top 10 tips on renting in Dubai

top 10 tips on renting in Dubai

Dubai is the city of glamor and luxuries, everybody dreams to explore the beauty of this city. Dubai is one of the best places to rent car services from.

Here 10 tips on renting in Dubai

so if you want to taste the delicious food in Dubai you need to hire a car for Dubai rent a car services. Before moving to this city, you can make sure of the things that you should check before renting a car in Dubai.


Do not drive it outside UAE

People often ask how to drive a rental car in Dubai. But before driving the car you should know the rules governing car rental in UAE and Dubai. You are allowed to drive a rented car only within the United Arab Emirates borders. This is a law in Dubai and all Emirate of UAE. It is illegal to drive outside the UAE while renting a car in Dubai. When planning your trip it is important to consider exactly where you are going, how far away and how long you would need your vehicle as possible as it will be a costly mistake if you rent a vehicle and exceed the time limit or do not bring it back to where you rented from within the allowed time frame.

Have the right documentation

Renting a car and getting around in Dubai is a pleasurable experience in itself. The city is known for its beautiful image, the natural wonders, fine eateries and of course its attractions. But with all these facilities, you will have to maintain everything very properly. Therefore you need to be sure that you are having the right documentation while renting a car in Dubai and ensure that everything is perfect.

Check the details of your insurance policy

  We should always make sure that we check on all the details of our car insurance policy before we drive the rented car in Dubai. One of the most important things to be made sure of is when you are covered while driving independently. The rental company in Dubai may cover only the car or any damages occurred during the time that you have rented it, but not may also cover damages occurred if your vehicle was involved with an accident/incident caused by others.

Advance of security deposits:

First of all, the security deposit is not the same concept that you find in other countries. The security deposit , which is paid to the government of Dubai, ensures that if anything goes wrong with the leased vehicle, such as dents, scratches or even theft, it covers for that fault to be corrected . It doesn't guarantee that you will get a new (of course or new) car or won't have to pay for any damages.

Pay tolls:changed to salik 

Car Rental in Dubai is very common in and out of the country as it plays a significant role in easing the movement of people within and outside Dubai. Car rental Dubai is one of the prominent and leading car rental companies of the USA. We do pay tolls while renting a car in Dubai through Saffron bridges LLC.

Minimum age limit

There are no maximum age limit restrictions in UAE but the average around the globe is 75 years old and for youngsters is 18 years old , while renting a car in Dubai.

Traffic fines

Traffic fines are an important thing for those who are renting a car in Dubai. Many of the driver's didn't take this issue seriously and they will have to face many problems in the future. About the fining system I think that it should be used more effectively as compared to the past. Now we can find cars parked in no parking areas, vehicles loaded with goods exceeding permitted weight limits etc.

Book a driver

You might have rented a car for a long time, so booking a driver is really a good choice for you.

Check the fuel policy

Always check the fuel when going outside with family or friends ,having a visit to Dubai with a rental car. If you rent a car in Dubai, then you should know how to check the fuel levels at the time of return of the car. You should be aware of this.

Hidden charges

There are many hidden charges while renting car in Dubai we should know before we climb on the car – Renting a car is an expensive affair. Hiring the most luxury model can cost you above $200 per day. It may be difficult to keep in mind all hidden charges while hiring a car from Dubai airport.  but if you get services from our agency then wo don't charge any hidden fees .