Complete Guide to the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ)

Complete Guide to the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ)


The Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) is one of the nation's top commercial and industrial hubs. Businesses in RAKEZ benefit from a wide range of amenities, including an advanced infrastructure, business-friendly regulations, and various licenses. The emirate's advantageous position allows for easy access for investors to South and Central Asia, Europe, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). While many people mistakenly believe that this economic center is a free zone, RAKEZ provides both kinds of licenses for conducting business. We examine several facets of company operations before presenting a list of RAKEZ companies.


Why Invest Into RAKEZ?

  • Businesses that invest in RAKEZ get some significant benefits.
  • The option of acting as a free-zone entity or a non-free-zone entity
  • Quick and effective company setup procedures
  • An excellent setting for companies with a worldwide presence
  • A client-facing online self-service portal called Portal 360
  • Access to main motorways makes traveling to RAK International Airport and other emirates easy.
  • Flexibility to change or construct infrastructure as needed by the company
  • On-site housing for workers
  • Availability of leased property for construction of housing for employees or officials

Although many businesses in the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone provide housing to their employees, Al Seer rental apartments are attractive nearby options. Similarly, employees working for RAKEZ enterprises may reach family-friendly rental villas in Al Hamra in about 15 minutes by car.

Ras Al khaimah Economic zone


Setting Up a Business in RAKEZ

The establishment of businesses in RAKEZ has also been made simpler by the government. There are three major procedures to take if you want to start a company in RAKEZ.

  • Request a meeting with the setup professionals.
  • Decide on the legal entity, the facilities needed, and the RAKEZ license type.

Fill out the application while consulting the professionals to make sure that all of the requirements are met. Standards and criteria have been established by government organizations such as Civil Defense, Immigration, the Bureau of Economic Development, the Customs Agency, the Environment Protection and Development Authority, and the Chamber of Commerce. New company owners and investors will get advice on how to fit their demands from the specialists at RAKEZ.

After all, conditions have been met, RAKEZ will provide the license, registration paperwork, and bank letters, and the RAKEZ visa application procedure will then begin.


Industry Portfolio 

The list of businesses in RAKEZ illustrates the variety of businesses functioning in this economic zone.

Industry Portfolio


  • Vehicles and Parts
  • Ceramic and Glass Goods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Rubber and Plastics
  • Commercial Machine
  • Concrete and Concrete Products
  • Materials Made of Paper
  • Packaging and Shipping
  • Commercial Chemicals
  • Pristine Stones
  • Appliances and Electrical Equipment
  • Robotics
  • Food
  • Furniture and Wood



There are six separate zones within RAKEZ. With particular amenities for each company kind, each RAKEZ zone concentrates on a certain region. There are 15,000 businesses total in RAKEZ, spread over 50 different industries.


Al Ghail Industrial Zone – Industrial Manufacturing

All of RAKEZ's main industrial manufacturing enterprises are located in this region.

The fact that investors may establish a free zone or non-free zone company makes this trade zone special. It's perfect since businesses may buy a sizable area for production and processing operations.

Close to Dubai and Sharjah lies this area. The daily commute is not a concern because of the very rapid roadways that link RAK to other regions of the UAE. For international enterprises, the availability of labor housing, investor and employee visas, and both make it an appealing option.


Al Hamra Industrial Zone – Heavy Industry

Industrial hub: Al Hamra Business Zone. The choice to operate as a free zone or a non-free zone firm is available to investors.

Its location is excellent, being close to the city and having good access to both Dubai and the RAK International Airport.

The ability for businesses to customize their facilities to their requirements as a company is an additional benefit. Also, businesses are allowed to construct housing for their employees on leased property.


RAKEZ Academic Zone – Academia 

This area is home to academic-related educational institutions and services, as the name would imply. Many prestigious universities have established campuses in this area recently.

Along with Birla Institute of Technology, University of West London, Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology, University of Bolton, University of Stirling, Swiss Business School, and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, this list also includes the universities of Bolton and Stirling. By providing top-notch professional development training, these colleges aid in preparing the workforce for the future.

Institutes may operate in prebuilt premises or on campuses that have been specially designed for them, depending on their needs.

Industrial manufacturing is allowed in the Al Hula Industrial Zone.

Heavy-duty manufacturing businesses are the focus of the Al Hulaila Industrial Zone. The rules permit the creation of facilities to meet the needs of a certain enterprise. This factor is important since businesses sometimes find it difficult to change facilities to suit their needs. Warehouses start at 150 square meters, while land parcel sizes begin at 2,500 square meters.

Similarly to this, Saqr Port, one of the largest ports in the MENA area, is close by and desirable to enterprises. For businesses putting up offices in RAKEZ, the availability of on-site staff and labor housing is a big plus.


Al Nakheel Business Zone – SMES

Al Nakheel Business Zone is devoted to new businesses as well as other small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). It is the perfect location for small and medium enterprises to function thanks to the availability of high-speed internet, cutting-edge telecom infrastructure, round-the-clock security, and shared and private working spaces.


Al Hamra Business Zone

Businesses can establish a presence in the Al Hamra Business Zone, which is a little outside the main city. They have simple access to business centers, residential projects, upscale recreation areas, and logistical hubs. Instead of renting out small to medium-sized private offices, businesses may operate from shared workstations and offices.



How Do I Get In Touch With RAKEZ Offices?

The UAE, Germany, Turkey, and India all have RAKEZ liaison offices. Investors and businesspeople interested in learning more about conducting business in RAKEZ may contact or visit any of these offices.

Further diversification is a priority for the UAE government. To encourage industry, economic zones like RAKEZ have been established. A lot of international investors establish businesses in the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone to benefit from the cheaper operating expenses. This results from the government's pro-business policies as well. This is shown in the RAKEZ company list.

Depending on your company's requirements, you may want to have a look at some of the other commercial zones in the UAE. Due to its proximity to the Jebel Ali Port, the top businesses in Dubai Investments Park choose the region. Due to easy access to the Dubai International Airport, well-known businesses in DAFZA find the site to be handy. In the same vein, businesses in JLT enjoy easy access to Jebel Ali Port. In contrast, the Dubai Industrial City has supported over 200 companies.

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