfy every ice cream lover's cravings. This dessert haven is a must-visit for those seeking a cool and refreshing experience.

Sala Thai

Never miss a culinary journey to Thailand at Sala Thai, where the vibrant flavors of Thai cuisine come to life. Immerse yourself in a delightful blend of aromatic herbs, spices, and authentic ingredients, as you savor the exquisite dishes crafted by skilled chefs. Find in the Food Court of City Centre Ajman, Sala Thai promises an unforgettable dining experience.


Indulge in the rich flavors of Indian cuisine at Gazebo, where culinary delights await. Don't miss out on their signature dishes such as the mouthwatering "Tandoori Murgh", and" and aromatic"Dal-e-Khaas. Also, the flavorful "Murgh Maskawala," and heartwarming "Shorba Dil Pasand." is everyone's favorite. Located in Ajman City Centre, Gazebo is a must-visit destination for authentic Indian fare. 

Along with this, some of the other dining options include:

  • PappaRoti
  • Starbucks
  • Tim Hortons
  •  Bombay Chowpatty
  • Burger King
  •   KFC
  •  Panda Chinese
  •  Pizza Hut
  •   Pizzaro
  •  Jollibee
  •  Mado
  •  Ocean Basket
  • Baskin Robins
  • Chocolala
  •   Cinnabon
  •  Fruit punch
  •  Patchi

Other Services available at City Centre Ajman Mall

  • Free Wi-Fi 
  • Currency exchange centres
  • ATMs
  • Taxi drop-off and pick-up areas near the car park
  • Parking slots
  • Customer service desk
  • Personal emergency help.
  • Prayer rooms 
  • Wheelchairs
  • Electric sockets for public use
  • Car wash in the car park
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Essential Considerations while visiting City Centre Ajman Mall

  • Stay updated on the latest discounts and promotions by visiting the official website.
  • For currency exchange, head to the southwest entrance near the food court and Magic Planet center to find Al Ansari Exchange. Please note that there is only one exchange office at City Centre Ajman as the UAE Exchange has closed down.
  • Convenient baby changing rooms are available in every women's restroom.
  • Enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the mall. If you encounter any connectivity gives, feel free to approach the Visitor Help Desk for assistance.
  • In case you find the food options in the City Centre Ajman food court unsatisreasony, you can exit the mall through the northwest exit. As you step out, you'll come across a highway interchange. Beyond that lies the shopping district where you'll find Burger King and Texas Chicken.


Whether you’re seeking refuge from the scorching heat or desiring a delightful evening outing, a trip to Ajman City Centre Mall offers an excellent opportunity. With its wide-ranging offerings and convenient location, it promises a memorable and fulfilling experience for shoppers, diners, and families alike.


Does the mall offer valet parking services?

Yes, Ajman City centre Mall provides valet parking services for the convenience of visitors.

Are there any special events or activities held at Ajman City centre Mall?

Yes, Ajman City centre Mall frequently hosts special events and activities throughout the year. such as fashion shows, live performances, seasonal festivals, and interactive promotions.

Can I find a supermarket or grocery store within the mall?

Yes, Ajman City centre Mall includes a supermarket, such as Carrefour, where visitors can purchase groceries and household essentials.

Can I find a currency exchange service in the mall?

Yes, Ajman City centre Mall usually gives currency exchange services within its premises. It allows the visitors to exchange their currency for local currency or vice versa.

What’s the indoor play areas for children in Ajman City centre Mall?

Ajman City centre Mall features indoor play areas specifically for children.

Does the mall have a dedicated area for fitness or wellness activities?

Ajman City centre Mall also includes a dedicated area or fitness centre. It offers wellness and fitness activities, including gyms, yoga studios, or health clubs.