Top Best luxury car rentals in Dubai

Top Best luxury car rentals in Dubai

When visiting a fashionable destination like Dubai it’s not sufficient to go around in your standard ride. For this you necessity the help the best luxury car rentals in Dubai. To help you find the best luxury car rentals in the city we have prepared a fast guide below on what to look for in a luxury car rental facility supplier. We also listed down the greatest car rental companies we distinguish and trust.


Best Luxury Car Rentals companies in Dubai


Be VIP proposals a wide diversity of luxury cars and supercars in Dubai including esteemed car brands like Ferrari Bentley Lamborghini Rolls Royce Range Rover and Mercedes Benz. Although they have the most luxurious car models in their fleet they proposal some of the best rates for luxury car rentals in Dubai. With them you’re guaranteed that there are no concealed charges. Be VIP also offers a collision damage waiver which defends you from car overhaul expenses in the occasion of an accident. They are the benefactor for the best luxury car rental in Dubai for their suitable services. To best serve their clients their hotlines are open 24/7 and they can transport your selected ride anytime and anywhere in Dubai for free.


Luxury car rental supplier SIXT has a varied fleet of luxury vehicles in Dubai for different resolutions. Definitely they have cars that are appropriate for business portable as well as cars for family vacations. They even offer flexible rental phases to fit your needs from weekly rentals to one day rentals. To make your journeys even more convenient you can also avail their add ones such as GPS child seats and limitless express toll access.

Plus they provide customer help 24/7 to address your enquiries. Delivery and pickup of rented cars are also obtainable 24/7 by request.

With numerous places all over Dubai including 3 spots at the Dubai International Airport SIXT provides one of the most suitable luxury car rentals in Dubai.

Great Dubai

Driving a Ferrari Lamborghini Bentley before Rolls Royce can seem like a faraway dream to numerous. But it is truly easier to drive a luxury or sports car in Dubai than you consider. Judgement a fiery Ferrari roaring at the signal or a magnificent Rolls Royce Phantom parading the street isn’t an occasional sight.

If you too want to knowledge the excitement of driving a supercar without paying the hefty sums to buy such a beautiful machine you can trust on Great Dubai luxury rent a car company in Dubai that proposal the newest models of some of the world’s top car brands. The best thing is that Great Dubai outstanding service guarantees your safety. Their cars are continuously in newest condition and they air routine checks. Plus they provide 24/7 roadside service in case of any emergency though you are using one of their luxury cars.

Edel and Stark

Global luxury car rental benefactor Edel & Stark has almost every luxury car you may need from SUVs to exotic cars from brands such as Audi Bentle Lamborghini and Tesla.

For a unified car rental procedure Edel & Stark has a team of greatly experienced and professional car fans who can guide you any time of the day.Edel & Stark also delivers 24/7 delivery in their service areas in Dubai Switzerland and Munich. You can effortlessly book a car online and they will gross it to the airport your hotel or your home.


Falcons Group proposals devoted sports and luxury car rental in Dubai. The Belgian car agreement prides itself on being between the first ones in the industry to offer the latest Ferrari Porsche Lamborghini Mercedes and Bentley models. You can smooth get modified deals to suit your needs. The emphasis is to create an exciting and satisfying experience. Hence from the pick up to the drop off everything is future as per your request.

It is also significant to note that while renting a car you should still follow all the road rules to escape getting a traffic fine in Dubai. Fast-moving and absence of discipline on the road can result in heavy fines. So drive not dangerous when you rent any of the luxurious cars in Dubai.