Information about the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization(MOHRE)

Information about the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization(MOHRE)

Table of Contents

1. Overview of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE)

2. Location and timing

3. Roles and responsibilities of MOHRE

4. Services provided by MOHRE for employees

5. Services provided by MOHRE for employers

6. Labor laws and regulations enforced by MOHRE

7. The MOHRE trademarks

8. How to contact and interact with MOHRE

9. Benefits of registering with MOHRE as an employer or employee

10. MOHRE projects

11. Conclusion

12. FAQS

Overview of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE)

MOHRE is an important part of the UAE government. Deals with problems about work and workers. MOHRE protects companies and workers by regulating and enhancing the UAE job market. It helps the economy and society grow by making the workplace fair and open. The MOHRE is in charge of work permits, contracts, rules, and Emiratization, a job plan for the UAE. The Ministry assists with job searches, dispute resolution, and skill development. Optimizes its Mohre inquiry services and practices for the UAE's diverse job market. In short, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization is a very important part of the UAE. Protects workers' rights, promotes UAE migration, and ensures a healthy labor market. The economy and society improve, and all workers are treated equitably.

Location and timing

  • Location: Baghdad Street - Al Qusais - Al Qusais 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Timing: 8 a.m.–3 p.m.

Roles and responsibilities of MOHRE

The UAE's Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) manages labor and workforce. Among its main functions are:

Work Permits and Visas

The MOHRE is in charge of giving foreign workers in the UAE work permits and work visas. Employers need these permits to hire workers from other countries properly.

Labour Contracts 

The MOHRE makes sure that labor contracts follow UAE labor rules. The Ministry is crucial for fair, employer- and employee-friendly Mohre labour contracts.


The MOHRE actively promotes Emiratization, a government project to increase UAE employment. It offers incentives and support to enterprises that hire and train Emiratis.

Labour Law Enforcement

MOHRE ensures that labor laws and rules are followed to protect workers' rights. Pay, working conditions, and labor laws are monitored.

Job Placement Services

The ministry helps UAE job seekers find work. These services help people find suitable jobs. It allows organizations to fill open positions with skilled candidates.

Skills Development

UAE residents and expats can improve their job prospects with MOHRE training.

Services provided by MOHRE for employees

MOHRE projects defend employees' rights and health in the UAE. Here are some of the most important services that MOHRE gives to employees:

Labor Contract Services

MOHRE oversees UAE labor contracts to ensure compliance. Employees can seek help determining their job contract rights and duties.

Wage Protection System (WPS)

The MOHRE enforces the WPS, which requires employers to pay workers' salaries electronically. The method assures timely and accurate wage payments, reducing late or no cost.

Issuance of the Absher Card and Renewal of It

UAE citizens working in the private sector can get an Absher Card, which discounts them.

To get an Absher card, you must:


  • Be Emirati
  • Register your labor card.
  • At least one month of work experience in one place.
  • Join Abu Dhabi Pensions and Retirement Fund or Social Security General Authority.
  • Have transferred three months' wages through the Wages Protection System.

After you have applied, the Mohre app sends the card to you within seven business days. When the card expires, MOHRE immediately renews it in the system. No need to continue.

Salary disputes resolved

MOHRE asks for the following information to make a complaint about salary issues:


  • List of workers at a company
  • Full report on the business
  • Reports from previous checks
  • Plan for putting up a business.
  • The statement in writing

Most WPS MOHRE pay difficulties are resolved in three business days.

Job Placement Services

 MOHRE has job placement services to help people looking for work in the UAE find good jobs. They keep a list of open positions and help people find the right job for them.

Services provided by MOHRE for employers

Companies can use MOHRE services to comply with labor laws in the UAE. Here are some key services offered by MOHRE for employers:

Work Permits and Visa Services

 MOHRE assists employers in obtaining work permits and employment visas for expatriate workers. This service helps employers navigate the legal requirements for hiring foreign employees.

Job Posting and Recruitment Services

MOHRE's job posting and recruitment services help employers locate competent candidates. This service streamlines the hiring process. 

Absent Domestic Worker Report

MOHRE allows employers to report employees who disappear without notice.


  • For that, the employer needs to submit documents such as:
  • A copy of the employer's and worker's passport
  • Worker's residency and visa details
  • An original or a copy of the employer's valid ID card

All emirates except Dubai pay AED 440. Amer centres and the foreigners and residency directorate help Mohre Dubai businesses.

Fine Payment

MOHRE lets employers pay domestic worker fines. For a penalty, employers must:


  • Changes work permits
  • Copy of employer's passport
  • Original employer GCC/resident/investor ID card
  • An authentic employer ID
  • Unused work permit cancellation
  • Provides workplace inspection
  • Updates recruitment system data
  • Trains job seekers
  • Changes PRO card, brokerage agency license, or temporary recruiting licensing
  • fulfills quota requests for businesses with 50 or more employees
  • Checks periodically

Labor laws and regulations enforced by MOHRE

UAE MOHRE creates a wide labor law to protect employees' rights and promote justice. Some of the most important labor laws and rules that MOHRE enforces are:

UAE Labour Law

UAE Labour Law (Federal Law No.. 8 of 1980, regulates employment contracts, salaries, hours, and quitting. It informs employers and employees of their rights and responsibilities.

Wage Protection System (WPS)

The MOHRE's WPS requires employers to pay workers' wages electronically. Cally. With the help of electronic records, this method ensures that employees get paid on time and in full.

Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

MOHRE makes and implements rules about safety and health in the workplace. Safety regulations, checks, and fixes protect workers from job hazards.

Work Permit Regulations

The MOHRE sets the rules for expatriate workers' work permits and job visas. When hiring foreign workers, employers must follow certain rules and processes.

