The Right Time to Use Fog Lights

The Right Time to Use Fog Lights

It is important to take care when you are using your car’s fog light. There is always a right time to use these fog lights in order to combat blinding visibility. While using them at the right time secures you’re driving and others, using them at the wrong time could mean that you’re not following the traffic law.


In order to keep yourself and others safe, let’s talk about the times you will need to turn on your fog lights.




How can you use your car’s fog lights?


Most fog lights are operated by a switch situated in the main light controls. You can choose to activate them using buttons- one that works for the rear and the other for the front. Some cars also happen to have a whole other feature for it as a collar on the light stalk while some consider using rotary light switch control to turn them on.


When should you use fog lights?


Some people have misconceptions about when they should use their car’s fog lights. You must be aware that the bare mist shouldn't be your reason to turn on fog lights. To make it clearer as to when and when not to use them.


The purpose of fog lights is to make your visibility clearer. If conditions like heavy rain or snow appear, fog lights will clear your vision, especially at night, when the vision seems to be much worse. In addition to this, use fog lights only when your car’s main lights won’t be enough to make your way clearer.


Furthermore, you must always use your headlights when your visibility is massively reduced and you don't get to see anything more than 100 meters ahead of you. You may also consider using your front and rear fog lights, but you must turn them off when the vision enhances.


When should you not use fog lights?


If the vision gets clearer, you must remember to turn them off because you might affect other road users negatively. Also, take note of prevailing weather conditions because fog generally forms in the early hours of the morning and goes away as soon as the sun comes up. So, if you start to say foggy, ensure to turn them off when it is not needed.


If you happen to take a broken journey, then there is a possibility that the fog lights automatically turn off when the ignition goes off. No matter what, do try to turn them off manually rather than relying on your car’s system for safety purposes.


You must not make use of any of the fog lights when the visibility is clear as they may seriously shine through other users on the road. It is always better to turn them off then the visibility clears.