The top 15 Dubai layover tours

The top 15 Dubai layover tours


The interesting blend of modern viewpoint and Arabian tradition is the Emirate of Dubai. Considering that Dubai International Airport is only a few miles from the city centre, passengers who are fortunate enough to have a layover in Dubai should seize the chance to visit all of the city's landmarks and attractions. While there is a lot to do and watch within the Dubai airport itself to keep you occupied, if you have more than 4 hours, you must leave the airport. Here is our comprehensive guide to visiting Dubai on a stopover, whether you have a 6 hour, 8 hour, or 12 hour layover tour.


Climb a top burj khalifa

Highest structure in the world. A miracle of concrete. Stunning piece of artwork. The Burj Khalifa layover tour is an unparalleled engineering achievement. For a one-of-a-kind vista, ride the world's fastest elevator to the 125th floor observation deck.


Roam around Dubai mall

Of all the world-famous retail destinations in the city, layover tour in Dubai Mall is by far the most active. Dubai Mall offers an unrivalled selection of first-rate dining, entertainment, and leisure opportunities. Everyone can find something to enjoy at Dubai Mall, which has a theatre, theme park, aquarium, and candy world.


Fountain show in Dubai

Layover tour in souq Al Bahar While dining at one of the many restaurants in Souq Al Bahr, enjoy the free Fountain Dance Show. The creators of the fountain at The Bellagio built the biggest synchronized fountain system in the world. Use the Dubai Fountain schedule listed below to arrange your journey accordingly. Additionally, you may avoid the hassle of squeezing for a view by visiting the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk, which gives a stunning perspective for 25 AED and only admits a small number of guests.


Jumeirah beach

Layover tour in Jumeirah beach. A few unrestricted minutes of enjoyment are perfect on this expansive, spotless length of white sand. which is one of the several public beaches in Dubai, is without a doubt the best beach in the area.


Marvel at the burj Al Arab

The fact that the world's only 7-star hotel graces the background of Jumeirah Beach is its best feature. You can now take pride in having seen both the Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach in layover tour.


Some of these layover tours

  • Dubai Red Dune Desert Safari: Options for Sand boarding, Camel Riding, and BBQ


Layover Private Tour in Dubai

  • Private Tour: Stopover & Layover Sightseeing Tour in Dubai
  • Private City Tour of Abu Dhabi


Tips for layover tour

Layover tour airport in Dubai has 3 terminals. You might be dropped off at one terminal, but your connecting flight might leave from a different terminal. Make sure to arrive at the correct terminal by being aware of where your connecting flight will land. One of the largest airports in the world is the Dubai Airport. Consider how long it will take you to leave the airport, go through immigration (assuming you have a visa on arrival), get into a cab, sit through traffic, go through the Burj Khalifa security checkpoint, and repeat the process to return. To get through immigration and customs at the airport, it often takes an hour and a half. Plan your layover in Dubai by taking into account how long each of these will take. The short-term storage facility in Dubai Airport is where you may store your carry-on if you don't want to tote it about the city.

Keep in mind that only Terminals 1 and 3 have access to this facility (it is not available in Terminal 2). It is accessible around-the-clock and charges AED 20 or AED 25 for each 12-hour period, depending on the size of the bag. If you want to get to Burj Khalifa first, it's preferable to take the metro because Dubai traffic during peak hours can be time-consuming. The Dubai Airport is close to Airport Terminal 1 and Airport Terminal 3, two metro stations. You can go from the airport to the Dubai Mall in 30 minutes if you purchase a round-trip ticket on the Red Line. 

• If you're planning to use the metro, be aware that you are only permitted to carry one large suitcase (about 81 cm x 58 cm x 30 cm) and one piece of hand baggage (about 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm). The mall is connected to the metro station, so a quick 10 minute trip on walkalators should get you to the mall. If you have something larger, store it at the airport's storage facility.

Take the Red Line for a brief tour of Dubai if you're short on time and would like to see the Burj al-Khalifa, Dubai Opera House, Dubai Creek, and other prominent buildings up close. The Baniyas Square would be a good location to leave if you wanted to (you will have to switch to the Green Line). From here, you can take an Abra or walk to the Dubai Creek as you like. There is nothing like it if you can pick up a Dubai Mall Map at the entrance. This will save you time and help you quickly locate the sights and stores you wish to visit. Avoid attempting a Desert Safari Experience unless your layover is longer than 12 hours. They take a lot of time, and there have been many incidents of tourists failing to return in time for their connecting flight.



Prior to returning to the airport in time for your subsequent departure, our stopover tour in Dubai will take you to see the best of the city. Be aware that based on what you wanted to see, these airport tours of Dubai can be tailored.