Complete guide to Mahzooz (Emirates Loto): Uncover all the essential details

Complete guide to Mahzooz (Emirates Loto): Uncover all the essential details



Participating in the Mahzooz draw presents you with an opportunity to win substantial sums of Dirhams, all while making a meaningful contribution to numerous worthy causes throughout the Mahzooz UAE. It's a remarkable win-win scenario.

Originally known as Emirates Loto, the Mahzooz draw was introduced in November 2020 as part of a rebranding effort. The name Mahzooz derived from the Arabic word for 'lucky,' sets it apart from the other popular lottery in the UAE, called 'Emirates Loto.

Operated by Ewings, a Dubai-based company registered in the Mahzooz UAE, Mahzooz holds its headquarters in Dubai. Ewings oversees the smooth functioning of this exciting lottery initiative.

Mahzooz’s Major Givingbacks


Mahzooz is committed to giving back to the UAE community. It is transforming people's dreams into tangible realities. In adherence to Islamic principles, gambling, and related activities are prohibited. However, the UAE permits charity organizations to operate associated lotteries and draws.

As a charity-driven initiative, Mahzooz Lottery Ticket Price ensures that for every participant's purchase, a 500ml water bottle. The bottle is filled with pure and clean water to hydrate those in need. Additionally, they have passionately donated millions of Dirhams to support cancer patients, special children, victims of blasts, and various philanthropic organizations. Mehzooz's benevolent contributions serve as a testament to their unwavering dedication. The aim is to make a positive impact and uplift the lives of individuals and communities across the UAE.


Mahzooz Ticket Pricing And Timing


For the Mahzooz draw, you can participate by purchasing a Mehzooz Ticket price at AED 35. It not only includes a chance to win in the draw but also grants you an opportunity to win AED 100,000 in a new raffle draw. If you have a Mahzooz Lottery Ticket Price, it's essential to know the process of withdrawing money from your account.

With each ticket purchase, you receive three chances to win across different draws. These are Fantastic Friday, Super Saturday, and the Super Saturday Raffle Draw. Here's a breakdown of each draw:

  • Fantastic Friday: Six balls are drawn from a pool of 39 numbers. Super Saturday Draw: Five balls are drawn from a pool of 49 numbers.
  • Super Saturday Raffle: This draw is based on the unique 'Raffle ID' associated with your ticket.

The al Mahzooz draw takes place every week on Saturday at 9 PM UAE time. You can catch the live stream of the draw on their official YouTube channel. Additionally, there’re also some real-time updates of the draw results on Mahzooz Draw Results website.

 Mahzooz Winner

What Is The Mahzooz Winner Prize Money? 

Mahzooz prize money varies based on matches played and amounts may differ for every draw. Here is an outline of all the money:


Match Six Prize (Jackpot):

The minimum jackpot for Match Six Prize draws is 50 million AED per draw; in case of multiple winners, prize money will be distributed among them accordingly. Match Five Prize: In case of multiple winners for each draw, prize money will be split among them equally.


Match Five Numbers Prize (Min): 

AED1 million per draw if multiple winners emerge; this prize pool will then be divided among them. Match Four Prize: Winners who match four numbers will receive an award of 1,000 AED each; for three numbers it is 250 AED per winner.

Winners who successfully match three numbers will receive a prize of 35 AED; please keep in mind, however, that prize amounts are subject to change depending on each Mahzooz draw.


How To Play Mahzooz Step By Step To Participate In Mahzooz, Follow These Steps: 

How to Play Mahzooz? A step-by- step Guide

Create An Account

Visit Mahzooz to create your account. Simply provide all the necessary details to set it up successfully. Purchase Entries From Kiosks: If you prefer, you can also buy entries at various kiosks throughout the UAE - simply consult the map provided on our website to locate one nearby!

Purchase A Bottle Of Water

Each entry requires the purchase of a bottle of water priced at AED 35. Refer to the FAQs section on the website to understand the significance of purchasing a bottle of water.


Choose Your Numbers

For the Super Saturday draw, select 5 numbers. For the Fantastic Friday draw, choose 6 numbers. Pick your preferred numbers carefully.


Check Out

Procd to the checkout page. You can make payment using regular methods such as Mastercard, Visa, and others. If you have Mahzooz credit, you can use it as well


Confirmation Email

After completing the purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation mail. This email not only confirms your entry but also includes your unique Raffle ID.


Check The Results

Visit to view the results of the draw. Stay updated to find out if you are a lucky winner.


Notification Of Winnings

If you win, Mahzooz UAE will contact you via SMS or email, providing information about your winnings and further instructions.


How To Claim Your Mahzooz (Emirates Loto) Draw Prizes


To claim your winnings from the Mahzooz (formerly Emirates Loto) draw, follow these steps:

Mahzooz (Emirates Loto) Draw Prizes

Request Withdrawal Or Transfer

If you have funds credited to your "Winnings Balance," you can request to withdraw or transfer them. The winnings can be moved to your "Credit Balance" for further use.


