The Sharjah Aquarium: A beautiful underwater world

The Sharjah Aquarium: A beautiful underwater world


II. Location Opening Hours and Tickets

III. The Marine Life at Sharjah Aquarium

IV. Exhibits and Interactive Displays

V. Educational Programs and Events

VI. Tips for Visitors

VII. Behind the Scenes: Conservation Efforts

VIII. Getting To The Aquarium

IX. Best Times to Visit

X. Conclusion



Tourists can explore the aquatic world of the Sharjah Aquarium. Aquarium, in the UAE emirate, displays the Arabian Gulf's marine Sharjah beauty. Marine life, interesting coral formations, and magnificent underwater views await at the aquarium. The aquarium provides a fun and educational experience while promoting marine ecosystem conservation.

Sharjah Aquarium has amazing exhibits, interactive displays, and educational activities for all ages. Explore this aquatic refuge's interesting history and marine conservation and rehabilitation efforts. Aquarium's varied marine life helps maintain maritime ecosystems. You will discover and be amazed by coral reefs and lagoon species.

Explore the interactive exhibits and feeding sessions to see marine animals' natural habits. Virtual reality will take you to the ocean's most isolated places. The Aquarium promotes environmental awareness through workshops, lectures, and teaching. The aquarium supports essential conservation efforts and sustainable practices.


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Location Opening Hours and Tickets

The Aquarium is located in Al Khan, a gorgeous Gulf Coast suburb of Sharjah, UAE. The aquarium is conveniently located in Sharjah's city center for residents and tourists.


Address: Sharjah Aquarium, Al Khan Area, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


Opening Hours: Visitors can experience the wonderful marine world at the Sharjah Museum all week.  


Sharjah Aquarium opening times:  Saturday–Thursday: 8:00am–8:00pm; Friday: 4:00pm–8:00pm


Sharjah Aquarium Ticket Price

  • Entrance Fee: AED 15 for children 2–12, AED 25 for adults 13+.
  • Group Entry: Children’s group: AED 10 per child; adult group: AED 15 per person; private school trips: AED 5 per person
  • People under 2, over 60, disabled, and on government school trips don't pay admission.


Please Note

Tickets to the Sharjah tank get you into both the tank and the nearby Sharjah Maritime Museum. You can use the same ticket to visit both places in one day. 

The Marine Life at Sharjah Aquarium

The aquarium showcases the abundant marine life of the Arabian Gulf and beyond. Sharjah's aquarium features amazing marine life in natural habitats.


Sharjah Aquarium

Coral Reef Zone

Enter the enchanting world of vibrant corals, where an explosion of colors awaits. Clownfish dart between coral tentacles while sea turtles swim in clear waters.


Coral Reef Zone

Rocky Shore Zone

Explore the tide pool's intriguing inhabitants on the rocky coast. Hermit crabs and sea urchins can be seen up close in this zone.


Rocky Shore Zone

Mangrove Zone 

Enter a peaceful mangrove forest, a critical marine species nursery. Watch fiddler crabs and archerfish navigate aerial roots.


Mangrove Zone

Lagoon Zone

Discover the lagoon's various fish species. Watch for dazzling rays and secretive moray eels.


Lagoon Zone

Night Creatures Zone

As the day fades, nocturnal wonders emerge. This fascinating visiting and residential area lets you watch moonlit wildlife. Jellyfish and cat sharks stalk in the dark.


Night Creatures Zone

Exhibits and Interactive Displays

The aquarium offers a lively and participatory experience for all ages. Visitors learn about marine life from the aquarium's exhibits and interactive displays.

Touch Tanks

Under professional supervision, Sharjah Aquarium visitors can touch marine life in touch tanks. Feel the silky touch of delicate rays gliding over the ocean or starfish resting in your palm. This interaction connects and appreciates these amazing creatures.


Touch Tanks

Feeding Sessions

At the aquarium, specialists feed aquatic species. See how animals eat and learn about their habits. These sessions illuminate marine ecosystems.


Feeding Sessions

Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual reality is available at the Aquarium for a more immersive experience. Wear a VR headset to dive into the ocean. Swim with dolphins, manta rays, and vivid coral reefs without getting wet! Visitors can interact with marine life in a new way with this cutting-edge experience.


Virtual Reality Experience

Marine Animal Presentations

The aquarium hosts engaging and informative presentations conducted by marine experts. These talks explore marine species' lifestyles and conservation initiatives. Discover their wild difficulties and how you can help preserve their delicate ecosystems.


