Four Typical Fuel Policies for Rental Cars in Dubai

Four Typical Fuel Policies for Rental Cars in Dubai

The fuel policy for your rental car in Dubai can be a big factor in determining the cost of your trip. You need to consider the cost of fuel, convenience, and time before you choose. Make sure to check our blog for informative and knowledgeable content. 

Here are four typical fuel policies for rental cars 

Full to Full

Full to Full is a fuel policy where the car is returned with the same amount of fuel as it was picked up with. This means that no extra charges will be applied to your rental, and you will not need to worry about any fuel surcharges or insurance surcharges that can add up when you return the vehicle. It’s also important to note that Full-to-Full does not include any type of discount or rebate on your rental; however, there are still ways to save money when renting a car in Dubai.   

Full-to-Full policies are typically used by businesses because they offer more flexibility over business/leisure travel options. The lack of discounts makes this policy ideal for businesses who want their employees travelling safely but at a lower cost than other policies provide.



Full to Empty

The car is returned with the same amount of fuel as when it was rented. This option is useful for customers who want to avoid paying for fuel, but also want to leave their rental cars with a full tank. 


A customer can choose to either return their car with less or more fuel than they received at the start of their trip. The benefit of this policy is that it provides flexibility, allowing you to keep your costs down if your trip length exceeds what you expected or find yourself driving farther than planned during travel in Dubai. 

Full to Half

For Rental cars, you will receive the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and must return it with a half-tank. You pay for the fuel you use. You can choose to rent a car without any fuel in it, but this will cost more than our other options.   

There are two ways that we can do this

Full to Half

 You will receive your car rental with its original amount of fuel at pick up, then return it with half of its original amount at drop off. For example: If you rent a car that has an original capacity of 40 litres/10 gallons, at pick-up time (when there is no petrol in your tank) we would put 20 litres/5 gallons into your tank so when you drive away from our office building there should be 20 litres/5 gallons left in your engine's reservoir (to avoid damage).

 When returning to us after being used by you over some duration time period - i.e., one week - we'd like for all remaining petrol inside our car's reservoir tank(s) (i e., 60% full) plus however much has been consumed during those days' usage (i e., around 15%) so together they both equal 75%. We'll deduct that from what was left over originally when picking up. what we've offered as payment against having kept hold on top quality cars while also giving customers flexibility.   

Half to Half

The half to half policy is the most common fuel policy in Dubai. Under this policy, car rental companies will provide you with a vehicle that has less than half a tank of fuel and then charge you for one full tank of fuel when you return it. This means that if your reservation was for three days, then by the time your rental is over, there will be no more than two days left on the first tank of gas.

   In addition to being convenient for motorists who want to avoid having to fill up their own cars at fuel stations after leaving them for long periods of time without driving them much because some people do not like spending their free time doing things like going out in search of an open station where they can refuel their car or truck (or any other kind), this system also has some advantages from an environmental perspective:

 since there are fewer cars on the road in general during these periods due primarily to holidays such as Eid Al Adha (which occurs twice every year) and Ramadan; there are also fewer cars running around town overall which means less pollution generated by cars' exhaust pipes when they're idling at traffic lights waiting patiently behind other cars before changing lanes again once they've gotten past those red lights already blinking incessantly overhead--these factors contribute significantly towards making Dubai one place where air quality levels tend not only stay relatively low compared with other cities worldwide but also improve over time thanks largely in part because everyone takes advantage whenever possible when given opportunities like these! 

Half to Empty

 Half to Empty is a fuel policy in Dubai that offers you the chance to return the car with half a tank of fuel. This fuel policy is not available for any other Emirate or other locations within the UAE.   

The Half To Empty Fuel Policy only applies to certain car types and makes, including:

  • Newer Cars (less than 3 years old)
  • Sedans (excluding SUVs)
  • Cars with Automatic Transmission

  When booking a car from any car rental, pay attention to the fuel policy.   The fuel policy of your rental car is an important decision because it will determine how much you pay for the car's usage. Most rental companies offer four different types of fuel policies:   

Full to empty

This is the most common policy and it limits drivers to using all of the gas that is put in their tank at pick-up, before they return it with a full tank. It's also the most economical option if you're planning on driving a lot during your trip—but there are two things to consider before opting for this one: First, be careful not to overfill your tank at pick-up because some rental companies charge extra fees for more than 100% consumption; second, some cars have low maximum miles per gallon ratings and can't operate efficiently beyond their specifications.* 

Full/half - Half/full - Half/Half 

These three options are best suited for short-term rentals (less than 10 days) since they don't require any additional payments when returning the car at its end.* 


Drivers who opt for this type of policy have nothing else but themselves (and maybe a few friends) stopping them from filling up their tanks before returning them empty!   


 The fuel policy is one of the most important conditions when hiring your car. By carefully checking the details of the policy, you can avoid problems and additional charges. Fuel policies differ amongst car rental agencies. It is in your best advantage to understand the fuel policy of the car you are renting. We are happy with the openness we have in our fuel rules, which we comply with at all times.