Transfer To Credit Balance

It is recommended to transfer all your winnings to the "Credit Balance." Once transferred, the action is considered final, and no refunds will be provided. Please ote that requests for reversal or reimbursement due to a change of mind cannot be accommodated.


Transfer/Withdrawal Amount

When submitting a request to transfer or withdraw your prize, you must include the total amount available in your "Winnings Balance '' at the time of the request. Ensure that your request includes the entire sum.


Unwithdrawn Funds

Any remaining funds in your "Winnings Balance" that are not withdrawn will automatically be transferred to your "Credit Balance." This ensures that all your winnings are consolidated in one place.


Can Foreigners Take Part In The Mahzooz Draw? 

Yes, foreigners may participate provided they meet the minimum age requirements and their country permits participation in international lotteries. No matter their nationality or location, anyone can enter online by purchasing tickets through their account.


Are There Taxes On Mahzooz Lottery? 

Mahzooz lottery does not impose taxes on winning prizes as UAE does not tax its residents; however, if you reside outside of UAE it would be prudent to consult a trusted and reputable lawyer who is knowledgeable of tax regulations applicable in your country of residence.

While participating in the Mahzooz draw can be rewarding, other options should also be explored such as Emirates loto Draw. Offering more affordable ticket prices and awarding millions of dirhams each week to winners worldwide for better lifestyle improvements.



Are You Aiming to Live the Life You Imagined with Mahzooz Draw? Making a donation not only makes an impactful statement about how important giving back can be but it will also qualify you to enter their exciting weekly draw where millions are up for grabs each week! This guide serves as your definitive resource on Mahzooz; their dedication to community giving back is highlighted here as are clear instructions on how to participate in their draw - don't miss this chance of winning big and improving quality of life! 



What Benefits Will Mahzooz Online App Have on Me Personally?

At Mahzooz, you have convenient access to your account on your phone. Simply add funds and participate in draws! Plus, view past results whenever desired! With Mahzooz account access from anywhere, add funds easily and participate in draws - everything's at your fingertips!


How Can I Select Numbers on Mahzooz?

In order to pick numbers on Mahzooz, bottles must be purchased for each line in your draw - one bottle corresponds to one line on your ticket! Additional tickets can be added by purchasing additional bottles - for example, you may buy multiple tickets by purchasing additional bottles!


Why does the Mahzooz lottery remain legal in the UAE?

UAE is an Islamic nation governed by Islamic laws which forbid gambling. However, the UAE legislative framework permits regulated lotteries such as Mahzooz. Various tournaments related to lottery activities also take place under supervision from authorized companies and operators.


How can I access the Mahzooz App?

In order to gain access to the Mahzooz app, download it from either an app store or play store and install. After doing so, sign in using your credentials and begin using mahzooz as soon as you download.


How can one check Mahzooz results and do you have a list of results for reference?

Find out how to see the winning numbers and the prize table of all draws through the app or website.


What promotions or activities is it related to?

Participants should keep abreast of all Mahzooz promotions and special events through the application, giving them an added chance of winning fantastic prizes or award points.


Why is Mahzooz considered unique when it comes to integrity and credibility issues in the global lottery market?

Investigate why Mahzooz is unique in terms of transparency and reliability in lotteries for a reasonable game and an honest approach.


What is the process for the mahzooz app download, and its capabilities?

You can quickly download the Mahzooz app and install it directly into your device via your preferred app market. Uncover effortless ticketing, winnings, and VIP offers.


What’s Mahzooz AE and how does it stand out from the lot of lottery apps?

Learn about Mahzooz AE, the well-known UAE lottery app differentiating itself from others because of its novel gaming, transparent processes, and distinct prizes.


Could you shed more light on the procedure for buying a Mahzooz ticket on the app?

Follow a straightforward process on the Mahzooz app: You can go further and easily register, pick your lotto numbers and decide how many tickets you want before making a safe purchase that elevates lottery playing and enjoying experience.


Why is Mahzooz the most famous lottery in the UAE?

Why is Mahzooz popular in UAE? It provides enjoyable sport, big awards and trustworthiness leading customers’ assurance.


What are the particular benefits and advantages of using the Mahzooz app for taking part in the lottery?

Learn how to maximize the benefits offered by the Mahzooz app, including ease of use and easy ticket purchases, to enhance your overall lottery participation experience.


What are the differences in terms of playing procedures, as well as monetary awards between the Emirates Loto and Mahzooz?

Explore differences in games Emirates Loto and Mahzooz, where players of the UAE have the chance to win unique options and good value of award.


Is it possible that the lottery price list is available somewhere and do they sell different kinds of tickets in Mahzooz?

You can visit their website or even download their app to know the latest prices of tickets depending on the type of shows one likes and according to individual financial capabilities.