explore dubai with chauffeured luxury

explore dubai with chauffeured luxury

Dubai is a huge city with different sections. Anyone who has visited Dubai appreciates the way the city is designed and built. Dubai is known for its luxury and for this reason, it attracts high profile individuals and families from all over the world. If you are one of those high-profile individuals, who prefer comfort ability and convenience, you need to understand that driving a car in Dubai can come with some new set of challenges, regarding parking or driving in rush hour. In this article we will be focusing on tips to follow when driving  or renting a car in Dubai.


Valid driving license

 More than a 14 million cars are driven on road as in United Arab Emirates every day and among them who have valid driving license. If you are planning to drive a car in Dubai, then you must have considered getting a valid driver license. Buying a car and rent a car  giving that responsibility to someone in UAE is not the best choice. It is a better option to hire a driver for yourself if you do not want to turn the steering wheel yourself.

Get accustomed to the roads

Dubai has comparatively planned roads. There are lots floating systems to make the surroundings more travelers and visitors friendly. If you intend to drive a car or rent a car  in Dubai, then don't anticipate a smooth sailing experience. Dubai is a fast city, with a fast-paced life style to match.   One of the things that would keep you out of trouble while driving and give you an edge over the local drivers is the GPS feature and learning the routes.

Understand Dubai traffic rules

Dubai as a place, is known for a lot of things and also popular for one thing that is its Traffic Rules . This article will give you the details of Dubai Traffic rules that are to be followed while driving your car in Dubai.  This will not only work as handy information for tourists coming to Dubai but also drivers living and working in Dubai.

Know about the speed limits

Dubai is extremely modern and luxurious city with so many attractions, things to see and do. Anyone can get lost in Dubai if they drive even for a few days. On the road, you will encounter different cars, trucks and other vehicles in reckless speed. There are some important tips that are not given much importance but they play an important role while you drive your car or rent car in Dubai.      

Like a law-abiding citizen, you follow the speed limits set by respective authorities. But, do you know how much you're risking your life if you're driving above or below the standards? Be it a traffic cop or an automated system, there are a number of speed deterrents all around us.

Always carry your salik card

Always Carry A Salik Card In Your Car While Driving In Dubai Are you new to Dubai and still trying to grasp the working of public transport and other services? Well if you are not used to it, then it is alright. It is not that difficult to register for the Salik card which will make things easier for you if you drive through the streets of Dubai.    

When you have this Salik Card with you it means the world to you. It is considered as one of the most important identification card in Dubai as it helps people to go through the trip with ease and convenience. This benefit can only be enjoyed from the registered drivers in Dubai.

Check the tinting on the car window

We spend a lot of our money on vehicles, cars, and calling cabs. We do so because we want to be safe and secure. The latter leads me to my following tip: check the tinting on the car window, especially if you're a driver.       Tinted glasses on a car can cause some problems for the driver, specially in Dubai where we have very hot weather. .


This article is related to car driving or renting  tips in Dubai. It provides some valuable information to all the new as well as experienced drivers in Dubai that how they can zip up the traffic jams. Dubai is considered as a progressive city and its roads are highly congested so one has to follow given suggestions if he/she wants to reach destination on time.