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Benefits of Living in DAMAC Lagoons: Your Ultimate Water Wonderland!

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With a fascinating Mediterranean vibe, DAMAC Lagoons Dubai emerges as an inviting haven for households. The area is located just 15-minute drive from the bustling Dubai Marina. The architectural marvel of this locale is adorned with fascinating villas and townhouses, thoughtfully arranged around an expansive man-made lagoon.

This aquatic centerpiece guarantees a plethora of pleasant seashore interests for all to have fun with. It's really worth noting that this actual property gem isn't always completely reserved for UAE and GCC citizens.

Dubai DAMAC Lagoons is stretching over an outstanding 30-meter expanse. The area boasts the embrace of smooth, velvety sand seashores on both flanks.

 A specific quirk in its layout holds a pleasing surprise – upon crowning glory, the crystalline waters will gracefully form themselves into the letter D.

DAMAC Lagoons Location and Commute Time

Located near the DAMAC Hills, the fascinating community of DAMAC Lagoons boasts a strategic location along Hessa Street. The location is easily accessible, shielding it from the clamor of the road.

Residents enjoy a seamless connection to Dubai's essential areas, inclusive of the prominent Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Emirates Road and Al Khail Road.

Moreover, being located inside Damac Hills Dubai, it guarantees prepared entry to the myriad services that this vibrant community has to offer.

  • A 24-minute drive to Al Maktoum International Airport.
  • 25 mins away from the long-lasting Palm Jumeirah.
  • Within a brisk 30-minute drive, you may locate yourself at the sector-renowned Dubai Mall and the majestic Burj Khalifa.
  • And 35 mins away, you’ll reach the bustling Dubai International Airport.


DAMAC Lagoons Location and Commute Time


Benefits of Living in DAMAC Lagoons: Your Ultimate Water Wonderland!

Have you ever imagined living in a place where the beauty of water surrounds you? Look no further than DAMAC Lagoons, a fantastic new community near DAMAC Hills that's all about good vibes and amazing lifestyles.

Imagine this: sparkling lagoons, charming villas, and a touch of vacation feels from places like Morocco, Malta, Santorini, and more – it's like a dream come true!

Embrace the Lagoon Lifestyle

Picture waking up to shimmering lagoons and lovely waterfalls just outside your window. At DAMAC Lagoons, you're in for a special treat!

Take a leisurely walk along the boardwalks, enjoy the views, and explore delightful villas and townhouses. And guess what?

Everywhere you go, you'll find bicycle tracks and adorable pathways that turn this place into a true wonderland.

Santorini Delights

Why travel far when you can experience the beauty of Santorini right here? The villas at Lagoons Dubai boast those timeless white walls with touches of blue – just like the Greek paradise!

The most stunning beaches are only a hop, skip, and jump away. How about a day at the beach?

Tranquil Greens and Serenity

If you're all about living eco-friendly, you're in for a treat. Lagoons DAMAC is all about lush green spaces, crystal-clear lagoons, and sandy beaches. 

Golfing Fun Galore

Calling all golf lovers! DAMAC Lagoons is best buddies with the famous Trump International Golf Club. It's just a short drive away, and you can practice your swing like a pro.

Plus, there's a fancy clubhouse and cool restaurants ready to welcome you.

Thrilling Adventures Await

Get ready for some exciting adventures. Paddle in the DAMAC lagoons community, enjoy the infinity pools, and have a blast with kayaking, ziplining, and more.

Feeling sporty? You'll find courts for cricket, tennis, and even a bit of badminton. And if you're a water enthusiast, the beach and pools are your new friends.

Delicious Food & Shopping Fun

Food lovers, pay attention! DAMAC Lagoons is a paradise for foodies. Imagine waterside cafes, stylish boutiques, and a classy clubhouse.

Moreover, there are plenty of sports facilities and even a Farmer's Market for fresh treats.

Top-Quality Health

DAMAC Lagoon is conveniently close to excellent medical facilities like Aster Medical Centre and Mediclinic Parkview Hospital. Hence, your health is in safe hands in this community.

Calling All Pet Enthusiasts!

Lagoons DAMAC is a paradise for your furry friends. Parks, trails, and lots of space to roam – your pets will be living their best lives here too.

