Driving Rental Cars to Prevent Accidents

Driving Rental Cars to Prevent Accidents

Whether you are renting a car in U.A.E or somewhere else you have the additional responsibility of making sure that not only you and your loved ones are safe but also the car that you are renting. We offer some incredibly helpful advice in this post to make sure that you your loved ones, and the rental car are all safe and secure.

Do not use your phone while driving

You should try to drive without using a phone as much as possible. We have observed that a lot of accidents happen when passengers, particularly the driver end up utilizing their cell phone in United Arab Emirates as well as most other parts of the world.


Reduce the volume of the music

Another major error that a lot of drivers make is to play their music significantly too loudly when operating a vehicle especially when renting one. This is definitely not a good habit. Always make an effort to ensure that the volume of the music playing on your car's stereo does not interfere with hearing outside noises. Only then will you have complete control over your car and be conscious of your surroundings.

Driving after intoxication is not permitted at all

You probably already know that drinking is strongly frowned upon in the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai. Now, your misbehavior multiplies when you drive after drinking. This is especially true if you use a rented car in Dubai. Therefore you should never drink and drive everywhere in the globe not just in Abu Dhabi.

Drive only when you are truly competent

If you do not know how to drive, you should never get behind the wheel. This rule is especially important when driving a rental car because your liability in the event of an accident is larger.

Before making a rental car reservation

The two most important things to consider when making a rental car reservation are finding a reasonable value and figuring out your insurance strategy. To learn more about your current rental car coverage contact your insurance company and credit card travel protection. Add additional automobile rental coverage to your travel insurance policy when you purchase it if you require it. To find out if your coverage includes rental automobiles where you are going contact your road service provider.

Consider packing a tiny flashlight or headlamp. If you pick up your rental car at night you will need this to explore. Keep a camera with a flash in your carry-on as well we shall explain.

Prior to leaving the parking lot

Once you have located a rental automobile you should confirm that you would not be held accountable for someone else's damage and that the vehicle is reasonably secure and well maintained.


Take pictures of each panel as you walk around the vehicle. Make a note of any damage if you find it on your documents. If the car rental company later tries to blame you for damage the images will be useful.

Verify the types visually to make sure they are properly inflated and that there are no obvious signs of uneven tread wear that would point to an issue with the car. Look at the odometer if it reads more than 25,000 miles, it qualifies as a senior rental car, and you should be wary of it. The very last thing you want when trying to enjoy an experience like hiring a car in United Arab Emirates is a traffic accident.

At Speedy Drive we constantly make sure to conduct extensive checks and balances on the people with whom we rent our vehicles to make sure that absolutely nothing terrible occurs under any circumstances.