I.  Introduction

II. Popular Buildings in The Greens

III. Schools And Universities in The Greens

IV. Nearby Beaches

V. Shopping Malls in The Greens

VI. Restaurants in Greens Dubai

VII. Transportation and Parking Spots in The Greens

VIII. Healthcare Facilities in The Greens

IX. Churches, Temples, And Mosques in The Greens

X. Properties in The Greens

XI. Conclusion




The Greens is a part of the green community in the middle of the city. Emaar's Emirates Living Project includes Views, Springs, Lakes, Meadows Dubai, and Emirates Hills. The Greens Dubai by Emaar is made up of 10 complexes with 40 low-rise apartment buildings. It is in a well-established area that is close to Barsha Heights and The Views, which is a plus. The community's great location is something that many of its residents like. It is right on Sheikh Zayed Road, E11, and it is easy to get to Al Khail Road, E44. Popular public transportation stops are also a short walk away from the neighbourhood. One of the places near Internet City Metro Station is The Greens, which is a 3-minute drive away.


Dubai's Healthy Greens has a shopping centre and lifestyle amenities. This neighbourhood is perfect for both single people and families. It is well-established, and the homes are set in lush greenery and are priced well.


the greens

Popular Buildings in The Greens

Popular Greens Dubai buildings have unique features, convenient amenities, and comfortable living spaces. The Greens' most popular buildings are explained below:


 Al Ghaf
  •  Al Ghaf: Al Ghaf is well-liked for its spacious apartments and well-maintained facilities. It offers a range of apartment sizes, making it suitable for various living needs.
  • Al Nakheel: This building is popular due to its convenient location and scenic views. Residents appreciate its comfortable living spaces and easy access to amenities.
  • Al Jaz: Al Jaz is known for its quality construction. It's ideal for peaceful, comfortable living.
  • Al Sidir: Residents love Al Sidir's central location and amenities. The building offers many flat configurations and a strong sense of community.
  • Al Thayyal: Families like Al Thayyal because the apartments are big and the area is nice. Those who value comfort and convenience choose it.
  • Al Samar: Al Samar's modern apartments and well-maintained facilities attract residents. Its style and practicality are known.
  • Al Dhafrah: With a modern design and comfortable layouts, Al Dhafrah is popular. It makes living pleasant.
  • Al Arta: Its amenities attract many to Al Arta. The building offers a variety of apartment sizes and a peaceful lifestyle.
  • Al Ghozlan: Al Ghozlan's community and well-designed apartments make it popular. Residents often appreciate its sense of belonging.
  • Views:  The Views sub-community has beautiful greens, views, and planned infrastructure... It offers different architectural styles and apartment layouts.

Schools And Universities in The Greens

Dubai Greens have many schools and universities for its diverse residents. Complete list of Greens education options:


Emirates International School Meadows

This high-quality British curriculum school near The Greens educates KG1–12 students. It focuses on academic excellence and provides a wide range of extracurricular activities.


Emirates International School Meadows

Dubai International Academy

This school offers a holistic education using the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. The academic program is rigorous, and character development is emphasized.

Regent International School

Regent International School offers Foundation Stage to Year 13 with a British curriculum. The school focuses on creating a supportive and nurturing environment for students.

GEMS World Academy Dubai

The IB curriculum at GEMS World Academy promotes global awareness and holistic learning. A well-rounded education promotes critical thinking and creativity.

Victory Heights Primary School

Nearby schools provide reading, numeracy, and other skills utilizing the National Curriculum for England.


While The Greens Emmar emphasizes residential living, several universities are nearby:

Dubai Knowledge Park

Nearby universities, colleges, and training centers make up this free zone. Business, media, IT, and other programs are available.

American University in Dubai (AUD)

Top university AUD offers architecture, engineering, business, and other degrees near The Greens UAE.

Middlesex University Dubai 

This university has many academic and career-focused undergraduate and graduate courses. The campus is near The Greens.

University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD)

 UOWD offers an array of programs, including business, engineering, and information sciences. It's known for its international faculty and commitment to research-driven education.

