Petrol Price in UAE - Great Dubai

Petrol Price in UAE - Great Dubai

Unveiling Petrol Prices in the UAE for January 2024

In January 2024, petrol price in UAE showed noteworthy changes. The prices come with AED 3.00 for Diesel, AED 2.82 for Super 98, AED 2.71 for Special 95, as well as AED 2.64 for E-Plus 91 per litre. However, this update brings implications for various sectors. It significantly impacts logistics and influences inflation dynamics.



Comprehensive Overview of January 2024 Petrol Prices in the UAE

You can easily explore the latest petrol prices UAE for January 2024. The prices are AED 2.64 for EPlus 91, AED 2.71 for Special 95, and AED 2.82 for Super 98. Along with this, Diesel is priced at AED 3.00 per litre. 

Keep in consideration that these rates came into effect on January 1, 2024. The prices are anticipated to persist throughout the month.

Explore the per-litre petrol prices for January 2024 in the UAE:

  • Super 98: 2.82 (AED)
  • 95 Special: 2.71 (AED)
  • Diesel: 3.00 (AED)
  • 91 EPlus: 2.64 (AED)

Last Three Months' Petrol & Diesel Prices in UAE

You can easily get to know the fluctuation in petrol and diesel prices over the last three months in the UAE. The following table highlights the changes in Super 98, EPlus 91, Special 95, and Diesel from October 2023 to January 2024.

Type of Fuel


Type of Fuel    

Petrol price in October 2023    

Petrol price in November 2023    

Petrol price in December 2023    

Petrol price in January 2024   

Super 98    3.44 AED/litre3.03 AED/litre2.96 AED/litre    2.82 AED/litre    
EPlus 91    3.26 AED/litre2.85 AED/litre2.77 AED/litre    2.64 AED/litre    
Special 95    3.33 AED/litre2.92 AED/litre2.85 AED/litre    2.71 AED/litre    
Diesel3.57 AED/litre3.42 AED/litre3.19 AED/litre    3.00 AED/litre    


Government Announcements and Fuel Price Trends

The UAE authorities have communicated a discount in petrol prices for January 2024. These prices are accompanied by a decrease in diesel charges, continuing a trend in December 2023. It uncovers the factors contributing to the volatility in gasoline expenses and their effect on the local economy. The main reasons behind the fluctuation in petrol costs include OPEC's effect, international supply and demand dynamics, disasters, and other financial elements such as taxes and interest quotes. While the UAE's self-sufficiency in oil production also stabilizes petrol costs that adds a layer of complexity to the market dynamics.



Reasons that Make Changes in Fuel Prices in UAE

Fuel costs in the UAE are a challenge to a lot of things that contribute to their constant fluctuations. While these elements together have an impact on the adjustment in oil expenses, they can't be attributed to the conditions each month due to the unpredictability of factors. Here are a few key reasons that play a role in shaping petrol expenses in the UAE:

OPEC's Dominance

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) holds control over the global petrol supply. It is commanding about 80% of it. Decisions made by using OPEC regarding manufacturing and export can notably affect oil expenses on a global scale. It directly influences petrol expenses in the UAE.

Supply and Demand Dynamics

The interaction among the supply and demand for petrol has a profound effect on its worldwide cost. Fluctuations in prices can lead to variations in petrol prices. An imbalance between supply and demand can result in price fluctuations.

Natural Disasters and Oil Infrastructure Disruptions

Natural failures, consisting of hurricanes, earthquakes, or geopolitical conflicts, can disrupt oil supply chains, storage centers, or refining strategies. These disruptions can create uncertainty within the oil market, mainly due to fee volatility. The reason is, the global market works to recover from the impact of such occasions.

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Local Taxes and Interest Rates

The imposition of local taxes and changes in interest costs in the UAE can contribute to instability in petrol charges. Taxes directly affect the final fee, while fluctuations in costs may also affect the fee of financing inside the oil industry, influencing manufacturing and distribution charges.

Self-Sufficiency in Oil Manufacturing:

The UAE's self-sufficiency in oil production contributes to stabilizing petrol charges. However, this isn't always a widespread assurance. These factors can nevertheless exert influence. Despite the location's relative independence, the nature of the oil market and international dynamics can affect neighborhood charges.

Ways to save money on petrol in UAE

Saving money on petrol in the UAE can be achieved by multiple strategies and adjustments. Here are several ways to cut down on fuel expenses:

Optimize Driving Habits

  • Avoid fast acceleration and sudden braking. All these practices consumes extra fuel. Maintain a consistent speed to enhance fuel efficiency.
  • Driving inside pace limits not just ensures safety however it also enhances gas efficiency. Higher speeds result in expanded gasoline intake.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

  • Keep your tires well inflated to the encouraged degrees. Under-inflated tires create greater resistance, mainly to reduce gas performance.
  • Follow the maintenance to ensure that your car operates successfully. Regular oil adjustments, air filter replacements, and engine track increases fuel economy.

Carpooling and Ride-Sharing

  • Share rides with colleagues, buddies, or friends to lessen the wide variety of cars on the street. Carpooling or using trip-sharing services enables distributing gas costs amongst passengers.
  • Plan your routes to avoid congested areas. Utilize GPS packages to find the maximum paths, considering visitors conditions and road congestion.

Use Public Transportation

In urban regions, recall the usage of public transportation options like buses or metro. This can drastically reduce your reliance on private vehicles and, therefore, fuel intake.

How to check petrol price in UAE?

There are multiple ways to check UAE petrol prices. These are some of the common ways to know the latest fuel rates:

Petrol Station Displays:

All the petrol stations in the UAE display their current fuel prices on large digital boards. You can clearly see these boards near the entrance. Therefore, check the petrol price in UAE today directly while visiting a petrol station.