Timings for sunrise and sunset in Dubai October 2024

Timings for sunrise and sunset in Dubai October 2024

I. Introduction

II. Know The Exact Times of Sunrise and Sunset

III. Capturing the Moment : Photography Tips

IV. Experiencing Sunrise: Activities and Serenity

V. Parks for Watching the Sunrise in Dubai

VI. Beaches for Experiencing Sunrise in Dubai

VII. Exploring Dubai's Sunrise Viewing Points

VIII. Conclusion




Want to enjoy a stunning Dubai sunrise? You enjoy the beauty of sunsets. Dubai is always beautiful, whether you visit during the day or at night. Dubai has parks and beaches to view the sunrise's beauty. Save the morning and sunset of Dubai Time The golden light from the sun makes for great photos in Dubai.  

Know The Exact Times of Sunrise and Sunset

If you want to pray every day, it can be helpful to know exactly when sunrise and sun set are in Dubai. Photographers should know dawn times to capture Dubai's stunning landscapes in natural light. During these times, you can go to the best places in Dubai for picture shoots or to watch the sunrise or sunset. This is your chance to take beautiful pictures that show the unique beauty of the scenery in the emirate.

You and your date can choose to watch the sunset together if you have a sweet date planned in Dubai. Use these times of sunset in Dubai today to book a table!

Check out when the sun will rise and set in Dubai in October  2024.


Know The Exact Times of Sunrise and Sunset

Dubai Sunrise and Sunset Timings for October  2024

Want to know the accurate sunrise time in Dubai or when the sun sets in the emirate? Here’s the timetable for October  2024.



Sunrise in Dubai

Sunset in Dubai

Length of Day (Hours)

1st October  

05:45 am

07:04 pm


2nd October  

05:46 am

07:03 pm


3rd October  

05:46 am

07:03 pm


4th October  

05:47 am

07:02 pm


5th October  

05:47 am

07:01 pm


6th October  

05:48 am

07:01 pm


7th October  

05:48 am

07:00 pm


8th October  

05:49 am

06:59 pm


9th October    

05:49 am

06:58 pm


10th October  

05:50 am

06:58 pm


11th October  

05:50 am

06:57 pm


12th October  

05:50 am

06:56 pm


13th October  

05:51 am

06:55 pm


14th October  

05:51 am

06:55 pm


15th  October  

05:52 am

06:54 pm


16th October  

05:52 am

06:53 pm


17th October  

05:53 am

06:52 pm


18th October  

05:53 am

06:51 pm


20th October  

05:54 am

06:49 pm


21th October  

05:54 am

06:48 pm


22th October  

05:55 am

06:48 pm


23th October  

05:55 am

06:47 pm


24th October  

05:56 am

06:46 pm


25th October  

05:56 am

06:45 pm


26th October  

05:56 am

06:44 pm


27th October  

05:57 am

06:43 pm


28th October  

05:57 am

06:42 pm


29th October  

05:56 am

06:41 pm


30th October  

05:56 am

06:40 pm


31th October  

05:56 am

06:39 pm


There you have it — Sunset Time Today and sunrise times in Dubai during October 2024.

Capturing the Moment : Photography Tips

Dubai's Dawn is magnificent, but it takes more than a camera and an eye for light, colour, and composition. These tips can help pros and beginners capture dawn in this bustling city:


Capturing the Moment : Photography Tips

Timing is Key

Arrive early to set up your gear and watch the Sunrise Dubai. The light before and after sunrise is frequently stunning.


Golden Hour Magic

The warm, soft golden hour after sunrise in Dubai illuminates everything. Use this soft lighting to photograph the city's architecture, landscapes, and people.


Use a Tripod

Stabilise your camera on a tripod for clear dawn photos. This prevents camera shake and lets you try longer exposures.

Experiment with Exposure

To capture cityscape and sky details, try different exposure settings. To create the desired effect, adjust the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

Foreground Interest

Add depth and perspective to images with silhouetted palm trees or architecture. This technique can make your images more dynamic and engaging.

Wide and Panoramic

Wide-angle lenses can capture Dubai's huge skyline against the sunrise. Consider creating panoramic shots to encompass the full sweep of colours and landmarks.

Rule of Thirds

Use the rule of thirds to compose shots. Using a 3x3 grid, place important components at their intersections for appealing compositions.

