Best Dubai Toy Shops: Hamley's, Toys R Us & More

Best Dubai Toy Shops: Hamley's, Toys R Us & More

  • Toy Corner
  • Toys ‘R’ Us
  • Hamleys
  • Geekay
  • Build A Bear
  • Superhero
  • The Little Things
  • Toys For Less



Dubai Shopping Commemoration is an outstanding time to stock up on toys. Whether you are purchasing for your kids or annoying to make your own pocket money bounce further there are giveaways to be had.



Toy Corner situated in City Centre Me’aisem is a kid’s hotspot that proposals different diversities of toys for both boys and girls. Kids can select their new school bags lengthways with toys when they appointment the store or glance the Toy Corner online store. TOYS ‘R’ US Next one on our list of greatest toy shops in Dubai is Toys ‘R’ Us. The iconic and general toy store in Dubai is worth stating for its large assortment of popular toys from foremost brands such as Fisher-Price, Hot Wheels, Dubers, and Lego to designation a few. And if you’re hooked on board games then you’re in luck since Toys ‘R’ Us is also a prevalent excellent for board games in Dubai.

Hamleys Staying this iconic British store is an knowledge in itself, with more than 100,000 toys, gifts and devices spread over an enormous 32,000 square feet. Much-loved products find shelf space together with beautifully crafted wooden toys and quirky resources. All foodstuffs bear the of imagination, fun, quality and safety as well as educational play price.


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Remember filling your cyan and magenta-colored game and consuming a trying 10-minute wait escorted by a shrill discord of maddening electrical noise? Well, today’s techno-tot has a diversity of gaming stages with which to ease their alteration into an overheavy, attention-deficient pest. This little store, situated just outdoor the far left end of Carrefour, has all the newest in simulated fun, counting the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. You’ll too find joysticks, steering wheels and kiddie karaoke kits. 

BUILD A BEAR And the one on our following of best toy provisions in Dubai is Build A Bear. This is where your children become to turn their imaginings into reality. But what precisely happens at this dreamland? You giggle, bounce and bounce your way through their communicating bear-making stations, creating your very own fuzzy friends. With more than 30 full animals with plethora of fashions and fixtures to choose from, don’t be too astonished if you end up expenditure a few hours here.



The Super Hero toy store is situated at The Dubai Mall. This Dubai toy shop is recognized to hold everything from toys to fittings related to superheroes and witty book fonts. Whether your child or teen is a Genius fan or a DC comics buff, there is something to suit all champion tastes. THE LITTLE THINGS The Little Belongings toy store in Dubai is situated across dissimilar locations in the city including Dubai Mall and Mercato Mall. 

The Little Belongings have a range of dissimilar toys from prevalent brands containing Tsume, Funko, Kikkerland besides Toki Doki. TOYS FOR LESS Toys for Less is a reasonable toy store in Dubai contribution a range of toys, puzzles and games for little ones. Toys for Less also has an online toy store in Dubai where you can select from different types for together boys and girls. 

Action statistics, distant control toys, arts and crafts, pre-school and soft toys are approximately of the main groups obtainable. Great Dubai is our guide of the best toy stores in Dubai. Toys play a energetic role in a child’s mental and physical growth and there are many ways to save kids busy at home. Presenting them to toys of varying kinds is permanently a decent option.