Safety guide to driving in UAE’S  foggy weather

Safety guide to driving in UAE’S foggy weather

  Here are some tips to driving in foggy weather in Dubai. When it comes to the UAE's foggy weather, your best bet is to stay off the road at all costs. Not only is being out on the streets unnecessary, but it puts you and others at risk. In winter season UAE residents no longer have to deal with scorching sun ,renting a car in Dubai ,winter however comes with unique set of problems like fog, its become very risky to drive in foggy weather . Keep your windscreen cleaned not only helps you see better but it also helps in reducing the risk of accidents caused by foggy conditions.  Finally do stay calm when driving in foggy weather because most accidents on UAE roads happens due to panic from inexperienced drivers.

Use the fog lights on

Reduce your speed and use the fog lights to view about 50 yards ahead of you at a time.  Drive with your headlights full on and windshield de-fogger on, .while using renting car .

Reduce speed

It is essential to monitor the speed while driving in the UAE's foggy weather, as it is a clear history of accidents on Spare Tire. It should also be remembered that during foggy weather, the visibility of vehicles is lessened and drivers can find it hard to judge distances.

Hazards lights off

While driving in UAE with foggy weather,  driver  should keep their  Hazard Lights OFF as.. However, it is a well-known fact that when you drive at night or in a foggy weather, you should keep your hazard lights on not only for safety but also to make other motorists aware of the danger up front.

Keep distance

Driving to closely to other drivers can put in danger while in foggy weather , having renting a car in Dubai Make sure that you maintain a safe distance while driving in UAE's foggy weather. The clear range of vision may be reduced and hence, it is important to drive with care on such days.

Avoid changing lanes

While driving in UAE's foggy weather, never change lanes as it may cause an accident. When driving in UAE's foggy weather, it is important to avoid changing lanes because visibility could be poor. The key is to slow down and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you.

Turn on the heater

Its a bundle of charm having road trips with loved ones towards the best of destinations with renting a car, but we should keep in mind problematic situations in foggy weather