Heriot-Watt University, Dubai 

Business, engineering, and construction programs are offered at this nearby university. Industry connections and practical education make it famous.

Canadian University, Dubai

Offering Canadian-style education, this university provides programs in business, engineering, architecture, and more. It aims to prepare students for global employment.

Al Dar University College

This college in Dubai Knowledge Park offers law, business, and more. A supportive and engaging learning environment is its goal.

Nearby Beaches

Dubai's Greens neighborhood has easy access to several beautiful beaches. The Greens are near these notable beaches:


JBR Beach (Jumeirah Beach Residence Beach)

JBR Beach is a popular beach with sandy shores and a lively environment a short drive away. The wide promenade with restaurants, cafes, and shops is ideal for beachfront walks.


JBR Beach (Jumeirah Beach Residence Beach)


Kite Beach

Kite surfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking are popular at Kite Beach near The Greens. The beach has jogging tracks, volleyball courts, and food trucks.


La Mer

This beachfront destination offers a relaxed and trendy environment. For relaxing beachgoers, La Mer is a favorite due to its stunning views and laid-back vibe. It has many restaurants, shops, and entertainment options.


Nikki Beach Dubai

Nikki Beach is a luxury beach club with a beautiful beach. Upscale beach parties, live music, and stylish lounging areas make it more enjoyable.


Black Palace Beach

Black Palace Beach is a hidden gem for quieter, more secluded beachgoers. It offers a serene environment, clear waters, stunning greens And Views Dubai skyline.


Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach offers stunning Greens views of the sun setting behind the Burj Al Arab. It's a peaceful location ideal for picnics, beach photography, and enjoying the view.


Jumeirah Public Beach

White sand, clear waters, showers, playgrounds, and shade make Jumeirah Public Beach popular.


Ain Dubai Beach

Bluewaters Island's beach overlooks Ain Dubai, the world's largest observation wheel. It's nice to relax by the water and admire the scenery.


Royal Beach

This luxurious private beach on Palm Jumeirah overlooks the Arabian Gulf. The Palm's luxury hotels and resorts are associated with it.


Cove Beach

Cove Beach is a beach club with a relaxed vibe. It has stylish lounges, music, and beachside dining.

Shopping Malls in The Greens

Dubai Greens are residential, but several malls and retail centers are nearby. These malls offer residents and visitors shopping, dining, and entertainment. Some notable shopping malls near The Greens:

Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of the Emirates, Dubai's most famous shopping mall, is a short drive away. Ski Dubai has an indoor ski resort, luxury restaurants, and a large hypermarket.

Ibn Battuta Mall

This unique themed mall is also accessible from The Greens. Ibn Battuta's travels inspired its retail, dining, and entertainment sections.

Dubai Marina Mall

Near The Greens, Dubai Marina Mall offers casual fashion, lifestyle, and dining. It overlooks the Dubai Marina and offers waterfront dining.

The Walk at JBR

A popular outdoor retail and dining promenade, The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is not a mall. It offers a unique beach shopping experience with shops, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants.

City Center Me'aisem

This nearby community mall has shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and entertainment. It's a convenient place for residents to shop for daily necessities.

Meadows Souk

Meadows retail center offers The Greens and nearby resident's shops, cafes, and services.

The Springs Souk

The Springs Greens Souk offers retail and dining to The Greens and nearby residents.

Al Barsha Mall

A short drive away, Al Barsha green mall dubai contains many stores, and restaurants, 

The Pointe

The Pointe on Palm Jumeirah has shops and waterfront dining for shopping and leisure.

Bluewaters Island

The Arabian Gulf-view shops, eating, and bridge connect Bluewaters Island to The Greens.

Restaurants in Green Dubai

Dubai's Greens neighborhood have many restaurants for all tastes. Here are several eateries in The Greens and nearby:



Nando's serves South African-inspired casual dining with its delicious peri-peri chicken.

