What is Adaptive Cruise Control and When to Use it?

What is Adaptive Cruise Control and When to Use it?

Even the biggest car enthusiasts want to relax behind the wheel after a long, tough day. They wish to have their journey chauffeured. The driving experience can become safer and thrilling. The most useful part is that you are also saving on fuel. This is the motive behind cruise control technology. The technology is two decades old. Yet, it continues to improve and support drivers during their journeys. 

How does Adaptive Cruise Control Feature Works?

Adaptive Cruise Control has the feature of monitoring the ongoing vehicles while going on the road. It will make your life and driving more easy and safe. It makes the driving experience handy and safe.  The driver can specify their choices regarding driving factors. This includes the distance from the car on the front and driving mode (economic, sporty or comfortable, etc.) The technology helps the driver maintain a steady speed at a given moment. 

When to Use Adaptive Cruise Control Feature?

Traffic congestion in rent a car business is one major problem around the globe. Optimizing their traffic networks has been a challenge for big cities. The discomfort that drivers face on bumpy roads or speed breakers can sometimes lead to accidents as well.  This is where many other driving cruise companies remove the discomfort. It automatically starts or stops the vehicle under the supervision of the driver. It is similar to adaptive cruise control. The car will hold a safe space from different vehicles while braking and revving on its own.

Execute Speed Limit-awareness with Cruise Control:

ACC adjustment is specifically required by the driver while passing through a speed limit sign. There is Intelligent Cruise Control which can adjust the speed automatically. It detects the speed limit and sets the car's speed according to it. This has been made feasible by the traffic alert recognition system. Camera observation and mapping data help to provide relevant speed information.

Handle Road Hazards

Drivers may want special caution to rent a car UAE if road conditions are not clear. For example, there can be a road accident or a broken vehicle, or severe weather conditions such as icy roads. Intelligent cruise control helps in this regard. They rely on vehicle connectivity to get hold of early warnings. The feature then adjusts speed accordingly. It leads to a safer and more comfortable road journey for drivers. 

Drive-in Eco Mode

 In eco mode, cruise control adjusts the speed in such a way that the least levels of energy (whether electricity or fuel) is consumed during the journey. The vehicle can drop the speed up to 15-20% while going uphill. The speed is increased when going downhill. 

Final Verdict

Cruise Control has been assisting drivers for a long time. When first introduced, it was only available in luxury cars because of its high production cost. But, as cheap sensors have approached the market, adaptive cruise control is gradually becoming a standard feature in the latest models of vehicles. It works on behalf of your car vehicle control and gives you the best driving experience!