HDR Techniques

Try HDR photography to capture the sunrise's dazzling highlights and subtle shadows. To create balance, this technique blends various exposures.


Enhance your photos with picture editing tools. Adjust contrast, saturation, and sharpness to capture Dubai's sunrise.

Tell a Story

Photograph Dubai's daybreak, from the initial light to its growing lighting.

Experiencing Sunrise: Activities and Serenity

Dubai Sunrise is a chance to unwind and enjoy a variety of activities. Here are some ways to enjoy this lovely time:



Experiencing Sunrise: Activities and Serenity

Morning Strolls

Start your day with a stroll around the city's beautiful beaches. A calm daybreak, cold morning wind, and soothing waves simplify meditation to relax.

Beach Yoga

Many beaches in Dubai offer sunrise yoga sessions. As the sun rises, do gentle stretches and mindful breathing to enjoy the beauty of the morning.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Ascend into the sky in a hot air balloon as the city comes to life. See Dubai's desert dunes and urban sprawl in the warm hues of daybreak.

Breakfast with a View

Enjoy a great breakfast at a high-rise restaurant with spectacular views. Enjoy your dinner while watching the city awaken in the lovely morning light.

Desert Safari

Embark on a desert safari at dawn, venturing into the tranquil desert as the sun begins to rise. Enjoy the peaceful dunes as they change in the morning light.

Quiet Reflection 

Find a peaceful spot, whether it's a park or a quiet corner, to simply sit and reflect as the city wakes up. Embrace the solitude and allow the beauty of the sunrise today in Dubai to inspire your thoughts.

Breakfast Picnic

Pack a breakfast picnic and head to one of Dubai's lush parks. Enjoy your meal amidst the tranquilly of nature, soaking in the ambiance of the sunrise.

Parks for Watching the Sunrise in Dubai

Dubai has many lovely parks where you can watch the sunrise. The quiet of these parks complements the early morning. Consider these parks for sunrise:


Parks for Watching the Sunrise in Dubai

Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park offers plenty of space for a morning stroll on its lush meadows and pathways. Find a cosy spot near the park's lakeside area to witness the sky's transformation.

Creek Park

Creek Park, nestled along Dubai Creek, offers a peaceful ambiance for sunrise enthusiasts. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the water reflecting the colours of the dawn.

Al Safa Park

Al Safa Park's well-maintained lawns and scenic views make it an inviting spot for sunrise. Watch as the first rays of light gently touch the park's trees and flowerbeds.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

This park is famed for its beach, but it also has grassy spaces to watch the Arabian Gulf sunrise. A peaceful start to the day.

Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park's vast vistas and diverse plants make sunrise special. Capture the sun's ascent amidst the park's greenery.

Jumeirah Beach Park

This beachside park has well-kept gardens and sandy beaches. Dubai's beachfront looks beautiful when the sun rises.

JLT Park

The Jumeirah Lakes Towers Park features serene lakes and walking paths. Watch the city's skyline come alive with the gentle glow of sunrise.

Barsha Pond Park

Water features and tranquil settings in Barsha Pond Park comfort sunrise viewers. Enjoy the morning serenity as the sky changes.

Safa Park 

A famous lake and picnic spots make Safa Park a favourite early morning location. Enjoy the sunrise in its gorgeous landscapes.

Jebel Ali Beach Park

Jebel Ali Beach Park offers a beautiful morning view from the shore. The silence enhances the experience.

Beaches for Experiencing Sunrise in Dubai

Dubai's beautiful beaches are perfect for sunrises. Enjoy the early morning, mild sea wind, and soothing waves. Top Dubai beaches for dawn magic:


Beaches for Experiencing Sunrise in Dubai

Jumeirah Beach

This iconic beach offers a perfect vantage point to watch the sunrise over the Arabian Gulf. Feel the soft sand beneath your feet as you witness the city awakening to the morning light.

Kite Beach 

Known for its vibrant environment, Kite Beach also offers a peaceful sunrise experience. Enjoy the expansive view of the horizon as the sky transforms into a canvas of colours.

Black Palace Beach

Black Palace Beach, a hidden gem, offers a peaceful morning spot. The peaceful waters and environment create a relaxing mood.

Nessnass Beach

This lesser-known beach is ideal for a quieter Sunrise UAE. Watch as the sun rises over the gentle waves, casting a warm glow on the shoreline.

