Dubai's most picturesque car photoshoot location

Dubai's most picturesque car photoshoot location

Dubai - In the Eyes of a Car Photographer: A blog about the many photo-shoot locations in Dubai and why it's important to rent a car in Dubai when you are visiting. Dubai is a city full of surprises. There are many amazing things to do in Dubai, that you may want to stay a while longer. One such thing is car photo-shoot locations in Dubai. With its strong tourism infrastructure, Dubai is home to some of the best car photo-shoot locations in the entire world! Car photo-shoots are the most popular today.

Best car photo-shoot locations in Dubai

 Almost every car brand wants to show their models with perfect and luxurious scenery, so they choose perfect places where you can shoot those cars. Dubai is full of such beautiful and luxurious places that are good for shooting. Dubai is an excellent place to visit. Our city is full of marvelous places where you can take a lot of interesting photos. 

Dubai is a beautiful place to shoot cars. There are many places in Dubai where you can take beautiful photos of your car. Here are some of the best car photo-shoot locations in Dubai:

  1. Jumeirah Beach Park
  2. The Palm Jumeirah
  3. Burj Al Arab Hotel
  4. Downtown Dubai
  5. Sheikh Zayed Road
  6. miracle garden 
  7. Alserkal avenue  
  8. Dubai marina


 Jumeirah beach park

Jumeirah Beach Park is one of the top Dubai vacation locations mostly used for photo-shooting and or memorable family gathering moments. Located on the north end of Jumeirah Beach Road and due to its location it is often called as Jumeirah Beach Park. 

The palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is one of the most beautiful places to go for a car photoshoot location in Dubai. This place is so amazing that it will give a nice and soothing feel to your photos. Palm Jumeirah is a massive project that is shaped much like the palm tree and contains over 300 buildings. With individual buildings held between 11 and 15 floors and some of the buildings being at least 60 stories tall, there are plenty of amazing photo opportunities in Palm Jumeirah!

Burj al Arab

Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious skyscrapers in Dubai. It's also known as the most beautiful hotel in the Middle east. People come here to take amazing pictures and shoot film. There are many places to take pictures in Burj al Arab, but today i want to talk about 3 most popular spots. The Burj Al Arab is a hotel in Dubai and the most famous of the seven wonders in Dubai. The hotel has been the stage for numerous fashion photo-shoots due to its futuristic looks and luxurious interior which can be seen on Instagram. Dubai is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world where you can find all kinds of entertainment, rides and experiences.

Dubai downtown

Dubai downtown and the surrounding areas are photographed extensively because of the mix of architectures and skyscrapers. A number of beautiful buildings and malls have been built for our own enjoyment. Because of this, there are always people who look for places to shoot. The old town is a huge attraction for these types of people as it has so much to offer as far as locations go.

Sheikh Zeyad road

Sheikh Bayed road is a very popular place for car photo-shooting in Dubai. This road has a good location for photo-shooting with easy access to reach or exit from anywhere. With rental car Dubai If you are considering taking pictures of Dubai for your blog or for client web sites, then following Sheikh Zayed road is a great idea. Located in downtown Dubai this street is full of places to capture photos of people and anything as that suits your purpose.

Miracle garden

As much as we would love to believe that Dubai is one big Mad Max-esque desert wasteland, the truth is it's actually a pretty green place. A quick view of the Miracle Garden car photo-shoot locations in Dubai will reveal this. Miracle garden is one of the most famous places in Dubai, it is a popular destination for people visiting Dubai having rental luxury cars or who live here. It has become an iconic attraction and bridges the gap between art and nature. 

Dubai marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most famous areas in the city. Also called ‘the creek side’, the Dubai Marina area is surrounded by skyscrapers and yachts. So it's not surprising that some of the best pictures taken here are those with a luxury car rental. If you're planning to get your car photographed in Dubai, this place is ideal for photography. The parking area features ample space, excellent location and great access to public transport. There are many places to take pictures in Dubai with luxury car rentals.