How to Pick a Rental Car in Dubai

How to Pick a Rental Car in Dubai

One of the world's most distinctive cities, Dubai, is quite simple to explore with a rental automobile. You can freely explore Dubai and travel to other UAE regions if you rent a car in Dubai. Taxis will also cost you much less! To make the most of your time in this amazing city, check out these Great Dubai suggestions for renting a car in Dubai.


Dubai's Car Rental Benefits

Dubai is very much a driving city, so owning a car will help you make the most of your time there and also help you save a ton of money on transportation and taxis. Since there are many rental car agencies in Dubai, the costs are quite affordable by global standards, and the vehicles themselves are of excellent quality. We've rented automobiles in Dubai several times, and we've always found them to be incredibly practical for exploring the entire city. A rental car can help you make the most of your stay in Dubai, whether you want to go for afternoon tea at the Burj Al Arab, shop at the Dubai mall, or see the Burj Khalifa. Renting a car in Dubai also makes it simple to travel to other UAE locations, such as Abu Dhabi and its Grand Mosque or the breathtaking Al Ain Oasis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Organizing a rental vehicle

Renting a car in Dubai is normally not too pricey. This is especially true if you reserve your automobile far enough ahead of time to lock in the best rates. The vehicle is king in Dubai due to its size and infrastructure, so you'll need one to get around. If you plan to explore the city, renting a car will likely save you money on taxis, private cars, and excursions, which can quickly mount up. We love taking road trips, and we've driven rental cars in approximately 50 different nations, so we have a lot of experience doing so. We advise making your automobile reservation through Great Dubai sell/ They have a terrific selection of providers and very affordable prices, in our opinion. The flexibility that comes with having a rental car in Dubai is that you may go wherever you want, whenever you want. Additionally, it lowers the price of taxis and airport transfers and expands the range of available lodging.


Which kind of car should you buy?

Any rental car option will work for you because Dubai has great roads. The number of people in your party and the amount of luggage you are bringing determine the size of your car in major part. A smaller economy automobile will do if you only intend to do some light city driving in Dubai; nevertheless, due to the city's traffic, you might end up being stuck in your vehicle for longer than you anticipated. We've leased a variety of vehicles in Dubai, from small 44 jeeps to large saloons, and we found the bigger vehicles to be considerably more comfortable. Dubai offers reasonably priced car rentals by international standards, and the more spacious, upscale vehicles we drove were far more comfortable and had better air conditioning than the more affordable vehicles. We typically rent a larger vehicle because it's so much more comfortable in the Dubai environment and they are only a little more expensive. When renting a car in Dubai, make sure the air conditioning is working properly. Even in the winter, temperatures in Dubai are in the upper 20s °C, with summer temperatures typically averaging 41 °C/100 °F. If your rental automobile has decent AC, your comfort will go up significantly!


Expenses, insurance, and CDW

You might think about adding an additional protection to lower your liability in the event that your car is damaged because car rentals in Dubai often only cover third-party damage by default. To remove any excess that you will be responsible for in the event of an accident or accidental damage, this typically takes the form of a daily fee for a CDW (collision damage waiver). If you have a credit card with travel advantages, you might find that optional vehicle rental insurance is covered under these benefits. For your peace of mind, we always make sure to have complete insurance and add this to the total price of the rental. We advise full coverage to everyone looking to hire a car because it eliminates the stress about additional fees and is typically much quicker when you return your car! When you reserve your vehicle you may add the entire insurance package. This prevents any price surprises when you go to pick up your rental car, which is incredibly helpful. Check with your credit card company before you fly to see if the CDW is covered. Make sure your card provider offers rental coverage in Dubai There is a requirement to drive on the right side of the road. Driving in Dubai is done on the right side of the road, much like it is in most of Europe and the USA.


Foreign nationals may rent automobiles in Dubai

Yes, Dubai allows foreign tourists to rent automobiles. In Dubai, drivers must be at least 18 years old, but foreign tourists must be at least 21 to rent a car in the UAE.  





  • Even though Dubai has adequate roads and directions are well-marked in Arabic and English, getting where you want to go can still be a little complicated. When driving in Dubai, we strongly advise downloading a navigation app.
  • Finding the entrances to malls and tourist attractions might be challenging due to the road configurations and several lanes. This can make it challenging to follow the road signs since even though you can see where you're heading, the route will actually take you in a different direction. However, using a navigation tool like Google Maps makes it rather simple.
  • Regardless of what you encounter or observe while driving, we advise maintaining your composure and biting your tongue. Avoid getting into verbal fights or making vulgar gestures because both can (and frequently do) land tourists in trouble with the authorities.
  • On the highways surrounding Dubai, you might spot one of the police supercars, which vary from Ferraris to Audi R8s. There are employees at every gas station who can fuel your car without you getting out. Cash is an alternative, though cards were accepted everywhere we've refueled.
  • A distinct official document known as an International Drivers Permit (IDP) is a translation of your actual driver's license into a number of foreign languages. This enables officials in the nation you are traveling to comprehend the actual driving license you possess.
    You must obtain an IDP in your home country before traveling to the UAE if your driver's license is not from one of the nations on the following list.