Deciding on an SUV or Sedan Rental Car in Dubai

Deciding on an SUV or Sedan Rental Car in Dubai

Due to Abu Dhabi severe weather, particularly its protracted and intense summers traversing the vast and sprawling city can be a challenging endeavor. Making the decision to use public transportation is not easy considering the challenges associated with last mile connectivity. In these cases hiring a car turns out to be the best option.


Sedans and SUVs typically predominate among the options available. But how can one pick from this list. You can do it with the assistance of the tips in this article.

Size of Family/Travel Group

Size of your family or your vacation party would be an obvious decision factor. It will make more sense to hire a hatchback than a car the bigger it is. It may even be more cost effective to hire a minivan than a ragtop when travelling in large groups or with a large family.


While sedans and notchback can both be fairly pleasant we frequently find that SUVs are the more comfortable of the two. Comfort is important. This is particularly true if you are let's say a small or medium sized party and would like to have enough room for both yourself and your possessions.

Budget naturally deciding between a sedan and an SUV depends on your budget. Generally speaking renting an SUV will be more expensive than renting a sedan but a lot will depend on the sedan and SUV you are contemplating hiring a luxury sedan would be more expensive than renting a midrange SUV. The trick in this situation is to achieve a balance between conveniences and comfort.


Car rental in Dubai are popular among visitors who normally do not do so at home. Because it is a unique experience for them they are willing to spend a bit more or even splurge if their budget will allow.

Experience and Driving Simplicity

While many people are accustomed to driving sedans, many are more at ease and knowledgeable with SUVs. So, while deciding between sedans and SUVs for your rental car in Dubai this factor also shows to be essential.

In terms of the options available cars and SUVs will predominate. However, how can one choose among these. You can help yourself with that by using the advice in this article.



Many visitors to UAE who rent cars typically wouldn't do so at home. Because of this they view it as a unique experience that they wouldn't hesitate to overspend on if their budget allowed.

The most important thing in this situation is appearance. Because United Arab Emirates in general and Rental Cars UAE in particular provide such a wide variety of vehicles to lease many people need to dress to the nines for their trip to Abu Dhabi whether they are travelling in a car or an SUV.


The choice between renting a sedan or an SUV in Abu Dhabi depends on a number of things. With a wide selection of sedans, SUVs and more at Speedy Drive Car Rental, feel free to choose and choose the car that best suits your needs while keeping in mind the advice we have provided.

Going through the vast and far-reaching city of United Arab Emirates can be a challenging task due to its crazy environment particularly its lengthy and serious summers. Given the challenges with last mile availability choosing an open vehicle from a reputable UAE rent car provider is no small feat. Leasing a vehicle proves to be the best option in these circumstances.