top 10 best motor cars in blue for sale in Jumeirah Golf Estates

top 10 best motor cars in blue for sale in Jumeirah Golf Estates

The greatest blue automobiles offer a tremendous amount of variety because blue has a wide color spectrum. Dark blue, baby blue, and light blue are the primary choices, but there are also more specialized hues, including greenish, greyish, and yellowish blues. In fact, blue is so popular among consumers that some automakers make it the color of their flagship models; Hyundai does this with its performance vehicles.

Best motor cars in blue for sale in Jumeirah Golf Estates

 Blue paint is available on a wide variety of car models and comes in a huge variety of hues. Luxury SUVs like Mercedes, Audi, and Jaguar are at one end of the spectrum, while modest hatchbacks from manufacturers like Kia and Peugeot are at the other. The world truly is your oyster if you're seeking one of the best blue automobiles. We've selected eight of the top blue vehicles from a variety of cars for sale categories to help you focus your search.

The most popular car color in the UAE is blue, which is associated with stability, growth, and a pragmatic outlook on life. If blue is your preferred color, then you usually have a happy, laid-back attitude and enjoy being around others. Other people think of blue-car drivers as kind, calm, and trustworthy. Whatever your motivations for choosing this shade, one thing is certain: these vehicles serve as pleasant bursts of blue sky on otherwise drab and gloomy roads.

Hyundai i30 N

 Thanks to the introduction of its "N" performance brand, Hyundai has emerged as one of the industry's most notable adopters of baby blue paint in recent years. The Hyundai i30 N, a potent family hatchback built to compete with vehicles like the Volkswagen Golf GTI, was the first model released. 

The Hyundai is a desirable substitute for the Golf since it is quick and enjoyable while still being usable and comfortable on a daily basis. The i30 N has a clear edge over vehicles like the Ford Focus RS, which is only insured for three years or 60,000 miles, thanks to Hyundai's five-year warranty with unlimited mileage. Any more advantages? Absolutely, with technology like climate control, equipment levels are excellent as usual.

 Kia Picanto

 The Kia Picanto promises to keep expenses down when it comes to operational costs in Dubai. The only accessible engines are economical gasoline ones that help extend the range of a tank of fuel. In contrast to larger, more complex vehicles, the Picanto is a relatively simple vehicle, thus any maintenance and repair costs should be minimal. All Kias have a 100,000-mile, seven-year warranty from the factory, so even if you choose to buy a four- or five-year-old vehicle, many unanticipated repairs should be covered by this. The Picanto range's primary models are designated as "1," "2,” and "3," making navigation simple.

BMW 3 Series

 Additionally, there is a large selection of trims and engines. A 320d or 330e will be your best bet if you anticipate doing a combination of in-town and out-of-town driving. If you want to maximize your fuel economy by operating as much of the time as possible on electric power and as little of the time as possible using a petrol engine, you should use the former, which is a diesel, and the latter, which is a plug-in hybrid and will need to be periodically charged. If you are buying BMW 3 Series blue cars in Jumeirah Golf, there are also more useful "Touring" models. Compared to the conventional 3 Series saloons, these are classified as estates and have a larger, more cube-shaped boot.

Citroen Berlingo

 People carriers like the blue Citroen Berlingo XL for sale in Dubai outperform all competitors in terms of the amount of seven-seat practicality they offer for the money, even if many drivers are turning to SUVs for practical automobiles. The shorter Berlingo M is worth considering if you only need five seats but still need enough storage space because it is quite practical. The amount of space for the driver and passengers is enormous in all models.

 In fact, there is more space in the back seats than in the front of certain vehicles. The minor details that are accessible are a big part of what makes the Berlingo so stunning. We especially appreciate the boot door window's ability to open, which is helpful for rapidly loading or unloading small objects. The Jumeirah Golf Estate is also very affordable price.

Renault Zoe

 Since its introduction in 2013, the electric Zoe has been a pioneer in the transition to more accessible battery-powered vehicles. This is partially because of Renault's supposedly ongoing development of the Zoe, with a substantial update due in 2020. If your budget permits it, we'd advise purchasing one of the more recent models of the Zoe, which is said to have a range of more than 200 miles on a single charge.

 Older models' stated ranges ranged from 149 to 186 miles, depending on the particular specification; however, those with the lowest battery packs will probably only make it 100 miles under normal driving conditions. All Zoe models are the best for sale in Dubai.

 Audi Q 3

 Even though we'd like to believe that Audi chose the moniker "Turbo Blue" for its super-fast Snail from the 2013 animated flick "Turbo," we have our doubts. In any case, this is among the lighter blues that are more vivid. Only a few models, including the relatively high-spec S line variants, are painted Turbo Blue by Audi.

 There are options for both gasoline and diesel engines, as well as plug-in hybrids. There is no doubt that the Q3 stands head and shoulders above most SUVs thanks to its stylish exterior and upscale interior. The "Virtual Cockpit" from Audi, which replaces conventional round dials with a sizable digital display, is a special highlight and a very affordable car for sale in Dubai.

Mercedes A-class

 The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is one of the best high-end hatchbacks, making it a great treat for yourself. Due to its elegant badge, it is particularly well suited to young professionals, but given that it was the second most popular new car in 2021, considerably more types of people than simply young professionals drive them. The best characteristics include a stunning interior, a sophisticated appearance, and a variety of effective engines. There are also quick, high-performance variants with the A35 or A45 S badges.

 Peugeot 5008

 The Peugeot 5008 is incredibly simple to live with in terms of seven-seat SUVs. With an abundance of high-quality materials and a dashboard that wraps around the driver, the interior is the star of the show. Peugeot equips the 5008 with a clumsy steering wheel despite the fact that it is a huge vehicle. With dials that you gaze at above the wheel, it is a curious characteristic of all contemporary Peugeots, yet it may make the car feel more responsive, especially on twisting 60-mph highways. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure you are completely satisfied with it.