Tips to drive safely during a sandstorm

Tips to drive safely during a sandstorm

Driving during a sandstorm can be dangerous. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that is prone to sandstorms, then you will know that driving in sandstorm both fun and terrifying. Desert region and sand storms ,cyclones are the characteristics of all gulf countries. 

Top Some Tips to drive safely during

Dusty storms could be fatal while driving , making interruptions of best tourism with renting a car in Dubai . Drive Safely during a Sand Storm. Know your car, Drive defensively.

Practice safe driving

Drive Safely When You Get Sand in Your Windshield. Drive safely by seeing correctly in front and use door blinds to cover the windows to avoid hazardous particles to get into the eyes and becoming harmful and infectious. Turn on your headlights and fog lights to make sure that you are driving in right way .

Avoid stop suddenly

Avoid driving in sandstorm. But if it happens, drive slowly and carefully and avoid stop suddenly. Never stop suddenly while driving during sandstorm because it can be harmful fir the driver and the others who are sitting right besides ,if you stop suddenly it can be injurious or can cause severe damage to your rental car in Dubai as well. During a sandstorm, it’s important to avoid sudden stops. If you need to stop, tap your brakes gradually. Rather than relying on your car’s sensor, remember to look through the windscreen before stepping on the brake. Avoid distractions while driving and keep your distance from other vehicles.

Strictly maintain distance

Drive safely during sandstorm by strictly maintaining distance, increasing your speed and driving in the center of the road. This special type of sandstorm happens when the desert’s soil is blown away and floating in the air. you cannot see, so you must strictly maintain distance to drive safely in a sandstorm.

Move to higher ground

During sandstorm, it's best to stay away from sand and take the higher ground. If you see any higher region up from the ground then drive on that path, this will help you to gwt out  from windy storm. A heavy sandstorm can be particularly dangerous to drivers and passengers. Sand may be blown onto the road and reduce visibility, requiring extra caution even if you are driving under normal conditions.

Shut all windows tight

If a sandstorm hits and you're inside your car, shut all the windows tightly. The moment of sandstorm is unpredictable. If you drive fast during sandstorm you may damage your car or cause an accident. Close all the windows to avoid the particles to get in to the eyes.