Marine Animal Presentations

Underwater Tunnels

Walking through an underwater tube with a 360-degree marine life vista is awe-inspiring. Watch in amazement as sharks glide overhead, and schools of fish dart around you. The underwater tunnels provide you with an immersive underwater experience.


Underwater Tunnels

Interactive Educational Games

Sharjah Aquarium offers interactive educational games for kids and adults. Marine life, conservation, and ecological balancing quizzes, puzzles, and educational challenges.


Interactive Educational Games

Aquatic Workshops and Demonstrations

Marine professionals teach at Sharjah Aquarium. These workshops cover marine biology, conservation, and ocean preservation for various ages. These participatory sessions leave participants with a renewed respect for aquatic life.

The aquarium's interactive exhibits make every visit fascinating and educational. The aquarium in Sharjah fascinates kids and marine enthusiasts alike.


Aquatic Workshops and Demonstrations

Facilities in Sharjah Aquarium

The aquarium offers many amenities to make guests' visits enjoyable and restful. These are available.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Wheelchair access for seniors and determined persons
  • Mothers’ room with changing tables for babies
  • A café for quick snacks and meals
  • A prayer room
  • A gift shop
  • Elevators and restrooms
  • Ample parking space
  • Shopping mall


Facilities in Sharjah Aquarium

Educational Programs and Events

The aquarium offers many educational programs and events. These programs encourage marine conservation, environmental awareness, and ocean stewardship.


Educational Programs and Events

School Visits

The aquarium hosts informative field visits for school children. Interactive exhibits teach kids about marine life, ecology, and conservation on these trips. Professional educators lead these field trips.

Workshops and Seminars

Aquariums host marine biology, oceanography, and conservation training and seminars. These expert-led sessions discuss marine ecological concerns and ways to safeguard them. Participants learn and become marine conservationists through lively conversations and activities.

Conservation Initiatives 

Aquariums protect marine life and habitats. Environmental awareness, beach cleanups, coral reef restoration, and plastic waste reduction are examples. Visitors can protect the ocean.

Special Events

The Aquarium celebrates World Oceans Day and Earth Day throughout the year. Exhibitions, art installations, and educational activities highlight marine biodiversity and habits.

Marine Biology Internships

The Aquarium offers internships to budding marine biologists and students in relevant subjects. Marine research, animal care, and conservation projects are taught through these hands-on experiences. Experts teach interns vital marine scientific skills.

Public Awareness Campaigns

Aquariums promote environmental awareness through public awareness programs. Informational displays, interactive exhibits, and multimedia presentations promote marine conservation and ocean protection. 

Tips for Visitors

These tips will make your Sharjah Aquarium visit memorable:

  • Plan Ahead: Visit the aquarium's website or call for prices, hours, and promotions. Avoid busy times.
  • Timed Entry: Enter the timed aquarium early to customize and escape crowds.
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes: exhibits and interactive displays Chilled aquariums simulate oceanic conditions.
  • Stay Hydrated: The aquarium has many oceanic treasures to explore. Bring water to stay hydrated.
  • Photography: Capture magical moments with your camera or smartphone. However, Sharjah aquarium photo rules apply in some locations and exhibits. Avoid flash since it disturbs marine life and affects other guests' experiences.
  • Follow Guidelines: Follow aquarium rules to protect visitors and aquatic life. Do not touch marine life unless permitted, and avoid tapping on the glass of the exhibits.
  • Engage with Experts: Marine professional lectures, courses, and feedings They inform marine conservation.
  • Interactive Displays: Participate in touch tanks and virtual reality experiences. These activities offer a unique and immersive understanding of marine life.
  • Educational Programs: Ask about educational programs if you're visiting with kids or schoolchildren. These programs enhance the learning experience and instill a sense of environmental responsibility.
  • Souvenir Shop and Cafeteria:Explore the gifts before visiting the Sharjah aquarium shop.  The on-site cafeteria can serve tasty food and drinks.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Habits help marine life outside the aquarium. Avoid single-use plastics, recycle, and raise awareness of marine conservation to motivate change.
  • Take Your Time: Aquariums offer educational and marine diversity. Enjoy the exhibits, interact with them, and soak up the aquatic world's splendor and also the Parks areas.


Tips for Visitors

Behind the Scenes: Conservation Efforts

The aquarium's conservation activities complement its captivating marine exhibits. The aquarium works behind the scenes to protect marine life and fragile habitats. Sharjah Aquarium's main conservation efforts are:


Behind the Scenes: Conservation Efforts

Breeding Programs

Aquariums breed endangered marine creatures. The aquarium plans and cares for selected species to increase their wild populations. These efforts protect biodiversity and increase population genetic diversity.

