Top list of Dubai popular radio station

Top list of Dubai popular radio station

Dubai welcomes expats from all over the world. Popular radio stations in Dubai, like other services in the city, produce content that appeals to the diverse demographics of the emirate's cosmopolitan population. These Dubai radio stations broadcast a variety of terrestrial radio (AM & FM) channels in almost all of the city's languages. 

Top radio station in Dubai 

Popular Radio stations in Dubai is a great source of information and entertainment for residents of the emirate. They cater to the majority of the city's expat residents, with programmers broadcast in a variety of languages. They are especially popular with city commuters because they provide regular traffic updates and even highlight alternate routes during peak hours. Many radio stations also hold regular competitions and giveaways in which their listeners enjoy participating! 


Arabic radio station in Dubai 

Arabic radio stations in Dubai provides entertainment, but listeners can also tune in for Quranic recitation and to stay up to date on the latest news.

  • Sawa - FM 90.5 Quran Kareem - FM 88.2
  • DXB Quraan - FM 91.4 Sky News Arabia - FM 90.3
  • Noor Dubai - Dubai FM 93 - FM 93.9
  • Emarat FM - FM 97.1 Radio Hala - FM 95.6
  • Al Rabia 107.8 FM Star 99.9 FM


English radio station in Dubai 

The majority of Dubai residents speaks English and uses it to communicate effectively in a multicultural environment. So English radio station in Dubai have a large audience and are well-known for their entertaining RJs, music programmers, and other features.

  • Rock Radio - 90.7 FM Beat Radio - 97.8 FM
  • FM 99.3 Radio 2
  • FM 103.8 Dubai Eye
  • Virgin Radio - FM 104.4 Channel 4 FM - FM 104.8 Radio 1 - FM 104.1
  • Dubai 92 - FM 92.0 Heart Radio - FM 107.1
  • FM 95.3 Ibiza Global Radios
  • Classical Opera Radio Dubai - FM 88.6


Hindi/Urdu channel radio in Dubai 

Pakistani and Indian nationals constitute a sizable proportion of the expat population. This is why there are so many popular Urdu/Hindi FM station in Dubai. Those who understand Urdu or Hindi can listen to these radio stations for traffic updates or to hear national and international news or talk shows. For Subcontinent expats, here is a list of Urdu/Hindi Dubai FM radio stations.

  • FM 88.8 Kodak
  • FM 89.1 Radios 4
  • City - FM 101.6 Jio - FM 100.3
  • BIG FM - FM 106.2 Vibe - FM 105.4 Radio Mirchi - FM 102.4


Malayalam radio channels in Dubai 

Malayalam is a regional language spoken primarily in the Indian state of Kerala. Because many expats from the coastal state now reside in Dubai, there are numerous radio stations and programmers devoted to the community. A list of Malayalam FM radio stations and AM channels are provided below.

  • FM 94.7 Radio Asia
  • Hit FM - FM 96.7 Radio Mango - FM 96.2
  • Gold FM - FM 101.3 Ravasi Bharathi - AM 1539 Radio Asia - AM 1476 Club FM - FM 99.6


Tamil radio station Dubai 

Tamil is yet another regional South Indian language with two dedicated FM channels.

  • FM 89.4 Tamil FM
  • FM 106.5 Radio Gilli


Japanese radio 

In Dubai, Arabian Radio Network operates two Japanese radio stations.

  • FM 88.9 Fuji FM
  • FM 102.9 Nippon Dubai


Chines radio 

Dubai Dragon is the city's only Chinese radio station, broadcasting Chinese content 24 hours a day.  

  • FM 97.8 Dubai Dragon


Filipino radio 

There are two Filipino radio stations in Dubai that provide entertainment for Filipino expats.

  • Tag 91.1 – FM 91.1 Wow 107 - FM 107


Korean radio 

This Korean radio station in Dubai is popular not only among Korean residents in the emirate, but also among those who enjoy K-Pop and other Korean content.

  • Dubai K-Pop - FM 101.8