Living in Deira vs Bur Dubai– Where To Rent Or Buy in Old Dubai?

Living in Deira vs Bur Dubai– Where To Rent Or Buy in Old Dubai?

The long-established neighborhood of "Old Dubai," which perfectly balances heritage and modernity, is a solid favorite among emirate inhabitants. Distance between Bur Dubai and Deira are two of the most well-known neighborhoods in the broader territory of Old Dubai. The busy alleyways and dazzling souks of Bur Dubai and Deira maintain their charm and attraction, even though Dubai is better known for its tall buildings and fast-paced lifestyle.

If you're unsure which of these neighborhoods is best for you, read our in-depth comparison of living in Bur Dubai vs. Deira to find out more about what each location has to offer.

A Survey Of Life In Bur Dubai vs Deira

Bur Dubai and Deira are two of the emirate's oldest neighborhoods and are situated near one another. Bur Dubai is one of the most sought-after districts in Dubai for apartment rentals, although lacking the upscale avenues and towers of New Dubai.

Some low-rise residential structures in the region are near shops, dining options, and public transportation stops. Zabeel Park, one of Dubai's biggest parks, and The Dubai Frame, two of the city's most popular leisure spots, are both located in Bur Dubai.

Living in Deira vs Bur Dubai

Some historically notable locations in Dubai, including the Ruler's Court, Al Fahidi Heritage Neighbourhood, and Al Shindagha Historical District, can be found in Bur Dubai. The Grand Mosque, which has the city's highest tower, and the Persian Mosque with blue tiles are a few of the other top sights.

There is a line-up of dhows conducting supper cruises along Bur Dubai's beautiful waterfront path. Al Seef and Meena Bazaar are only two of the numerous textile souks and shopping lanes in the area.

In contrast, Deira is Dubai's oldest business district and has existed longer than districts like DIFC, Business Bay, and Downtown Dubai.

Being close to the Dubai-Sharjah border is one of the major benefits of living in Deira, making it a top choice for those who often travel between the two emirates.

Deira also abuts Dubai Creek, which is the city's primary commercial thoroughfare. The sparkling Gold Souk, which is very well-liked by tourists, is also located in this lovely, historic area of the emirate.


Apartment Renting In Bur Dubai vs Deira

There are many different types of apartments for rent in Bur Dubai and Deira, ranging from studio flats to roomy 3 and 4-bedroom homes in both neighborhoods.

Although apartment rent in both regions is generally affordable, it might change based on the facilities that are offered both within and outside the building. Apartment complexes near a Deira to Bur Dubai metro, for instance, are likely to have higher rental costs.

In Bur Dubai, a studio flat for rent costs, on average, AED 33k annually. In Bur Dubai, a one-bedroom flat costs, on average, AED 49k per year.
A 2-bedroom apartment with an average annual cost of 67k is an alternative for those seeking a larger space. The average rent for a large 3-bedroom flat in Bur Dubai is AED 91k per year.
Apartment rentals are quite common in Deira Dubai in Old Dubai. In Deira, studio apartments are the most popular choice for renters, however, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments are also in great demand.

Living in Deira vs Bur Dubai

Apartment Purchases In Bur Dubai vs Deira

Apartments for sale are available in a variety of residential buildings in Bur Dubai. The Bur Dubai real estate for sale includes cozy studios and large 3-BHK apartments.
The average price of a studio apartment in Bur Dubai is AED 972k, while the price of a one-bedroom property there is AED 1.38M.
A magnificent and airy 3-bedroom apartment for sale in Bur Dubai costs an outrageous AED 4M on average, while those searching for a larger home may purchase a roomy 2-bedroom flat for an average price of AED 2.14M. Bur Dubai real estate for sale has an ROI of 3.21%.

On the other hand, the number of flats for sale in Deira is quite constrained. There may be a few apartments for sale in Deira's Riggat Al Buteen neighborhood.


Rental Villas In Bur Dubai vs Deira

Although Deira and Bur Dubai are most known for their enormous inventory of rental flats, the latter also has several villas available.

A 3-bedroom home in Deira is typically available for rent for AED 73k per year. Searching for a larger house? A property with four bedrooms may be hired for AED 108k a year, while a villa with five bedrooms costs around AED 153k a year.

Villas for rent are scarce in Bur Dubai; these homes are available in Al Mankhool. In terms of the availability of villas for rent in Deira or Bur Dubai, the former unquestionably leads.


Life In Bur Dubai vs Deira

One of the city's main residential areas is Bur Dubai, which is home to several well-known neighborhoods such as Al Mankhool, Oud Metha, Cultural Village, Al Raffa, Al Jaddaf, Al Karama, and Umm Hurair. Al Rigga and Al Muteena are well-liked by tenants in Deira.

One of the most cost-effective alternatives in the emirate is the flats for rent in Bur Dubai and Deira.

There are many restaurants and ethnic shops where you may get cuisine and goods from these areas since both Bur Dubai and Deira are extremely popular with the Indian and Pakistani ex-pat groups.

In addition, Bur Dubai is home to some posh hotels and eateries that are well-liked by both visitors and locals. Dubai Creek Tower, which is slated to be among the highest structures in the world, will shortly be located in the busy neighborhood.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Are The Best Areas In Deira To Rent An Apartment?

There are several flats for rent in the developing residential area of Deira. Apartments are often rented in Deira's Al Rigga, Al Muteena, Al Baraha, Al Murar, and Al Muraqqabat neighborhoods.

What Are The Most Popular Areas In Bur Dubai To Rent An Apartment?

Al Jaddaf, Al Mankhool, and Oud Mehta are popular neighborhoods in Bur Dubai where you may rent homes.

This concludes our comparison of living in Deira and Bur Dubai. As you can see, both of these Old Dubai neighborhoods provide people with a similar way of life. When it comes to cost, Deira does have the advantage. In the same vein, those who often go to Sharjah might like living in Deira. Bur Dubai, on the other hand, is ideal for those who desire quick access to major centers including Downtown Dubai, DIFC, and Sheikh Zayed Road.

Such helpful recommendations are available from us for other well-known residential areas in Dubai. Have a look at our comparison of DAMAC Hills and Town Square, for instance. See our comparison of living in Old Dubai vs. New Dubai if you're unsure whether it's the best option for you!