Research and Rehabilitation

The aquarium serves as a hub for marine research and rehabilitation efforts. Marine biologists and veterinarians examine marine life's problems and create rehabilitation plans. The aquarium treats and releases rescued marine animals.

Sustainability Practices

The Aquarium is committed to operating efficiently and minimizing its environmental impact. Energy, water, and waste are saved. By setting an example, the aquarium encourages sustainable living.

Collaborations with Conservation Organizations

Aquariums increase conservation with local and international conservation organizations, institutions, and governments. These partnerships boost research, conservation, and outreach by sharing resources and expertise.

Advocacy for Sustainable Practices

The aquarium promotes marine ecosystem sustainability. The Aquarium collaborates with lawmakers and community leaders to create marine conservation laws.

Rescue and Release Programs

Sharjah Aquarium rescues and rehabilitates marine species from the UAE's coastline. The aquarium's experts rescue, treat, and release animals.


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Getting to the Aquarium

Sharjah Aquarium's location in Al Khan makes it accessible by numerous means. Whether you're a local or a tourist, here are the ways to get to the aquarium:

Private Vehicle

Sharjah Aquarium is easy to reach by car. GPS or signage will lead you to the Al Khan Aquarium, which is well-connected by roadways.

Public Transportation

Buses and taxis in Sharjah make it easy to visit the aquarium. You can use the Sharjah Transport buses or Dubai's RTA buses that connect to Sharjah. The nearest bus stop to Sharjah Aquarium is the Aquarium bus stop.

Taxi Services

You can take a taxi to the Sharjah Aquarium from anywhere in Sharjah. Taxis are convenient for non-drivers.You can avail Rent a Car or taxi services from Great Dubai.

Ride-Hailing Apps

Uber and Careem are available in Sharjah, making it easy to get to the aquarium. Download the app, enter "Sharjah Aquarium," and a driver will pick you up.

Tour Packages

Many Sharjah and neighbouring Emirates tours include the Sharjah Aquarium. Tours with aquarium transportation can be easier.

Group Transport

Pre-arrange group transport if you're visiting with a group or school. This helps your group arrange activities and enjoy the aquarium together.

Accessibility for People with Special Needs

Sharjah Aquarium is handicapped-accessible. Wheelchairs and mobility-challenged people can use the building's ramps and lifts

Best Time to Visit

From October through April, the aquarium is best visited. Sharjah's weather makes exploring the aquarium's displays and outdoor areas fun. Visit during the cooler months to see the fascinating aquatic life without the heat. Locals and visitors love the aquarium because it's cool inside.

The aquarium is less popular during the weekdays, especially Sunday through Thursday. Weekdays are calmer, giving you time to explore the exhibits and interactive displays.


Aquarium in Al Khan, United Arab Emirates, is an underwater wonderland. All ages enjoy the aquarium's interactive exhibits, marine life, conservation and teaching. The Sharjah fish aquarium reef, sleek sharks, and rays greet you as soon as you enter. The underwater tunnels provide you with a unique view of marine life.

Beyond its enchanting displays, Sharjah Aquarium places great emphasis on education and conservation. The aquarium encourages marine habitat protection through interactive displays and conservation collaborations. Responsible tourists appreciate marine life, follow rules, and practice sustainability. Thus, they conserve marine biodiversity and the Sharjah Aquarium price less oceans.Aquarium's growth showcases marine wonder and environmental sustainability. The aquarium welcomes underwater adventurers, curious learners, and families.


How big is the Sharjah Aquarium?

The earliest and largest UAE government educational center is the Aquarium. Two floors with 21 aquariums and 1.8 million liters of water cover 6500 m2. 

How much is the entrance to the Sharjah Aquarium?

Entrance Fee:AED 15 for children 2–12, AED 25 for adults 13+.

Is the Sharjah Aquarium free on National Day?

The aquarium's entry is free during the following days. International Museum Day is May 18. December 1 is Martyr's Day. December 2 is UAE National Day. 

Why is the Dubai Aquarium famous?

World's biggest suspended aquarium. It shelters hundreds of species of aquatic animals. The largest Sand Tiger Shark collection is in this tank. 

Which is the largest aquarium in Asia?

Aquarium in Singapore. The world's largest aquarium, the S.E.A. Aquarium, includes over 10,000 sea species in 45 million liters of water. 

World's first aquarium?

London Zoo. The Fish House, London Zoo's first public aquarium, opened in May 1853.