  • Cost for 2 persons: AED 200
  • Timing: MONDAY 8 am - 12 am
  • Contact Number: +971 600 542525

Certo Italian Restaurant

Certo serves pasta, pizza, and traditional Italian dishes in a cozy setting.

  • Cost For 2 Persons: AED 350
  • Timing: 12–11 pm
  • Contact Number: +971 4 366 9187


Wagamama, a popular Japanese restaurant, serves delicious noodles and rice.

  • Cost for 2 Persons:  AED 225 
  • Timing: 12 pm–12:30 am
  • Contact Number: +971 4 361 5757

P.F. Chang's: 

Contemporary Asian restaurant P.F. Chang's serves Chinese-inspired dishes with unique flavors.

  • Cost for 2 Persons: AED 280 
  • Timing: 11 am–12 am
  • Contact Number: +971 4 315 3626

Sumo Sushi & Bento

Sushi fans go to Sumo for sushi rolls, bento boxes, and Japanese-inspired cuisine.

  • Cost for 2 Persons:  AED 190
  • Timing: 11:30 am - 9:30 pm
  • Contact Number: +971 800 7866

Transportation and Parking Spots in The Greens

Dubai Greens residents have easy transportation and plenty of parking. The Greens' transport and parking information:


Transportation and Parking Spots in The Greens


Dubai's Greens community has many transportation options for residents. A quick overview of transport options:


Road Network 

The Greens are near Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road, making Dubai accessible.


Public Transport

The Greens are not walkable to Dubai Internet City Metro Station, but it is taxi-able. From there, you can connect to the wider Dubai Metro network.



The Dubai bus network serves The Greens for convenient local and citywide travel. Check bus routes and schedules to plan your journeys.



Taxis are available in The Greens and can be hailed or booked using ride-hailing apps. Taxis are flexible and efficient for local and long-distance transportation.



Dubai residents can use Uber and Careem for convenient transportation.



Cycling is encouraged within The Greens, with designated pathways and green areas. You can also use bike-sharing services available in parts of Dubai.



Walking is easy and enjoyable in The Greens due to its pathways and pavements.


Parking Spaces

Residents of Dubai's The Greens have many parking options. A brief overview of parking spaces: 


Residential Parking

 Most apartment buildings in Emaar Greens provide dedicated parking spaces for residents. These parking areas are secure and well-located.


Visitor Parking

 Some buildings offer designated visitor parking areas, allowing guests to park without inconvenience.


Street Parking

The community has street parking for visitors and those without parking. However, be sure to adhere to parking regulations to avoid fines.


Public Parking

The nearby public parking facilities can provide additional parking. Dubai's smart parking system offers various payment options for ease of use.


Paid Parking Zones

Some areas in The Greens may have paid parking zones during certain hours. Be aware of the signage and payment requirements.


Parking Regulations

Be aware of parking regulations and times to avoid inconvenience and ensure compliance.

Healthcare Facilities in The Greens

The Dubai Greens community has many healthcare services to meet residents' requirements. Healthcare alternatives in and around The Greens:


Healthcare Facilities in The Greens


The Greens and nearby hospitals offer general medical consultations and modest disease treatment.


The community is near hospitals that treat many medical illnesses and emergencies.


Pharmacies are available, offering prescription medications, over-the-counter remedies, and healthcare products.

Medical Centers

The Greens have medical centers that provide diagnostics, consultations, and preventive treatment.

Emergency Services

Emergency hospitals and clinics nearby provide 24/7 care for unexpected medical problems.

Health Insurance

Many Greensboro and Dubai hospitals take health insurance and provide excellent service.

Wellness Services

Wellness centers include medical care, fitness training, nutrition counseling, and holistic therapies.

Virtual Health Services

Telemedicine and virtual consultations allow citizens to get medical advice remotely.

Health and Safety Measures

Green Dubai hospitals prioritize safety and clean the environment according to worldwide health requirements.

Churches, Temples, And Mosques in The Greens

Dubai residents in The Greens have access to diverse worship spaces. An overview of The Greens' churches, temples, and mosques:


The Dubai Greens community has several churches for worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth. Churches in The Greens and nearby areas 


Emirates Baptist Church

This Dubai Marina church offers Christian worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth.