Subcommunities of DAMAC Lagoons

Dubai DAMAC Lagoons unfolds like a fascinating story, with eight distinct subcommunities. Each one is a tribute to a beloved Mediterranean destination. It showcases its own special architectural style

Let's take a look into each captivating subcommunity:

Subcommunities of DAMAC Lagoons

The Central Hub

Begin your adventure in this first cluster that captures the timeless charm of Santorini. Amidst calming shades of blue and white, you'll find a wellness haven with fitness amenities.

There’s a wall climbing sanctuary, and even an innovative Floating Cinema, where stories come alive through the waters themselves.


Immerse yourself in the serene vibes of Moroccan aesthetics. Here, the green and white hues dominate the landscape of Lagoons Dubai.

Admire the infinity pools facing the lagoon invite tranquility, while yoga meditation lawns and family cabanas offer spaces for togetherness.


Energize your spirit with the playful allure of Venice. The sub community is inspired by its waterside cafes and lively entertainment scenes.

Wooden and stone architecture create a captivating backdrop. It’s a vibrant neighborhood where water surfing activities promise a joyful escape in DAMAC Lagoon.

Costa Brava

Calling all adventurers! Costa Brava in Lagoons Dubai is your playground of excitement. From ziplining to rock climbing, kayaking to wave riding, this subcommunity, painted in shades of beige, blue, and brick, offers a thrilling retreat.


 Achieve the perfect balance between work and leisure at Portofino. A waterside cafe, engaging team-building events. Immerse in aquatic adventures like kayaking and paddle surfing blend seamlessly for a dynamic experience.


Designed for youthful enthusiasm, Nice features bicycle trails. There is an exhilarating skate park, a BMX arena, and splash pools that add a refreshing twist to playtime.


A treasure trove of educational wonders, Malta presents a sensory plaza, an enchanting discovery maze. It’s even a camping island. Engaging activities and augmented reality nature trails immerse young minds in a learning journey.


Andalusia is exclusively crafted for women, is a sanctuary of self-care and rejuvenation. A gym, a soothing spa, a chic beauty salon, and a serene meditation lounge invite those seeking solace and renewal.

Properties in DAMAC Lagoons Dubai

Discover a wide range of property options within the picturesque enclave of DAMAC Lagoons Dubai. Whether you're an investor seeking opportunities or an end-user searching for a dream home, this vibrant community offers a variety of choices.

The DAMAC Lagoons include luxurious villas and stylish townhouses, from 3 to 6 bedrooms, ensuring there's something to suit everyone's preferences.

Properties in DAMAC Lagoons Dubai

Luxurious Villas and Townhouses

The residences at DAMAC Lagoons Dubai are more than just homes, providing elegance and comfort. These 2 and 3-storey houses are designed and come equipped with premium fittings and furnishings.

Villa Type

Average Sales Price in AED










DAMAC Lagoons Dubai proudly offers a diverse selection of 3 to 6-bedroom residences. Each residence is designed to cater to diverse preferences.

Villas for Sale: Your Gateway to Luxury

The luxury living is with DAMAC Lagoons' villas for sale. Whether you want a cozy 3-bedroom villa or 8+-bedroom residence, DAMAC Lagoons has something to suit your needs:

Property Type

Starting Size

Starting Price

3-Bedroom Townhouses

2012 sq.ft.

Starting AED 1,497,000

4-Bedroom Townhouses

2202 sq.ft.

Starting AED 1,666,000

5-Bedroom Townhouses

2845 sq.ft. to 3152 sq.ft.

Starting AED 2,108,000

6-Bedroom Villa

3968 sq.ft. to 4377 sq.ft.

Starting AED 3,725,000


Invest in your dream property at DAMAC Lagoons Dubai, where luxury meets the beauty of nature.

Near by Communities Around DAMAC Lagoons

Right next to DAMAC Lagoons, you'll find a variety of lively communities. Each community offers a unique blend of amenities and experiences.

Let's take a closer look at these neighboring neighborhoods:

Near by Communities Around DAMAC Lagoons

Damac Hills (10 minutes away)

Just a quick 10-minute drive leads you to DAMAC Hills. It’s a sprawling and luxurious community renowned for its stunning Dubai golf course and lush green landscapes. As you enter this residential paradise, you're greeted by expansive fairways and meticulously designed homes.

The area offers a wealth of leisure and recreational options. It has an international golf course, beautiful parks, and a range of shopping and dining choices.

