Top Guidelines to know for Driving on the Right

Top Guidelines to know for Driving on the Right

The majority of people are adapted to driving on the "wrong" side of the road. This is one of the key reasons why many foreigners find driving in Dubai challenging. Not only do you drive on the right side, but all of the controls are on the other side as well. We understand that with all of the roads, restrictions, and new driving style, you already have a lot on your mind. We hope that this blog will assist you in your battle by offering some helpful ideas by giving you


Some Guidelines to know for Driving on the Right side

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Get to Know Your Car

 The best place to begin is to become acquainted with your rented car in Dubai. Recognize where all of the switches, buttons, and other operations are located. Yes, it's all the same, with the exception that it's on the opposite side. This way, you won't be puzzled when you're on the road. This also helps to avoid an accident from occurring. You're ready to hit the road once you've figured out where most of it (if not all of it) is.

Spend the first several days practicing

Given that you have never driven on the right previously, it is best to begin with a few short journeys. Continue to practice until you're comfortable. Take a few rounds, and maybe more if necessary, before you are confident enough to enter the city. If at all feasible, begin at the car rental place itself. Another useful suggestion is to rest your left elbow on the armrest; this allows your brain to adopt the proper driving position while driving on the right.

Driving through roundabouts

 As clear as it may sound, it isn't in this case. Remember that roundabouts move counterclockwise, therefore you must yield to approaching traffic from the left.

Obtain Help and support from a Passenger

 If you are fortunate enough to have someone in the passenger seat, it is advisable to request assistance from them. No, not to grasp the steering wheel, but they may help you with route maps, keeping an eye out for cars while changing lanes, or changing radio stations. In addition to this, they may be employed as an extra set of eyes to guide you when reverse parking.

Keep an eye out for pedestrians

 This may appear to be simple and common sense. However, it is not very widespread in this country. Pedestrians might appear out of nowhere when travelling on a freeway or internal roads. Make it a practice to look to your left and right sides when driving, especially if you're in a residential neighborhood. It will aid in the prevention of any potential mishaps.

Understand the Law

Cars will always overtake on the left rather than the right. So, be cautious and keep your eyes on the road. Before passing the car in front of you, always check your blind spot. Stay in the farthest lane on the right, the slow lane, to avoid being pressed by the cars behind you in the fast lane. Hopefully, these guidelines will come in handy when driving a hired car in Dubai.