Sunset Beach

While famous for sunsets, this beach also offers spectacular sunrise views. Witness the city's skyline bathed in soft morning light as you enjoy the tranquilly of the beach.

JBR Beach

Jumeirah Beach Residence is a beautiful beachfront in a bustling area to watch the dawn.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

A mix of sandy coasts and foliage makes this beach area a peaceful place to watch the sunrise. Enjoy the tranquil waves' colour play.

Jebel Ali Beach

Jebel Ali Beach in southern Dubai is a quiet place to view the sunrise. The pristine beauty enriches the experience.

La Mer Beach

With its charming boardwalk and trendy environment, La Mer Beach is a great place to start your day. Witness the sunrise while enjoying the beachside cafes and boutiques.

Umm Suqeim Beach

Umm Suqeim Beach, near the iconic Burj Al Arab, offers a picturesque setting for sunrise. Watch as the sun's first rays illuminate the city's landmarks in the distance.

Exploring Dubai's Sunrise Viewing Points

Dubai has many places to see the sunrise. Some of the best spots to see the city's early morning splendour are:


  • Burj Khalifa Observation Deck:The world's tallest observation deck offers a sunrise view. Watch the city wake up to the rising light.
  • Jumeirah Beach: This iconic beachfront is perfect for a serene sunrise experience. Feel the gentle sea breeze as you witness the sun's first rays illuminating the Arabian Gulf.
  • Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk: A nighttime Palm Jumeirah crescent path shows the city's skyline.
  • Al Qudra Desert: Venture into the desert to witness the sunrise over the vast sand dunes. The tranquil expanse provides a serene setting to experience the beauty of dawn.
  • Dubai Creek: Dubai Creek abras (wooden boats) offer morning views. The contrast between the historic surroundings and the modern cityscape is captivating.
  • Miracle Garden: Visit the Miracle Garden as the sun rises, warming the blooms. The sight of flowers coming to life in the morning light is a visual treat.
  • Hatta Dam: Hatta Dam offers a beautiful sunrise in the steep Hajar Mountains. The serene waters mirror the sky's changing colours, creating a breathtaking reflection.
  • Dubai Frame Skydeck: Ascend to the Skydeck of the Dubai Frame for a remarkable sunrise view. This architectural marvel renders the city's past and present at sunrise.
  • Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve: The desert sunrise over undulating dunes is peaceful. In the reserve, unspoiled nature is serene.
  • Sarood Bridge: The Dubai Water Canal is beautiful at daybreak from the Sarood Bridge. Watch the city's modern architecture illuminated in the morning.


Exploring Dubai's Sunrise Viewing Points


The sunrise in Dubai is a daily beauty that covers the city in warm colours and meaning. Dubai illuminates its exquisite architecture and natural beauty at sunrise. Burj Khalifa and Jumeirah Beach give views of this change. The city welcomes dawn as a time of new growth and chances. The sunrise's magnificent canvas lets photographers capture the city's unique shadows and light. Tourists on hot air balloon rides or beach walks discover inspiration early.

Dubai's Dawn is a major tourist attraction. Visitors seeking the city's essence seek luxury, wellness, and uncommon perspectives.


On which beach can we see the sunrise in Dubai?

Kite Beach and Al Qudra Lake provide beautiful sunrises and Dubai sunsets. Palaces like Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Madinat Jumeirah boast spectacular views. 

Where does the sun come up in Dubai?

The sunrise in Dubai is located along the banks of the Persian Gulf and is one of the morning sights. 

What time is the sunrise in Dubai?

5:50 am Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylength, October 2024 

Where is the best place to watch the sunrise in Dubai?

List of 5 Best Sunrise Spots in Dubai


  • Kite Beach | The Cleanest Beach
  • Deira Creek | The Old Dubai
  • Palm Jumeirah | The Palm Island
  • Al Jaddaf | The Less Crowded Area
  • Hatta Mountains | Witness the Mountain Sunrise Views

What happens at sunrise?

The sun rises above the horizon and circles the Earth, but the Earth rotates. The Earthling's spinning reference frame produces this. 

What is the first hour after sunrise?

The hour after sunrise and the hour before dusk are warm. Location and season determine that time. The golden hour is when the Sun is 6° below and 6° above the horizon.