Barsha Heights (20 minutes away)

A short 20-minute drive from DAMAC Lagoons takes you to Barsha Heights. The community is formerly known as Tecom, a vibrant and cosmopolitan district.

Situated conveniently near Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City, Barsha Heights serves as a hub for business and innovation.

Beyond its commercial prowess, you'll find an abundance of dining spots, cafes, and entertainment venues for residents and professionals alike.

Arabian Ranches (20 minutes away)

Also just a 20-minute drive from DAMAC Lagoons, Arabian Ranches offers a unique blend of living and modern conveniences. 

This well-established community is famous for its Spanish-inspired architecture and a central golf course.

Residents here enjoy a range of family-friendly amenities, including schools, parks, a retail center, and equestrian facilities. It creates an ideal haven for those seeking a harmonious lifestyle.

Dubai Marina (25 minutes away)

A mere 25-minute drive separates Lagoons DAMAC from the iconic Dubai Marina. It’s a bustling waterfront community famous for its striking skyscrapers, marina promenades, and vibrant nightlife.

The Marina offers an array of trendy eateries, boutiques, and recreational options. There’s also an expansive canal walkway.

With its elegant urban atmosphere and proximity to the beach, Dubai Marina presents an exciting and luxurious way of life.

Shopping Extravaganza in DAMAC Lagoons

Calling all shopaholics! Damac Lagoons is a dream come true for shopping enthusiasts. From Lagoons malls to supermarkets and shops, you're in retail therapy heaven.

Looking for a shopping fix? The Dubai Mall, a shopping paradise with 1,300 stores, is just a quick 20-minute drive away.

Luxury brands, global goodies, and a plethora of dining options await your exploration. Don't forget about Dubai Festival City Mall – another hotspot. It’s the place where retail treasures and delicious treats are served.

Lagoons beach

Restaurants in Damac Lagoons

Foodies, get ready to indulge! Damac Lagoons restaurants offer a world of flavors to satisfy your cravings. From international cuisine to fast food delights and local dishes– it's all here.

Countless restaurants and cafes are ready to tantalize your taste buds. Some even offer outdoor seating with breathtaking views that will steal your heart.

Restaurants in Damac Lagoons

Entertainment in Damac Lagoons

When the sun sets, the party begins! Damac Lagoons Dubai knows how to keep the fun going. Nearby, you'll find nightclubs for dancing, cinemas for movie lovers, and theaters for those who enjoy a bit of drama.

If a relaxed evening is more your style, bars and lounges are just a short drive away. Night owls, rejoice!

Nearby Beaches

Just a stone's throw away from Damac Lagoons, you'll find some truly stunning beaches in Dubai. A short drive will take you to the renowned Dubai Marina and Jumeirah beaches. These beaches are famous for their crystal-clear waters and breathtaking views.

One of the top favorites is Jumeirah Beach, a 20-minute car ride from Damac Lagoons. This beach offers exciting water activities. You can take part in jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides. And when hunger strikes, don't worry – there are restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Dubai Marina Beach is approximately 15 minutes away. It is known for its variety of water sports and vibrant atmosphere.

Adding more, these beaches are a hub of energy. You'll also find restaurants and cafes lining the beach, perfect for a quick bite or a refreshing drink.

Jumeirah beach


DAMAC Lagoons Dubai offers a captivating Mediterranean atmosphere. The area surrounds picturesque villas and townhouses with a sprawling man-made lagoon. Located just 15 minutes from Dubai Marina, the community provides a seamless connection to key areas.

Residents can indulge in a water-centric lifestyle, enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, access top-notch health facilities, and relish diverse dining and shopping experiences. DAMAC Lagoons presents an enticing blend of luxury and natural beauty.


What is DAMAC Lagoons Dubai?

DAMAC Lagoons Dubai is a residential community surrounded by luxury villas and townhouses, designed around a large man-made lagoon.

What are the popular sub communities within DAMAC Lagoons Dubai?

DAMAC Lagoons Dubai features eight distinct subcommunities, and the famous one includes Morocco, Venice, Costa Brava, Portofino, Malta, and Andalusia.

What types of properties are available in DAMAC Lagoons?

Lagoons Dubai offers luxurious villas and stylish townhouses ranging from 3 to 6 bedrooms.