Termination Regulations

The MOHRE defines how and under what conditions employment contracts can be ended. Employer and employee rights are protected once a contract ends.

The MOHRE trademarks

The word Taqyeem

Mohre's Taqyeem improves UAE worker security. Subcontracts and business rights are covered. It also allows work camp registration. Taqyeem helps over 35,000 people.


  •  Location: Al Serkal Building, 16C Street, Port Saeed, Deira, Dubai.
  • Website Address:
  • Contact Number: +97145667485

The Tasheel

Tasheel is MOHRE's online payment and commerce platform for businesses and workers. The government-backed platform handles labor cards, employment permits, missing documents, and contract cancellations.

Mohre Tasheel has Business Bay, Muraqqabat, and Deira service sites.


  • Location: Bay Avenue Mall - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Websiteaddress:
  • Contact Number:+971 4 421 9590

The Twafouq

Twafouq connects employers and workers. It settles disputes by answering legal questions and verifying Mohre's complaint. Fast-track UAE MOHRE dispute centers handle employment issues in 10 days.


  • Location: ٢ - Ras Al Khor Industrial Area - Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Contact Number: +971 2 207 7231

How to contact and interact with MOHRE

The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization has several contact methods. Contacting MOHRE and joining the Ministry:

Official Website 

The UAE labor and employment website ( has materials. Download forms, access online services, and learn about labor law changes.

Customer Service Helpline

MOHRE's customer care hotline can answer questions. Mohre numbers are usually posted on their website but may vary by UAE area.

Online Services Portal

Register for MOHRE's online services portal for jobs, labor contracts, and other services. MOHRE services, paper submissions, and status updates are available online.

Visit MOHRE Offices

MOHRE has UAE-wide offices and support centers. Visit these locations to speak with MOHRE employees. It's fantastic for in-person conversations and difficult questions.

Email Contact

MOHRE's website usually lists official email addresses. Email these sites for inquiries or information. Send the government a professional, easy-to-read email.

Social media

MOHRE may have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Follow or chat with them on these sites for updates, information, and inquiries.

Benefits of registering with MOHRE as an employer or employee MOHRE projects 

Employers and employees in the UAE benefit from MOHRE registration. Good reasons to join MOHRE

Benefits for Employers

  • Legal Compliance: Employers register with MOHRE to comply with UAE labor laws. Avoids labor law violations and fines.
  • Access to Skilled Workforce: MOHRE's job placement services provide knowledgeable workers to companies. Companies can discover suitable employees.
  • Employee Welfare: Safety and fairness increase employee morale and satisfaction in registered firms.
  • Dispute settlement: MOHRE's dispute mediation services can help registered employers resolve labor conflicts.

Benefits for Employees

  • Legal Protection: MOHRE registration protects workers and ensures UAE labor laws are observed.
  • Timely Salary Payments: MOHRE's WPS pays on time and fully to reduce late and unpaid wages.
  • Access to Job Opportunities: MOHRE's job ads enable Emirates seekers to find good work.

MOHRE Projects

Programme Mohre Tawteen

The Ministry's National Programme for Emiratization (Tawteen) allows UAE nationals to work privately. Anyone 18–60 with a citizen ID can use this portal.


  • For job seekers,
  • Log in to MOHRE
  • Select the job seekers category.
  • Click "Register a new user".
  • Complete the required fields in the registration form.
  • Click ‘Save’

The username and password will be texted or emailed to confirm your registration. Employers can join the Tawteen Partners Club to locate better candidates. There are three membership options:


  • Platinum Class
  • Gold Class
  • Silver Class

Each of these options facilitates organizations in getting work permits for their employees.


The services of the Tawteen program extend beyond the dynamics of employment. Tawteen 360 Student Forum helps school and university students with career advice.

MOHRE Eservices

MOHRE's eNetwasal platform serves employers and employees. You can verify your salary certificate, work permit, and labor card online. These services require MOHRE registration.

Application for MOHRE

MOHRE has an app lets you apply for employment and labor services in seconds. Employees, laborers, domestic workers, and sponsors use the MOHRE UAE app. One of the most significant UAE government apps


The UAE MOHRE shapes and controls the labor market. MOHRE's services defend employee and employer rights and improve workforce health. MOHRE regulates labor, promotes emigration, and trains workers for fair and successful employment. MOHRE safeguards workers by ensuring employment contracts satisfy UAE labor regulations. The Wage Protection System (WPS) provides timely payroll. People make more money and enjoy their jobs.


The Ministry's health and safety requirements improve working conditions and eliminate risks. MOHRE's dispute resolution processes help resolve employment conflicts fairly and quickly. MOHRE enhances business and labor conditions, protecting UAE worker's rights and well-being.


Where are Mohre offices in the UAE?

The following address houses MOHRE offices:



  • Location: 62 Doha Road
  • Timing: 7:30 am–2:30 pm


  • Location: First Street, Sultan Bin Zayed
  • Timing: 7:30 am–2:30 pm

How do I reach Mohre?

For questions, email, call +971-680-27666, or call 80060. Alternatively, visit the MOHRE website to contact the Ministry.

Visit the Al Twar Center for another solution.

How do I check my UAE labor contract online?

Learn how to examine your labor contract online on our blog. You can get your labor contract online. Because your job may affect your Mohre visa status, check your warranty and lifespan. You may be fined in the UAE for overstaying after your agreement and access expire.

What are UAE end-of-service benefits?

There are tight rules. It would help if you contributed as an employee. You can calculate your UAE gratuity to obtain your fair share. Visit our UAE end-of-service perks blog for more information.

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