How to sell products in Dubai for beginners

How to sell products in Dubai for beginners


According to experts, the industry for social media commerce will be worth a stunning USD 3,370 billion by 2028! As a result, you ought to actively promote your goods and services on social media. In the UAE, selling online is regarded as being equivalent to selling from a physical store. You need a business licence in order to carry out either of these. Additionally, they classify selling on social media as an online selling activity.

The UAE government must control the social media commerce market because there are so many social media platforms where people can sell their goods. Your online store serves as your headquarters and is where you promote your business, interact with customers, and sell your goods. Through online marketplaces, there are several ways to market to both current and potential customers. If you're just starting out in e-commerce, you might be wondering things like: Why should I sell .How can I control prices across my Shopify stores. What does it take to expand a business, and how can I ensure that it continues to expand over time.


What options and software should I choose from?

This Great Dubai guide's objective is to address these issues and assist you in comprehending how to start and expand a successful and long-lasting corporation. You'll discover how to start selling, how to make the most of your time, and what factors you can manage to grow your company.

  • How to sell for beginners
  • Figure out what you’ll sell
  • Choose a plan
  • Create an seller account
  • Understand cost structure
  • Learn Seller Central
  • Choose your fulfillment option
  • List your first product
  • Figure out what you’ll sell

Your business plan should outline the kinds of goods you'll sell and how you'll get them. There are a few typical methods of selling.


Arbitrage in retail

Retail arbitrage is when you buy something for less than it is worth and then sell it for more while making money off the difference. Sellers can browse several markets for items that are on sale or clearance, then resell them for a greater price.


Labelled in white

White label products are generic goods with your own brand name or emblem added. White label products can be ordered in bulk, dropped-shipped, or printed as needed. White label items make it simpler for vendors to focus on sales rather than product research. You don't require to have any  experience in manufacturing or product design to market white label goods. Although time-consuming, retailer arbitrage is a good technique to gain quick money. Competitors who sell the same products as resellers are always present. You're trapped with a product if you can't sell it quickly enough, unless you're willing to sell it at a loss.


Personal branding

Using a third-party producer to create branded goods is known as private labelling. Clothing, cosmetics, food, vitamins, skin care, and hair care are among the most popular categories. Markets like Great Dubai are good places to find private label goods.


Affiliate promotion

You can start an affiliate marketing firm if you don't want to deal with finding things to promote. Simply pick the goods you wish to market to your audience and do so using your website, Instagram, or TikTok accounts. You'll receive a special guide from Great Dubai to incorporate in your material. Dropshipping. You never hold things in inventory while dropshipping. An outside party receives the order when someone makes a transaction. After that, the third party fulfils orders and ships goods to the buyer. For dropshippers, the profit margin is very small. The typical dropshipping margin is in the range of 10% and 30%.


Selling your own products

Selling your own goods is another approach to make a profit. To sync inventory and sell items from their own stores, many Shopify store owners will use a free Shopify app. In this manner, you may manage inventory in one location without having to construct various selling plans. Find products that are in high demand and offer a healthy profit margin in a market with little rivalry.


Lists of top sellers

The Best Sellers tab is a terrific resource for finding product suggestions based on what is currently selling well on the website. Make a note of any concepts you come across that seem worthwhile. Among the most popular product categories are books, clothes and accessories, technology, toys, and gaming.