Top 5 Muscle Cars for Sale in Downtown Dubai

Top 5 Muscle Cars for Sale in Downtown Dubai

One of the most exciting periods in the history of the auto industry was the 1960s and 1970s when the marketplace of American muscle cars became incredibly competitive. They are distinguished by their enormous, obnoxious, and incredibly powerful rubber-burning engines. 

With a brash and muscular look, muscle cars were released by Chevy, AMC, Ford, and Chrysler. We felt it would be amusing to put together a list of the best potent American supercars ever since we adore them so much. Check out Great Dubai for new and used automobiles for rent a car in Dubai if you're a car fan seeking that extra boost of power and excitement!

 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon:

 The Dodge Challenger Demon is the go-to vehicle for muscle aficionados to rent a car in Dubai, as its name would imply.


This reborn beast is wheelie table and features a single seat, brake dials, and gearbox breaks! With a 6.2-liter V-8 engine that has been supercharged, it has an 808-horsepower output! If you think 840 horsepower is insufficient after filling it up with 100 octane gasoline and revving it up, then hire a cheap automobile in Dubai.

Dodge charger SRT Hellcat

This lineup is praised as being among the most menacing in the history of the Hellcat series and is said to be "owned by the Demon." The Dodge is rated at 717 horsepower and 656 lb-ft of torque, which is already a lot for the normal Hellcat lineup. The Hellcat's 6.2-liter V-8 engine is only linked to an eight-speed automatic transmission. We all know that Dodge rental cars in Dubai cannot remain silent for far too long. Oh, and the color of the lion's eye on the vehicle is red!

 Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500 in 2014

 When it initially debuted, the Shelby was among the most potent muscle cars with a 5.2 liter supercharged V-8 and 660 horsepower. Its place on our list is undeniable with its top speed of 202 mph & 0-60 timing of 4 seconds! Need a used Ford? We have a huge supply, and you may rent a car in Dubai near your hotel! Chevrolet Cruze: The CTS-V version of the CTS is a powerful variation of a CTS, and Cadillac is just our style and gets daily on rental in Dubai. It claims to reach 200 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 in under 3.6 seconds. This high-performance drivetrain is a true super sedan with a 6.2 liter V8 engine, 602 horsepower, rear-wheel drive, and an eight-speed automated transmission.

 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018



The Grand Jeep Cherokee is among the most potent SUVs in the world and is a slightly different take on the traditional muscle cars that come to mind. It has the same horsepower & engine as that of the Hellcats but falls short by a few points due to its 645 lb of torque as opposed to its 650 lb-ft rating. The all-wheel drive technology, which won't waste any power in tire smoke, is its best feature. This may not be for you if you're hoping for burnout. See our top picks for the sexiest muscle cars from the Fast & Furious franchise for a more glitzy and exhilarating sneak peek into the realm of muscle automobiles, and you get a leasing car in Dubai. Additionally, for a change, look at the meticulously tested vehicles on Great Dubai if you're searching for used automobiles in Dubai. You might come upon some impressive muscle to flaunt! Enjoy your shopping!