Top 10 best Nissan cars for sale in Dubai marina

Top 10 best Nissan cars for sale in Dubai marina

best Nissan cars for sale in Dubai marina

One of the most well-known and well-respected automobile brands in the world, Nissan is known for building durable, affordable vehicles. Nissan offers a variety of passenger cars, light trucks, and performance automobiles, so there is something for everyone. And Nissan continues to innovate and produce cutting-edge motors by continually aiming to incorporate the most recent technology into all of their vehicles.

Nissan rental in the UAE

A reliable option for getting around Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is a Nissan. Whatever the occasion, whether it is a day at the beach, shopping in Dubai's upscale boutiques, or touring this interesting city's tourist attractions, Nissan is useful, fashionable, and reasonably priced. The same goes for business: Nissan is discreet while providing a smooth ride and reliable performance.

Hire a Nissan in Dubai

Nissan car rentals in Dubai are our area of expertise at Great Dubai. We are one of the few businesses in the region that represents all of Nissan's offerings, and we have a solid reputation in the Dubai area. This indicates that we can provide lower hiring rates than those of our rivals. As a result, Great Dubai guarantees outstanding value for money and first-rate service, whether you're renting a car for business or pleasure. Finding a Nissan to hire is fairly simple. To contact us, fill out the contact form after looking through our extensive inventory of vehicles on the Great Dubai website to discover a low price. You can do this over the phone as well. We will complete the rental process and deliver the vehicle after we have all the necessary data. We can set up pickup at our Dubai marina store or offer a drop-off service to a nearby location. All of our Nissan vehicles get routine maintenance to ensure maximum safety and performance, just like all of our premium automobiles.

Nissan leaf

The Nissan Leaf is a green and reasonably priced Japanese vehicle. There is now a new Nissan Leaf Plus model with 214 horsepower and a 0-60 time of fewer than 6.5 seconds. The 2019 upgrade includes a powerful motor that can create significantly more power via 150 bhp and can hit 0-62 in under 7.9 seconds. It boasts a steady performance, convenient alternatives for charging at home, and a sufficiently roomy interior.

Additionally, it has a good driving range. Overall, it's a respectable small electric vehicle with good handling and a respectable range of 151 to 226 miles on the battery alone.


Nissan GT-R

Every list of the top Japanese sports cars and sports cars, in general, includes the Nissan GT-R. Because of its blatantly gigantic power and performance, people refer to it as Godzilla. This beast sprints extremely smoothly on all kinds of road surfaces thanks to the superb handling and the powerful and nimble engine.

The ride is smooth, though a little stiff, but not overly punishing and it is devilishly silent. It has a strong construction, adjustable suspension, and a powerful throttle. This one features out-of-this-world handling prowess because of its suspension and the strong, all-wheel-drive engine. The GT-interiors R's are still roomy and comfy despite not being particularly fancy.


Nissan Rogue

Small but functional, the Nissan Rogue is a crossover SUV. This should be a contender if you are a newbie searching for a good car. The Rogue includes some rather cutting-edge driver-aid systems, including Nissan's ProPILOT partially automated driving capabilities.

It boasts a remarkably silent cabin as well as spacious, pleasant accommodations. When the back seats are folded down, the cargo area is 70 cubic feet, but when they are upright, it is 40 cubic feet. The Rogue also boasts a distinctive storage system with two floors. Rogue is an incredibly adaptable and cozy rental car, with all of this and more.

Nissan Maxima

The Nissan Maxima sports a strong, 300-hp V6 engine and opulent, up-market amenities. The Maxima has a very sophisticated infotainment system, as well as features like Apple Car Play, Android Auto, an 8-inch touch screen, 8-speaker audio, two USB connections, and Bluetooth. A navigation system, wireless phone charging, a Wi-Fi hotspot, HD radio, an 11-speaker Bose premium sound system, and four USB ports are available as options. It is also quite entertaining to drive and has good safety features.

Nissan Altima

Undoubtedly, the Nissan Altima is a fantastic medium-sized vehicle. The 236 horsepower engine is robust, the ride is smooth, and the fuel efficiency is very good. However, the handling is poor, and the cabin conditions are not excellent. With an interior that is perhaps even more comfortable and a smoother ride than the Honda Accord, it is nevertheless good enough to compete with even the best midsize sedans, making it ideal for long trips or rental everyday commutes.


Nissan Versa Note

The Nissan Versa Note is a competent hatchback, even if it's not always a fun car to drive. It features excellent peripheral vision, a comfortable ride, easy steering, and a small size.

 It has a trunk that opens to 18.8 cubic feet despite being just a little over 160 inches long, which is respectable for a tiny hatchback. It has a good fuel economy with a combined 34 mpg and mpg of 31/39. Although there have been numerous reports of fluctuating transmission troubles and handling issues, it looks fantastic and is a good purchase.

Nissan Versa

The standard features of the Nissan Versa are extensive. It provides outstanding dependability and spacious, comfortable interiors. Although the engine is only mediocre, the transmission and fuel economy is good. The 2020 Nissan Versa has undergone a complete redesign, including automatic high-beam headlights, automated pedestrian recognition, lane departure warnings, and forward and reverse automatic emergency braking as standard features.

Rear cross-traffic warning, blind-spot monitoring, driver alerting monitors, adaptive cruise control, and a rear-seat reminder are some of the add-on features. For the money, a manual transmission is somewhat superior to an automatic transmission. Finally, this car's superb interior quality and excellent safety ratings at such a low base price of about $14,730 will attract purchasers to choose it above its rivals.

Nissan Titan

Yes, a full-size pickup truck made our ranking of the top Nissan rentals available, and it completely merits it! For 2020, the Titan does away with the V8 diesel engine in favor of that now produces a solid 400 horsepower when coupled to a 9-speed transmission, which is now a standard feature. The interior has been extensively updated, too. The truck is capable of competing with some of the top American pickup trucks, including the F-series.