Explore COVID Rules for Driving Cars in Dubai

Explore COVID Rules for Driving Cars in Dubai

Many safety guidelines have been introduced in the first-ever lockdown due to Covid-19. The COVID cases were comparatively lower than today's number during that time. However, as the COVID cases continue to rise in UAE, authorities are making an effort to reduce its spread. They are back at implementing services for car rent to airport for easiness.  Abu Dhabi is one of the culturally rich and awe-inspiring destinations in Dubai. It has remained safe from the pandemic. That is why the officials have allowed open visits for tourists in the city. How should you keep yourself safe while travelling? Find out about the procedures here: 

Guidelines to Drive Safely in Dubai

Different punishments and fines have been introduced by the state officials of the United Arab Emirates. It is to restrict the violation of COVID safety guidelines. The list of fines has been updated by the authority. The penalties include several measures. For instance, it has been stated that only a specific amount of people are permitted in one vehicle. The number of people in each type of vehicle has been mentioned by the UAE Attorney-General. A bike rider is supposed to ride alone. Riding on the backside with the driver will lead to a violation of rules. This will attract fines. The bike riders are fined Aed 3,000 for violating the limit.  Vehicles like pick-up trucks are only allowed to accommodate two persons; driver and one passenger only. A car rental near me companies noticed that each car can have three passenger’s maximum. However, this rule doesn’t necessarily apply to family members, domestic help, and second-degree relatives.  If you are driving alone in the vehicle, you are authorised to take off your safety mask. The rule is the same for family members and relatives or if you are seeking domestic help. They are allowed not to wear masks inside the vehicle. 

Safety Requirements While Traveling in Vehicles:

What are safety and epidemic prevention guidelines while using the Dubai tour vehicle? Some of the points are mentioned below:

  • Try to plan your bus trips and avoid rush hours
  • Avoid going out unnecessarily during the period of pandemic
  • Avoid too much talking with drives
  • Follow the SOPs and instructions of station supervisors
  • Avoid using Dubai Bus if you feel sick
  • Don’t try to enter or crowd around the bus when it is full 

Who is allowed to Enter Dubai in their Vehicles?

Under the lockdown and curfew conditions, the authorities have allowed the entry of both private and public vehicles. You are allowed to drive without any restriction or need for an e-pass. However, few states have made it mandatory to have a certificate as proof of your vaccination. Otherwise, your entrance into those states can be disrupted. 

Major Rules of Driving in Personal Vehicles in Dubai:

There is no need for an E-pass if you're travelling interstate or intrastate. But, don't forget to wear your mask in your vehicle. It is also advisable to have a sanitizer with you all the time.

Final Verdict

The third wave of Corona Virus, i.e. Omicron Variant, has begun to spread in the world. The health management teams are struggling again to control the virus from dispersing. Restrictions have been imposed, including curfews and lockdown on weekends. The strictness of restrictions depends upon the number of positive cases in each state.