Discover 6 Abu Dhabi's Hidden Gems with Your Rental Car

Discover 6 Abu Dhabi's Hidden Gems with Your Rental Car

While Dubai has long been a famous tourist destination in the Middle East, the capital city of Abu Dhabi will take you by surprise. Abu Dhabi is the home of the Arab Sheikhs' dynasty and riches, and unlike Dubai, it is immensely culturally rich. You may easily get to this city with your sedan, crossover, or hatchback car rental, which is only a 90-minute journey from Dubai. We've spoken about some of the capital city's hidden beauties. In this blog, we will guide you. 

Some Abu Dhabi's Hidden Gems with Your Rental Car

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Corniche of Abu Dhabi

The corniche is a lovely walkway that leads directly to the public beach. The sights are not to be missed here, with crystal clear sea, white-creamy grained sand, and brilliant blue skies. Drive in your Rental Car in Dubai to this gorgeous and soothing place for complete tranquility and great views of the skyline.  

Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed

This is where the UAE's beauty may be found. The mosque is a magnificent work of art made of sparkling white marble, with dozens of domes and minarets. It is nearly entirely composed of 15 different types of white marble from various nations, and it is lavishly decorated with expensive materials such as gold. Millions of gold-plated chandeliers adorn the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, reflecting a golden glow throughout. The world's biggest carpet adds to the mosque's splendor. We recommend going after dark to see this gleaming and magnificent piece of architecture.  

The Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace is Abu Dhabi's third most costly and elegant hotel. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. The palace conveys a great deal of majesty and splendor. You may either go along the endless corridors or keep your car fanatic side alive by looking at the lineup of expensive cars parked around the castle.  

Island of Yas

We all like a relaxing weekend away with our friends or family, and there is no better spot to do it than Yas Island. With lengths of white sandy beach ideal for sunbathing, this location provides a fun-filled leisure time for everyone. So grab your friends and take a road trip to Yas Island on your car hire. It combines commerce, leisure, and entertainment into a single location.  

Zoo in Emirates Park

The Emirates Park Zoo, located a short distance from the city, is home to a variety of exotic species. It's a great place for both adults and children. Among the species are rare white tigers, elephants, zebras, Siberian bears, and giraffes. The inclusion of feeding and stroking the animals undoubtedly improves the whole experience. So, book your rental car service today and head to Emirates Park Zoo for a wonderful day out with the family.  

Half Day Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Evening Desert Safari is the most popular trip in Abu Dhabi, and it contains numerous exciting activities for first-time tourists. Visiting the desert for spectacular activities is always a terrific way to experience desert life. After being picked up from any location in Abu Dhabi, travel on your rented car (roller-protected and insured Land Cruiser) to the desert, which takes approximately 45 – 50 minutes from Abu Dhabi City to the desert area where you can witness herds of camels. Ride over the sands with Extreme Arabia Safari marshals on dune-bashing experiences, or learn how to surf on sand with a sand-skiing sport. After watching the sunset, head to a traditional tent for a welcome coffee and dates. Ride on the back of a camel and enjoy activities like henna painting, shisha smoking, or posing with a falcon in traditional costume, Tanora Dance & Belly Dance that will make you joyful and cheerful.