Top 10 best intellectual property law firms in Dubai

Top 10 best intellectual property law firms in Dubai


It's difficult to overstate the importance of best intellectual property law firms in Dubai because it encompasses such a broad range of human effort and creativity. Consider the formulation of a new drug that alleviates the symptoms of leukemia. Or the development of an efficient battery for electric vehicles. Or perhaps a new book or song. Or the slogan used in business branding. The essence of intellectual property law is the protection of such assets. Creating intellectual property can take years of effort and often requires a significant financial investment. If everything goes well, the end result can often be worth a lot of money. It's critical for the person or company making this investment to retain ownership of the property, even if it's just ideas or designs. 


Clyde and Co LLP

Clyde & Co LLP provides a full range of best intellectual property law firms in Dubai services throughout the GCC. The team can provide advice on the entire intellectual property life cycle; key areas of expertise include TMT, healthcare, and aviation. Joycia Young specializes in the commercialization of intellectual property and is well-known in the franchising industry. Mark Devaney is frequently consulted on brand protection and enforcement issues. Nicole Giblin, a senior associate, also works on the contentious side of the practice and has a strong background in trademark prosecution and enforcement.



Bassel El Turk, the country manager for Rouse's offices in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, focuses on enforcement and intellectual property litigation. Sara Holder, managing partner at MEA, co-heads the firm's global patent and technology practice. She handles a wide range of work, from advising on the commercialization of technology and innovation to patent protection and enforcement. Samantha Grainger leads the Dubai trademark group and has extensive experience in trademark protection and enforcement, as well as licensing and franchising agreements.


Bird & bird

Bird & bird Melissa Murray, who has extensive experience advising clients on trademark protection, franchising, and commercial licensing, leads the firm's trade mark, design, and patents practice in Dubai. Murray is assisted by Renée Nugent, top legal firm in Dubai director who focuses on trademarks and assists clients with global portfolio management and enforcement issues.


DLA piper

In 2021, Paul Allen of DLA Piper was named global co-chair of the intellectual property law and technology practice. His primary responsibility is to advise clients on technology, outsourcing, and digital transformation initiatives. Jamie Ryder leads the Middle East intellectual property and technology practice among his key clients are local and international broadcasters and media organizations. Emily Southern resigned from the best law firm.


Gowling WLG

Gowling WLG's intellectual property lawyer practice in Dubai is 'focused and committed.' Jon Parker leads the practice and has extensive experience advising clients on brand, design, and copyright issues. Rachel Armstrong left the company.


Hadef & Partner

The intellectual property practice of Hadef & Partners is divided into three pillars: prosecution, commercialization, and enforcement. Victoria Woods, Head of Commercial, has extensive experience advising on cross-border transactions involving distribution and franchising agreements. James Dunne is the practice leader for trademarks and brand protection, and he represents clients in a variety of industries, including hospitality, entertainment, and luxury goods.


Cedar White Bradley IP LLP

Cedar White Bradley IP LLP is a specialized intellectual property firm that advises clients in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, tobacco, consumer electronics, and cosmetics. The trademarks practice is led by Saba Al Sultani. Another important point of contact is managing partner David Harper.


Ever Shed Sutherland

The team at Ever shed Sutherland LLP takes a 'commercial' approach to its work and has a diverse practice that includes transactional work as well as litigation and arbitration. Nasser Ali Khasawneh is a partner in the global TMT practice. Geraldine Ahern, the head of the commercial practice, has extensive experience advising on mandates involving agency, distribution, and franchising issues. Christine Khoury, principal associate, has a broad TMT and intellectual property practice.


Simmons & Simmons Middle East

Simmons and Simmons, Inc. The Middle East has significant cross-border expertise in its core IP sectors, which are fintech, esports, and medtech. Raza Rizvi, the practice's leader, has extensive experience advising clients in the pharmaceutical and technology sectors. Nick Roudev, senior associate, advises on commercial technology law, intellectual property, and data privacy.


The bench

The Bench is a legal consultancy law firm in Dubai that primarily represents TMT and hospitality clients. In intellectual property infringement, franchising, hotel license agreements, sponsorship agreements, and M&A transactions. Joby Beretta is the practice's leader.



It can be beneficial to consider intellectual property in your daily life. Lawyers protect the rights to the intellectual investment involved whenever you watch a movie, download software, use your phone, or use any modern technology. If you are interested in such work, a career in intellectual property law may be for you.