Top 10 Best Coaching and Monitoring Courses in Dubai

Top 10 Best Coaching and Monitoring Courses in Dubai

Counseling and coaching by Gameplan Training Solutions

You will learn about and come to grasp the distinction between coaching and monitoring counseling through this program. It will assist you in employing abilities for quick responses to people's developing demands as well as straightforward step-by-step instructions. Your interpersonal skills will improve, allowing you to interact with people positively while coaching and criticizing performance. 


Counseling and coaching by Gameplan Training Solutions


 Benefits: You'll gain from it in the following manner:

  • Personal learning plan
  • dealing with bad performers
  • Stretching high growth and progress through coaching, and dealing with people more confidently.
  • And a whole lot more

Solomon People Solutions provides coaching and mentoring

Your ability to offer coaching & mentoring services will be enhanced by attending this training on the subject. You'll discover how to apply the abilities you get from this program in your workplace. You will comprehend all of the fundamental ideas and associated procedures in coaching and mentoring. 


  • Support before and after workshops
  • Workshops tailored to your needs
  • Current Training Resources
  • Expert Trainer Pool
  • Assured Quality Training

North Point Coaching Academy's fundamental coaching abilities

This three-day face-to-face training module will introduce you to fundamental coaching abilities. It will introduce you to some tools that can assist you in creating more meaningful connections so you can make a difference in the world. 

 Important Points:

  • The International Federation recognizes the Institute (ICF)
  • Field experts and seasoned trainers
  • A welcoming setting for learning
  • Training sessions using actual coaching and monitoring situations

Quest Educational Training Services and EYES

Through a combination of hands-on, theoretical, group, and individual activities, you will explore the significance of teaching drama in the early years setting. This training course is very interactive and filled with enjoyable and useful Drama activities. This program will assist you in comprehending the crucial function of drama and how it may be utilized as a tool to promote and enhance the development of language and communication while reinforcing PSE's main objective of giving kids real-world experience through position and characterization.


Quest Educational Training Services and EYES


Important Information about the Institute:

  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable educators
  • EYES & QuEST provide internationally recognized credentials
  • Recognized awarding organizations like NCFE, CACHE, and Highfield Granting Body accredit courses.

Training & Consultancy Promise FZE

 You will comprehend and learn about essential abilities for Training Assistant coaches & Specialists after attending this 5-day thorough training on developing these talents. A knowledgeable and experienced trainer is in charge. 


  • The trainer's team consists of incredibly dedicated specialists.
  • Customized workshops/seminars based on research
  • Modern training options

Institute for Mesk Management Sciences

Mesk College Of Business Institute provides training in "coaching." Please get in touch with us to ask questions and learn more about the timetable and detailed overview. 


  • The training program's availability will affect the outline and timeline.

Education Language:

  • English (Check Availability)
  • The Arabic (Check Availability)

Institutional Approval:

  • Center for Technical & Vocational Training in Abu Dhabi ACTVET

The Applied & Behavioral Training Institute's instruction of complex skills

This program is intended to show you how and where to successfully divide difficult examples into smaller, more manageable parts, and to progressively introduce each unit to you in a successful manner. This procedure will assist you in comprehending the learning process and enable you successfully teach and plan for your child. 


  • Role Playing
  • Group Exercises
  • Conversation
  • Video Illustrations
  • Active Reaction
  • Activities for recording videos of your children and getting professional advice


Bait Al Jouda Consultation and Training for Children

It is a thorough curriculum that teaches parents how to raise children and educate them. The program's focus is on using pedagogical knowledge.


Insideout Training Coaching and Monitoring

You will gain an understanding of career coaching  and monitoring ideas through this program. The gap between where you'd like to go and the process of getting there will be apparent to you.


Education for kids

Education for kids is provided by Bait Al Jouda Consultation and Training. It is a thorough curriculum to teach parents about raising and educate their kids. Applying instructional knowledge is the focus of this programmer.