Jebel Ali Church

This Jebel Ali Village church welcomes Christian worship and community activities.



 The Dubai Greens community has many temples. Near The Greens abu dhabi, 


Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir Dubai

Shirdi Sai Baba devotees gather at this temple in Dubai's Al Quoz neighborhood. It offers peace for prayer and meditation.


Sri Shiva Temple Dubai

This Lord Shiva temple in Bur Dubai hosts Hindu religious and cultural events.



The Greens community in Dubai has many mosques for Muslims. Here are the mosques in and around The Greens:


Al Salam Mosque

Al Salam Mosque

Al Salam Mosque in The Greens allows Muslims to pray and connect with their faith. 


Al Rahim Mosque

Muslim residents worship and socialize at Al Rahim Mosque in The Greens.


Jumeirah Mosque

Dubai's most famous mosque, Jumeirah, teaches Islamic culture and architecture to non-Muslims.


Ibn Battuta Gate Mosque

This Ibn Battuta Gate mosque offers Jebel Ali residents and visitors spiritual refuge.

Properties in The Greens

The Dubai Greens are popular with modern and comfortable homes. The community has properties for all tastes and lifestyles. The Greens' properties are listed below:


Properties in The Greens

Apartment Complexes

Most of The Greens' properties are apartment complexes with different sizes and layouts.


Apartment Complexes

Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are functional and small, perfect for singles or couples.


Studio Apartments

1-Bedroom Apartments

These apartments have a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and sometimes a balcony.

2-Bedroom Apartments

2-bedroom apartments provide flexibility for small families or individuals seeking more space.

3-Bedroom Apartments

These apartments suit large families with multiple bedrooms, large living areas, and balconies.

Modern Interiors

The Greens properties have modern interiors with high-quality finishes, stylish fixtures, and fittings.


Some apartments have balconies for relaxing and enjoying the community's greenery.

Gated Communities

Certain complexes offer gated entrances, adding an extra layer of security and privacy.


Many properties are pet-friendly, catering to residents who have furry companions.

Lifestyle Amenities

Some complexes offer additional amenities such as barbecue areas, lounges, and entertainment spaces.

Scenic Views

Residents may see lush landscapes, parks, or the city skyline, depending on location.

Secure Environment

The Greens prioritize safety and security, ensuring a peaceful living environment for residents.

Rental and Ownership

Residents of The Greens can rent or own properties, giving them more living options.

Modern Urban Living

The community's modern infrastructure and amenities offer a comfortable and convenient urban lifestyle.


Rental Trends in The Greens, Dubai


Apartment Type

Average Rental Price in AED









Sale Trends in The Greens


Apartment Type

Average Sale Price in AED










The Greens, a rising Dubai community, has modern residences, green spaces, and facilities. People can choose studios or huge apartments that suit their needs and interests. The green park promotes wellness, while Dubai's well-kept mosques, temples, and churches display The Greens near major roads, public transportation, commercial centers, and various cuisines. Residents can satisfy every need at international and local restaurants.

Organized events encourage neighbors to socialize and create enduring friendships. The Greens are a modern urban lifestyle that balances accessibility.

Dubai's Greens are welcoming, comfortable, and vibrant neighborhoods that meet their inhabitants' needs. The Greens' amazing houses, green spaces, and benefits attract clever residents seeking balance.


What are The Greens? 

Popular Dubai neighborhood The Greens includes modern homes, green spaces, and community amenities.

What types of properties are available in The Greens?

The Greens provide studios, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments for different family sizes 

Are there religious places of worship in The Greens? 

The Greens contain mosques, Hindu temples, and Christian churches nearby.

Are there restaurants in The Greens? 

Restaurants in The Greens serve a range of cuisines to suit different preferences.

How is transportation in The Greens? 

The Greens have nearby major roads, buses, taxis, and Dubai Metro stations.

How can I engage with the community in The Greens? 

The Greens host community events that help neighbors bond.